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Sorallax is a responsive blogger template so you don't have to worry about the style on different devices. Refresh your Blogger website. You can download our latest free Joomla! template Morph. So if you are serious about SEO, a blog content calendar is a good way to get on the right track.

You can download your blog editorial calendars template.

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Angels Responsive Minimal Blogger Template

Ángel is a very classy, sleek and high-performance multi-purpose blogger template with a minimalist design that concentrates on ease and legibility. Suitable for all your web sites and bloodlines. It' been specifically developed for personal blogging such as Fashion Blog, Travel Blog, Fashion Magazine Blog, Travel Blog, Food Recipe Blog, Life Style Blog, Adventure Blog, Tech Blog and any other great blog site.

Blog designs are fully reactive to tables and telephones, so there are no more nasty blogger cell phone style. If you buy this topic, just get in touch with us and we'll set it up in your blog, just like the demonstration. Their blog template is immediately available. The template is downloaded as a zipped archive, you have to extract the template with vinzip or vinrar and then you have to obey the mounting instruction in the template directory.

Completely limitless until your blog runs the way you want it to.

Specimen General Business Conditions Template

Use our template for the General Business Conditions to start your own individual General Business Conditions. You can download this template for free and use it for your website or your portable application. Your General Conditions of Business shall be the contract that sets forth the conditions, policies, and directives for conduct and other useful portions that User must accept in order to use or gain entry to your Site and your Movable Application.

General Conditions are a valid contractual relationship between you (the company) who owns the website or portable application and the person who accesses your website and portable application. Agreeing on the general conditions is entirely voluntary. Your General Conditions can be imagined as the juridical arrangement in which you retain your right to bar visitors from your application if they misuse your application, protect your juridical right against possible application misusers, and so on.

General trading condition are also called user condition or user condition. No matter what your company's platforms, you can use this arrangement anywhere: Typically, desktops applications have an EULA (End User License Agreement) instead of a TOS, but your organization can use both.

More and more mobiles use AGBs together with an EAULA if the mobiles application has an on-line services element, i.e. it is connected to a webhost. Your policies can set forth policies and policies that allow your website and your portable application to be accessed and used by people.

You can use the general conditions generator to generate the general conditions contract. To download the template for the General Conditions, click here. Notice of Intellectual Ownership informs the user that the content, logos and other imagery produced by them are their own and that they are copyrighted. There is a termination provision that informs you that the user accounts on your website and portable application or users' use of your website and portable phone (if they cannot have an account-with you) may be subject to termination in the event of abuse or at their own option.

An applicable law informs the user which law regulates the contract. It should be the state where your business is based, or the state from which you run your website and portable application. There is a provision on linking to other sites that informs the user that you are not liable for third parties' sites to which you are linking.

In general, this type of provision informs the user that they are generally liable for having read and agreed (or disagreed) with the general conditions or privacy policy of these third party companies. When your website or portable application allows a user to author and share information, a Contents pane informs the user that they own the right to the information they are creating.

Usually, the "Content" provision stipulates that a user must grant a licence to you (the Website or the developers of portable applications) to be able to distribute this material on your Website / portable application and make it available to other people. Given that User-generated Submissions are publicly available to other User (s), a section on DMCA notice (or copyrights infringement) is useful in informing User and Copyrights Author (s) that if User-generated Submissions are found to constitute copyrights infringements, they will react to DMCA Acceptance Messages they receive and remove the Submission.

There is a Limit What Users CAN Do provision that informs a user that by consenting to use your services they also agree not to do certain things. It can be part of a very long and thorough checklist in your general business policy to cover most adverse uses.

They can also use your general conditions to notify the user of brands, designs and other industrial properties: When you run a small application for your application, a "termination clause" is very important. The SurveyMonkey Agreement has incorporated into its User Agreement provisions describing what will happen in the case of discontinuance of the Services by either of you.

Notice how the problem of the reimbursement is handled, as well as what happens to contents that belong to a member after the member terminates their account: When selling your product (physical or digital), you need the general conditions for your shop. Getting this arrangement will help you:

Advise your customers of your return and refund policy. This may also be done through a special arrangement known as the Return and Refund Policy, which you may refer to in the General Conditions of Sale arrangement. Let us take an example: the limitation of your products' liabilities provision. iTunes, which is not likely to be involved in high-liability goods, incorporates the following hotplate terminology into its agreements to limit and disclaim warranty.

Here is a checklist of issues that can help you identify what you should include in your own policies: Is it possible for a user to set up an affiliate on your website or application? Is it possible for a user to build or post contents on your website or application? Are the contents posted by a user accessible to the public? Could a user provide you with information about copyrights?

Prior to posting the Memorandum of Understanding on-line, please ensure that your General Conditions contain important information, such as Do I need a General Business Conditions? An AGB is not necessary and also not legally prescribed. In contrast to the privacy policies demanded by legislation such as GDPR, CalOPPA and many others, there is no legislation or rule on general business conditions.

A TOS, however, gives you the right to end the account of improper user or to end the account of user who do not comply with your policies and regulations, as well as other preferable commercial advantages. It' s very important to have this arrangement if you are running a service-as-a-service application.

Below are some samples of how this arrangement can help you: Should a user misuse your website or portable application in any way, you can cancel their user name. Their " cancellation " term may notify the user that their bank details will be cancelled if they misuse your services. Once a user can publish to your website or portable application (create and distribute on your platform) contents, you can delete any contents they generate that violate copyrights.

Their general conditions of sale informs the user that they may only produce and/or pass on contents to which they have a right. By registering for an account and allowing a user to select a user name, you can notify a user that he or she is not permitted to select a user name that could violate a trademark, i.e. a user name such as Google, Facebook, etc.

In your general business condition you may contain a provision to notify the user that certain orders may be cancelled in your own judgement if the ordered product has an erroneous price due to various defects. Whilst the preparation and possession of a general policy is important, it is much more important to have an understanding of how you can make the general policy work.

It is always a good idea to use your click wrap to get your user to accept your general conditions. This is when you get your user to take an initiative - usually a click on something - to show that they approve. For example, Engine Yard uses the click-wrap arrangement with the I Accept Checkbox: You can use the general conditions generator to generate the general conditions contract.

To download the template for the General Conditions, click here. The Guardian places the reference to the website of its General Conditions at the end of its website: However, the deal is long and contains several useful provisions for The Guardian: There is a brief introductory section in the General Conditions which will help create the conditions for the remainder of the contents.

You will also find the links to KAYAK's General Business Practices in the footer: It is very clear to the user that the first clause of KAYAK's contract is the one: You should review these TOS thoroughly before you access, use or receive any material, information, product or service. When you access the Site, the Portable or Tablet Applications or any other function or different performance of the Site (collectively, "Our Site"), you are agreeing to be legally bound both by these Site and by our Privacy Policy.

Instagram conditions can be found in the bottom line of the Instagram website: For example, Instagram sets link to its general conditions and privacy information when creating a new account: The following is an example of the table of contents for the Spotify Conditions and Conditions. Throughout the above mentioned TOS, the "User Guidelines" section emphasizes a number of limited Usage Promotions, which include the prohibition to prohibit a UI from: Use the TOS Generator to generate the TOS Agreement.

You can download the AGB template as PDF or the AGB template as DOCX files. Download this AGB template as a Google document. You can download this free template for Terms and Conditions and it contains these sections:

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