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Build your own unique mobile theme, starting with the Belu Anime Theme! Now the waiting is over and you can download the One Piece Theme below. One-piece design for Windows 7 and 8 [Anime Designs].

Ever since we launched the anime section for Windows 7 Themes, One Piece has been one of the most popular anime themes. The creation of this subject was a challenging one and took so long as we wanted to incorporate some of the best works by various performers into the subject and had to await approval to use their works.

Now the waiting is over and you can download the One Piece themed below. King Gol D. Roger, better known as Gold Roger, was a myth - alive and dead. When he was alive, he not only captured The Grand Line, but also possessed the iconic One Piece Schatz.

Shortly before his death he unveiled the existance of One Piece and that he had hid it on The Grand Line. It was his words that sparked the great pirate era that lasts to this day. In this era, Monkey D. Luffy begins a voyage to fulfil his dreams of finding One Piece and being the Pirate Prince.

One Piece's universe is full of character with mystical forces - those who ate the devil's fruit to get a particular force, but lose their floatability. One of the best animations of today is devoted to this topic. The One Piece themes for Windows 7 & 8 consist of over 45 high-resolution background images, user-defined symbols, cursor and sound from the anime.

Screen shots for one-piece Windows theme: Here are just a few of the over 45 amazing backgrounds contained in this topic. You can download the design to get them all. User-defined symbols, cursors and sounds in the one-piece theme: The topic is delivered with a specific cursor package to distinguish it from all others.

Together with the Cursorn we also have our own icons and cold tunes from the Anime, which fit to this topic. The One Piece Windows 7 theming tool is available for download: You can download the topic directly by following the links below. And you can also view many other topics in our Windows 7 Topics Gallery. For help with how to install the topic, please refer to our How to Download & Install Windows 7 themes manual.

The One Piece Windows 7 themes are available for download. Discover other Windows 7 anime themes as well. The One Piece Windows 8 themes are available for download: Worth knowing and worth knowing about a piece: The first release of One Piece was in the Weekly Shonen Jump on August 4, 1997. The One Piece is the best-selling manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump story in Japan.

Airfy has an interesting pedigree - grandfather is Marine Vice Admiral, father is revolutionary and he himself is a buccaneer.

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