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Download 30+ free Genesis Kids Themes today Genesis is the most widely-used WordPress themes application for running your website or your blogs. It' s just that the frame itself is a superordinate WordPress topic and what makes it Rock'n' Roll is the children's topic. We' re big supporters, actually this site is run by Genesis and we use a children's topic named Altitude Pro.

However, it is a prime topic, not a free topic. Below we have compiled the best and most free Genesis Framework children's topics based on the robust Genesis Framework from StudioPress. They are all designed to be cutting-edge, quick to respond, optimised for searching machines, quick to download - and the best thing about it - they are all 100% free to download.

In order to use one of the free Genesis Childrens Threads below, you must purchase the Genesis Framework, which currently has a price of $59.95 (one off cost). Some of the best things about purchasing the Genesis framework is that it comes with boundless upgrades, boundless technical assistance, full tutorials, can be used on boundless sites, and contains a starter-child themed.

However, before we delve into the free children topics for the Genesis Framework. Let us find out a little more about what the Genesis Framework is and what a children topic is. About the Genesis Framework Genesis is a WordPress framework from StudioPress and one of the most widely used WordPress framework on the market.

This is because Genesis is currently used on more than 280K sites and accounts for 13% of the WordPress thematic audience. The Genesis Framework is a high-performance, safe, SEO-friendly and portable framework that is conceived in such a way that it can always be used with a children's topic - be it one of the StudioPress children's topics or a third parties' free or premier children's topic.

The Genesis 2.0 (current release is 2.4.2) also has a very busy development team and many WordPress/Genesis programmers have their own blog where they post useful hints and lessons. The greatest thing about Genesis is that it comes with unrestricted updating, unrestricted technical assistance, as well as full tutorials, unrestricted web sites, a starter-child topic, and of course the framework itself.

How much does the Genesis Framework costs? Kids topics vary between $79.95 and $99.95. Use the Genesis Framework to get the most out of it. Over 280,000 sites use a StudioPress kid topic for their WordPress-based website. The StudioPress and the Genesis Framework are the major features: A Genesis childhood topic?

Imagine WordPress as your motor, the Genesis Rahmen as your car bodyshell and the Genesis Kind theming as your paintwork. Genesis is a WordPress based application and the Genesis Kinder is a WordPress based application and the Kinder will inherit the functions of the WordPress based application.

One of the major advantages of using a minor design is that you can upgrade the frameworks simply and securely (e.g. a safety fix, enhanced features through bugfixing). There is no simple way to upgrade it with a "normal" WordPress topic without a frame, without loosing all the customized styles and changes you've made to it.

This is not the case with a kid topic. If a new updated Genesis Framework release comes out, you can securely upgrade it since all your adjustments are stored in the kids-topic. This is because a subordinate design takes over the functions, style, and template of the superordinate design for you. In this way, you don't have to (and don't have to) manipulate the kernel file in the higher-level design.

Let's now move on to the issues of free-bie. These are our free children's topics for the Genesis Framework that look sleek, reactive, and fashionable (i.e., ready for 2018 and beyond). Notice that all of the sub topics below need the Genesis Framework (as the topics will not work without it).

In order to use any of the children's topics below, you must purchase the Genesis Framework, which currently has a price of $59.95 (one off). Genesis example motif is a beginner motif that is free with the purchase of the Genesis framework. Design includes 6 page layout, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined headers, user-defined menu, footing widgets, thread commenting and more.

The Twenty Seven Pro is a free children's play topic that is perfect for life style and nutrition blogs. Brian Gardner (Founder of Genesis Framework & StudioPress) is responsible for the topic. The breathtaking minimized styling comes with portable styling, customized boot loader logos, customizable colour choices, three page layouts, gooey news headers wide area, front headers and footers wide area, and more.

obile First is another free children's topic by Brian Gardner that takes up the mobile-first concept. The breathtaking minimized styling comes with portable styling, 3 page layout, customized brand up-loader, 3 Widget areas, gooey news headers, wide screen area, customized backgrounds and much more. Minimumist is another free children's play by Brian Gardner (founder of Genesis Framework & StudioPress).

These designs support individual layouts, user-defined headers, wallpapers, headers, main and sub menus, thread commenting - and much more. There are no Widget designs in this one. It uses a very light weight and is mainly designed for easy blogsites. There is a contents area on the home page above the last postings, the topic has no side bars that can be seen, but the main side bar is concealed behind the monitor that can be reached by pressing the Menue Buttons.

New is a free female Genesis children's topic for WordPress, created by Restored 316. It' s a contemporary, refreshing and lightweight subject designed to be perfectly suited to blogging. Walk is a free Genesis Framework Child Thread blog topic from Genesis Script. It''s a premier SEO-friendly topic, optimised for mobility and responding to all types of device, and the nice asymmetrical raster layouts are great for a weblog or news/magazine page.

Starting Topic (v2) is a high performance developer tool for Genesis Framework childrens topics. Whenever you need a new design, you can create a new one because it can be developed from the beginning with SCSS and Gulp utilities and preconfigured names. This topic focuses on state-of-the-art and technology-oriented contents. This is another free Genesis kid topic by Calvin Koepke.

The topic will take you back to the root of what you' re talking about: communications. With Minny+, another free children's topic for the Genesis Framework by Calvin Koepke. Comes with 3 page layout and template themes, the themes highlight the pictures presented and offer a challenging typographic kit in serious styling.

Journaling is a free photoblogging kid topic for Genesis by Imagly. There is a fixed link to this topic as well as a wallpaper picture, several blogs, pages, portfolios and mailings. The Journal also contains step-by-step instructions on how to set up and modify the design. The Aiko is a free Genesis children's topic by Andrei Chira.

The Aiko is ideal for feed, fashions and magazines blogging and has an after-header Widget area and 4 Widget areas on 4-column. The Kimi is a free Genesis based biz kid topic that was also made by Andrei Chira. The topic is perfectly suited as a full-width topic and the homepage is configured to full-width templates and the column is generated with the Genesis Columns Advanced plug-in.

Andrei Chira's Haru is a free children's topic for children's foods blogs. This design uses a deep purple and purple colour pattern and has a full width broadside area after the headers with a full width picture of heroes. Free Fremedy is a free Genesis kid topic that works on either Genesis or Thesis 2. The topic contains a homepage slide, a landing page artwork and many more.

The Tote is a free Genesis children's topic based on Tumblr and his infinitely scrollable topics. Designed to be ideal for presenting your blogs, it offers a variety of style, functionality and smart back-end choices. Portable First Adaptation Wordpress topic is produced by Art of Genesis. It is a highly reactive HTML5 design that was developed for the Genesis Framework and can be used for free.

The Novo is a free Genesis children's play that blends a contemporary slim styling with a minimalist look. You can use the website on the move, it is SEO-optimized and tailored to your website or your own website. Dililigent is a neat and easy Genesis children's topic developed for counselors, trainers and entrepreneur.

Designed with 6 colour themes, 4 page layout, automatic picture viewing, user-defined topic choices, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined menus and more. The Equilibre is a neat and minimalistic free Genesis children's book that is perfect for small business and freelance professionals who like to keep the site straight. Design features include Html5 mark-up, user-defined topic choices, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined menus, 4-page layout, built-in font awesome, and more.

The minimalist Hello is a minimalist genesis-powered kid by Tonya Mork. It' s a clear, simple and simple topic - it's the ideal topic for your blog. The One Pager is a free one-page children website for Genesis. Sridhar Katakam designed this topic primarily for one-page web sites that have multiple horizontally arranged segments, where the navigation elements can easily scroll to the corresponding segments.

Nominally is a free minimum kid themes for the Genesis Framework by Eli Overbey. It follows a "less is more" style and comes with a user-defined headers and pictures. There also comes with a footer widget, HTML5 mark-up, portable response designs, devoted page landings + charges more. Nominally is a free children's topic for the Genesis Framework, also by Eli Overbey.

Topic that offers a communicative user experience and offers 3 layout, widgets and mobility. Topic splits your contents into parts with a heroic picture and a picture to be seen on each contribution. There is also a user-defined headers, HTML5 mark-up, and user-defined design choices. The Latitude is a free children's topic for the Genesis Framework by Aaron Hartland.

It is a 2- or 3-column wide format design and comes with a slide bar, a content page style sheet, 6-page layout, a user-defined backdrop, a user-defined headers, user-defined menu, footing line widgets, thread annotations and much more. The Blurr Pro is a minimalistic, user-defined Genesis children's Genesis by Magnus7 that can be downloaded for free.

Breappoint is a free Genesis children's topic for WordPress by Brad Potter. BREAK POINT is a commement-making (and looking) topic in fat that is perfectly suited for blogging. It is a topic that is adaptable and can be used for many different kinds of web sites. Amazon Times is a free Genesis children's topic for WordPress, also created by Brad Potter.

Topic comes with a one of a kind initial side bar for home page, after entering widget area, sub-foot widget area, foot-foot widget area, colourizer (changes the colour scheme) in customized, third party navigational toolbar, reactive cell phone buttons, Google font and much more. The Twenty of Time is a free WordPress Genesis children's topic by Friso van Dijk.

It uses a sleek but classy blogs look and you can choose different colors and customize them as you like. It also allows tagged pictures, as well as user-defined widgets and a variety of beautiful-looking page styles and laysouts. Centre is a free children's blogs topic for the Genesis Framework.

It comes with two colour patterns, bright and deep. There are two bottom line widgets, a top line widgets and a widgets area below the mainavigation. So now you know a little more about the stunning Genesis Framework and its fantastic children's theming. Due to the surprisingly gifted (and generous) Genesis topic makers whose topics we have presented above.

Hopefully you have now found a free design that you have just download and use. And StudioPress has just launched its all-in-one website builders StudioPress Sites. What topic (or topics) did you like best? Even if there are other free Genesis children topics that you think we should include in the listing, let us know.

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