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Discover the perfect Android wallpaper, from nature to love to abstract backgrounds. Get free iPhone and Android wallpapers with a lush London design. Check out this Star Widget Clock app that gives you a fantastic Star Wars themed clock on your Star Wars screen.

For Android download wallpaper

A great alternativ to a normal cell keypad, this softwares app doesn't need much storage space. Conf: The GO keyboards package must be installed by the users first, this app presents a lot of ads to the users regular. With our sweetest handheld launchers, featuring a personalised look, fun symbols and great background decoration, you can turn your machine monitor into a classy rose launch topic to make your Android cell look incredible!

There is a nice background of angelfish in this background picture of an angelfish living in the sea. DOWNLOAD Pink Go Introducing Pink Wash themes NOW and be nice! pink shapes with a nice background and contemporary symbols that will beautifully clothe your gadget!

Background of the text message: Apps, themes and wallpapers Downloads

Android' standard messaging system does leave a great deal to be desired. Mmm. Most of the time what you can do without additional help is to give everyone on your contact list customized images, but some themes, background and applications would make your messaging look even better. It' s difficult to simply copy a user-defined design from the ground up into your messaging application, but some applications have several choices.

In order to make sure that your text messaging looks good and can handle it, I have a few applications and then different skin for those applications that adds some stunning themes and background to your messaging. Nearly all of the applications I mention here have additional background and themes for download, but I will discuss them in later paragraphs.

At the moment, I want to concentrate on the appearance of the applications themselves and all the functions they provide through your default messaging device. If GO SMS is packed with functions like the right encoding, pop-up messaging with images, the possibility to post text and group messaging, and an exhaustive listing of moji and text moticons, it's difficult not to like it.

In comparison to the default Android Messenger it is ahead of the league, but while the download of GO SMS Pro is free, you have advertising as part of your messaging expertise, unless you choose to choose to pay a small charge to get it removed. Shopping does not only stop at advertisements, there are also several topics and background that are for sales.

Once you have purchased the GO SMS Trial Edition, however, you will receive free admission to all chargeable themes and background information as an additional benefit. Disadvantages: Next comes Textra, a text messaging application that looks remarkably easy, but contains a solid set of adjustment functions. On a basic layer, Textra lets you modify the colour of your design, the styling, the form of the text blisters, and even your own moji styling as you text.

There are some additional files that the application has that I will discuss later, but at the moment it's even the basic pack that' s really good to play around with. And if you don't like the more than 100 themes for the application, you can even create your own. It is free to use, but there are additional buys within the application.

Textra is not as big and maybe as daunting as GO SMS Pro, but it's something you have to get used to. Disadvantages: Mood Messenger is all about making a comfortable and almost automatic way to communicate through different emotions and emotions, according to your preferences in the application.

There are a number of themes and background information in the application itself to help you think about your own moods and even the moods of the persons you are speaking to. My favourite feature is the alert system, which shows you who is sending you a small bladder that you can easily review or set aside for later.

Not only is MoodMessenger for SMS, it also works with MMS, if not better. In case you don't have the necessary information for sending text messages or MMS, if two Mood messengers are used by two people, you can text each other for free via Wi-Fi. I try to think of all the disadvantages of MoodMessenger, but apart from the fact that I need an additional application to get the most out of its themes, it's a messanger that I can readily suggest.

Disadvantages: The last one on my application queue is EvolutionSMS, which at a look doesn't look too different than the default Android messaging, but underneath the interface there are many adjustments to make everyone feel good. In comparison to the default Android messenger, it is much quicker, has many more built-in designs, colours and background and easily handles different kinds of mediafiles like gifs.

Some of these additional functions are not included in the free trial versions of the application. To get the most out of your copy of the EvolveSMS, you need to spend a little more. In its simplest shape, EventSMS is stylish enough to be on its own, even if you're not playing with the subject and the background system.

Whilst the shopping in the application makes the application better overall, it is not necessary to use it as a good ambassador with a good taste for good manners. Disadvantages: With some of the applications I mention above, there are other applications that allow you to add extra themes, background and even changes to your keyboards to your new messaging.

They are not necessary at all, but any further download here will help you to adapt your new messaging to your heart's desire. The GO SMS has almost too many extra files that I can download, but I will do my best to select the ones that are best for you.

In the newer release of the application there is a different type identification system for deleting text, but some people still have a problem with it. The old keypad models give you something quick and reactive with multi-media assistance, a range of new moji and various themes. The next are some themes for GO SMS, which you can get directly from the playlist without going through the GO SMS system itself.

Schwarz-WeiƟ-Thema: It' s quite simple and is exactly what it sound like, but sometimes it's just what you need to get a little more enjoyment out of your text messaging. jungles jewelry theme: Jungles gems give you a lively and almost sweet subject with many colourful creatures in a light jungles frame.

Crystal Bar EX: The Crystal Bar EX has a look that looks almost like a cartoon, but is at the same place easy and appealing. It' great for someone who wants a minimalistic subject that still pleases the eye. Topic clear water: And last but not least, this background on the subject of running waters is a simpler but more colourful background that makes your messaging device look like it's underwater.

Many other themes are available for download on GO SMS Pro, but if you don't like one of the themes, there's even an application that lets you create your own. Test your creative skills with GO SMS and really show what you can do with GO SMS to make something you'll be really proud of.

Once you're done creating your design, you can use it at any time, or even post it so other people can evaluate it and use it for themselves. Please note that you must have GO SMS Pro already on your computer for any of these themes to work, otherwise they will not be correctly reinstalled. The Textra design and background creator is located directly in the application, so there are no extra files to download outside the application.

But there are a few different plugs to modify your moodji music. When you download each and every one of the sets, you have full control over them, so you don't just have to select one of them and replace it if you want to go back and forth. Upload all Textra plugs and then select which type of Moji you want to use in the application.

Attempt to select eyewear that matches your customized design, or simply use the look you prefer that particular date, it's up to you. GO SMS Pro has the modem add-ons to download from the game store, while Mood Messenger probably has the least. Whilst you have themes to select from in the standard Mood Messenger release, there is an extra application that opens a new themes plaza to explore and deploy.

Whether it' s basic skin, dynamic background, or even motion themes, Mood Messenger has something for everyone, so this is a must-have if you want the best text application possible. AutolveSMS has a lot of topics directly in the game store, but that won't stop me from posting some of my favourites.

Posty's theme: It transforms your text into small post-it memos and makes your background look like a cardboard on which you can glue it for a sweet parcel. It'?s a $0.99 topic. RACHEL: That' s the subject of your Rainy Wrap: Winding the rains is a minimalist pattern which, as you might think, is characterised by a pattern of rains which, with its simplicity of form, works well.

Topic of the meeting points: Most recently, we have a meeting place topic that adopts Google Hangouts' designs and gives it a minty-fresh colour schemes and look that makes EvolutionSMS look all new. These themes only work if you have InstallSMS, so please download them first before adding new themes via the playlist.

They are the best four applications I know to get a different feel than your text application, and they all come with additional applications and themes to make your adventure truly special. Some of these applications are "more" free than others on the site, although they are all free.

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