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Flexible, clean, easy to use WordPress theme, perfect for any news or online magazine website. Fast response layout The Poseidon is an elegantly styled WordPress topic with a great full-screen slide show. Topic comes with a nice full-screen mail slide control that emphasizes your most important contributions. Fader settings can be simply set in the Customizer and allow you to select a fader type, the fader's velocity, the number of fader items, and the fader's effect.

Using the templates for the magazines homepage, you can quickly design a homepage in the style of a magazin. You can use the templates with a widget, so they are both simple and versatile. Using the User Defined Features widget, you can view the latest features from the category of your choosing. Poseidon comes standard with three different Widget options for selecting articles (Boxed, Columns, Grid).

Using the fantastic Customizer for all your preferences, Poseidon has added its own Topic Option pane, which also includes the following sections: I am focused on the creation of simple to use and adaptable WordPress themes for magazines.


If you want our topics, please buy the FameClub only. Each license is automatically extended after one year to allow further upgrades and additional technical assistance. Our general conditions apply to all our purchasing. Terminate or update your subscription at any point after registration! 100 percent satisfaction guarantee - 15 day right of return.

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Would you like us to setup and run your design like the demonstration? Each topic comes with default and custom template as shown in the demonstration. Modify the look and feel of your design with the built-in colour selector directly on the Wordpress natives customized tool. Each topic comes with a full range of Google Font Libraries.

Every topic works with the latest web environments: Each topic is structured with a perfect flowing, reactive frame. Do you want your design to look exactly like the demonstration? Below is a small example set of files that you can download after installing the topic. Our topics are coded to work with contents and achieve results.

Automattic Wordpress topic teams guide us to make sure our topics meet Wordpress industry norms. Since WordPress keeps growing and changing, you will need topics that do the same. You are new to WordPress or install your own design? Every topic is delivered with a.pot, which makes translating the topic a piece of cake.

Understanding that using WordPress or a new topic can be frightening. Topic choices can be directly customized in the WordPress natively customizable theming tool in all of our free designs. There is a wide range of top quality topics at great rates.

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