Download Apple Ios 7 Theme for Android

Apple Ios 7 Download Theme for Android

At WWDC this year Apple has made some interesting announcements, including the upcoming revision of iOS 7. Android iOS 7 Download theme available for iOS 7 now The iOS 7 betas has certainly been the hot issue in the blogs in recent week, and although some have been relatively happy with some of the major changes Apple has made, others, especially Pod2g, have been less affected. Whilst some iPhone and iPod touch iOS 7 patrons have been able to try out via the Apple Dev program, it is likely that some, albeit few, Android patrons will want to try out the new Apple OS first hand.

As we know that iOS only works on Apple-made products, a group of people has come up with the next best thing: an iOS 7 betaskin for Android. Have a look at the detail after the intermission! Obviously there are those glowing Android fans out there who would see such a step as some kind of pollution, but for others who might want to see what iOS 7 looks like without going out and buying an Apple -priced unit, that's certainly as good as it's going to be.

Team-shmo. com's group behind the theme calls it "jbOS7", or Jelly Bean OS 7, and after it's been tried on our HTC One, it really doesn't look too poor. It' s anything but flawless, but as we have heard from the many iOS 7 betesters, it' not the original either, so if you want to get a taste of the new firmware on your Android, why not try it?

theme presented it with the beloved Nova Intro, but also determined that it should work well, provided your special launch provides the default adjustment option. To have the look of the blocking screens, you need to download and run Ultimate Custom Widget, which is a free download from the Google Play Store.

Download here jbOS7. Download, instal and let us know if you like the iOS 7 look on your Android by commenting on the common media below! Maybe you'd like to checkout, too: Visit our Android app salery to discover more applications for your Android appliance.

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