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Locate and download ready-made designs and elements that make it easy to personalize your phone. Download free Nokia themes, Sony Ericsson themes, Motorola themes and Samsung themes. The Mango is a simple, themed Microsoft Windows Phone OS. ( Download a sample application on htt.

Pocket Mobile 7 for Pocket PCs

The Windows Mobile 7 themes gives your old Pocket PCs the look of a new Windows Phone 7 series phone. The Windows Phone 7 is engineered to look and feels much better than legacy phones and phones. The new operating system will feature a totally revamped UI that matches the gloomy and future-oriented look and feel of Windows 7.

Windows Mobile 7 themes don't alter your phone much at all, just add a deeper backdrop to the Today display. Windows Mobile 7 themes give you a nice, classy wallpaper, but are far away from a copy of the new Windows Phone 7 series. Developed to make your PocketPC look like a Windows Mobile 7 mobile phone.

According to InsideMicrosoft, Windows Phone 7 will fundamentally transform the way we use portable computing platforms. The use of touches on the unit and movement gesture generated by the use of the unit is highlighted. It' s an absolute attempt by Microsoft to fight the iPhone back, and the iPhone is mentioned several time in the paper.

Like the iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 uses gesture touches.

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Project Designer 1.9 has the old design and graphic items deleted. First of all, we changed them all to the new Matterhorn, which makes it much simpler for you to design graphics that are both attractive and intuitively appealing to the end-consumer. In the course of our development more great design will emerge.

When you need some of the old design, e.g. if you are on an already installed system and the client wants some changes, we have made them available here for download and use. Contents of the files include the following topics:

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