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Get beautiful designs for Android Phone by downloading here.

Would you like to change the background of your phone? Just download the design and install it on your device as you would with any other app. It' s time to decorate your screen in a contemporary style with the theme "Beautiful Design". In the hope that your iPhone or Android phone will enjoy its beautiful free wallpaper! Yam-yam Ebichu cheese theme lock screen.

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best 8 applications to modify the news wallpaper on Android

You can use a specific design to add style to your use. It is a compilation of style that provides a professionally and appealing look for the use. Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify the foreground when using the standard Android messenger. Those applications have several choices, one of which is to modify the news wallpaper.

It is also possible to download an extra programme and with the help of this programme you can create your own personal design and your own personal look for the selected use. Here we provide you with these applications that help you create some stunning themes and wallpapers for your messaging. Handcent SMS app is a high-performance SMS / MMS management software solution.

It has a wide range of features, and fine-tuning the user experience and theme allows you to make a totally custom look that suits you. Possibility to interoperate with the on-line services (use safe room, make your own data sets, backup) makes the software the best in its category.

You can download the software directly from the Android Market. Like any other program, the program is deployed without any further interaction from the users. Once you' ve finished the install, the app will appear in the phone' s top menus and you can use it as a messaging tool. With Handcent SMS, you can not only send a text messaging, but also make it colourful.

There are a number of features in this app that make it simple to generate text messaging. The Handcent Themes - this feature allows you to download extra themes for the app itself. Notice that there are many topics and you can find a topic to your taste.

There' also a My Topics section where you can store your own topic and always be able to use it. You can use these options to adjust the look and feel of the program, including changes to text sizes and colors. If you use it, texting for you will become something more than just a brief messaging.

Variety of environments and a beautiful look - everything up to the last point is pleasing in this use. GO SMS Pro is the next rival of the GO SMS Pro software, which is also free and does not have poor features. There is a greater number of different options, a large selection of topics to download (here you can find both free and purchased ones).

A number of key features are available: pop-up window setup with the possibility to react quickly, black listing, scheduled text messaging, extensive user interfaces customization features - you can adjust virtually anything. You can choose a topic for the task in the preferences for modifying the look of the app (here is your own topic memory), modify font types and also adjust the look of the dialogue.

Convince yourself: you can customize the text sizes and colors of your news, your contact, your contact times, the spacing between your rows, your background image, and even the colors of the news breaker. Changing the preferences will cause the application to ask you to store them in a different folder. Almost any element can be changed, up to the position of the "bubbles" of inbound and outbound mail, as well as the automated activation of the keypad (handy if you go into dialogues just to sent a message).

Altogether it is an outstanding programme with extensive customisation options and a memory for your own themes. In case you are still not happy with the topics in the Go SMS PRO appliance, you can use an extra programme described below: GO is the number one supplier in the on-line markets for technology and apps for Android on Google Player.

The GOKeyboard is a software program that allows you to use a keypad with emoji assistance, better automated text editing and a very user-friendly surface. More than 60 different language versions are supported by the keypad and its data base is open for supply by other language versions according to users needs. Icons on the keypad work with all common apps.

Colourful themes and useful plug-ins. More than 10,000 colourful, interesting and really light themes are already on the table that work with GO keyboards! Every weeks we add new free themes to the programme! As a result, there are endless opportunities to customize the look and feel of the keypad and the user experience of your phone as a whole.

In addition, the GO keyboards app has several features that make your text input interesting and, above all, quick. It is about the option of controlling the speech keypad and using speech recordings. GO keyboards are continuously developed and enhanced, taking into consideration the needs and feedback of our customers.

Even though we have described the most popular add-on application for Go SMS Pro, there are many other add-on applications for Go SMS Pro on the gaming platform that you can also use. Themes 2017 Mobile, Clear Water For GO Mobile, Jungle Jewels Mobile, Go Mobile Liquid Metal and many more.

The Mood Messager will address many. The emoticon, intuitional emoji-input by words with the corresponding emotive colour, funny surface, themes and integrated web messaging - everything speaks for it. The Mood Messaging must be set as the standard SMS working tool. There are two user interfaces with the side bar on the right side.

The first - chains of news, the second - contact, as well as Mood contact. Yes, the program has its own dedicated servers and is free of charge. You can customize the picture, specify the phone number, add a username, and post an avatar in the side bar on the far right. Select one of several themes (they will be added separately).

It is also important to mention the possibility to parameterise the subject of the designs, e.g. hiding superfluous decorations, embedding UI animations, selecting a colour, etc. Changing the fonts to another one from the offer and choosing their sizes. The fonts are really nice here, by the way.

It' also possible to use different background images for each dialog (there are hundreds of them in the Mood Store) or you can just post your own images and use them as background images. But if you haven't found the topic you like in Mood Messanger yet, you can download an extra application for it:

You can use this apple to select the topic for your Mood Messenger from a large selection. Simply download the downloadable version and select the one you like best. With only two mouse clicks you can install the theming! EvolutionSMS is an excellent tool for working with text messages that can be used as a replacement for a default one.

However, in the course of use you realize that working in this app is much more comfortable. Besides the normal text, you can include a smile, pictures (for MMS), visiting card, site information. You' ll like an outstanding user experience, a variety of themes and back-up alerts in the clamp.

You can adjust the news wallpaper by selecting from the integrated theme choices. Generally the software is suited for everyone who uses more or less often text messages. One more way to modify the backgrounds of your messages for EvolveSMS is to use this app: You can use this function to switch the backgrounds of the evolveSMS services to a similar hangouts format.

You will now see a funny mint-colored motif when you open the EVOLVE SMS client. It has its own interesting functions like day and night modes, singular blisters and so on. Probably Textra has everything that can be implemented in the SMS Messenger: text modules, fast reply, integrated web messaging, smile and sticker, even the colour of the LEDs can be altered, and much, much more.

For several years now, the use of this product has enjoyed great success. Textra's surface looks nice. Darkness in the back, tactile writing, gentle movement. You can refine the look in the settings: select the colour of the display, which can also differ according to the season. You can also set the parameters of the subject of the background, select the principal colour and even its emphasis.

Customize the colors of the dialogue for each person and the colour of the icons to match the wallpaper of the workspace.

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