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The X-Mag Blogger Template is a simple, clean and modern blog for blogs and magazines. Backen Blog Blog Blogger Template - Demo Download - Singl. Deaksh is a personal blog template for your stories. High quality blog templates for free download. Several of the amazing features included in this theme are unlimited color options, Google font selection, sample xml content, and more.

The best free blogger template around the blogger

It is the intention of this article to provide a complete package for the best templates for bloggers. We' ve made the download and demonstration link available to you so you can add them to your blog with ease. Like all other Google tools, it' a free blog posting utility that offers an incredibly easy-to-use graphical experience.

Launching your own blog is a breeze, so all you have to do is set up a domainname and begin post. It is important, however, that your blog looks tidy and professionally. But the best part about it is that you can customise your blog and any template you want.

Like you can guess, there are tons of free submissions out there (there are also payed themes), picking the best would be a very arduous and hurtful job.

Best 50+ free modern Blogger Templates 2018

Also, unlike payed webhosting, bloggers don't bill a cent for your content webhosting. Blog Spot also offers free and premier topics, so you can tailor them to your needs. Wherever a PRT topic is open to the general public, often free developer releases a "lite" copy of the topic to get users to buy their PRT topic if they are happy with the reduced PRT topic containing the PRT topic.

Available as multi-lingual version, Blogger crosses the linguistic divide. All I' ve done here is collect a few free, cutting-edge, fast-reacting and stylish new topics from 2015, 2016 and release them for you. I' ve even harbored it on my own servers (indirect links) to give you a download to it.

It' a great full-screen template for bloggers to present their blog to the world. You can download this template and customise it to your needs. Comments, current contributions and many other functions are contained. Complimentary sleek, contemporary and slim blogger layouts, full-width horizontals and footers are used.

Usually, the last contributions are populare contributions. Cleaner and more advanced template for your own use. You are welcome to download and use it. The 2016 is a slim and tidy lugger template that can be used to present your blog. You are welcome to download and use it. Sweep area, drop-down menus and plug-ins are contained in the template.

Fantastic template for bloggers with a contemporary look and functionality. Download this template for free and use it for your personalised blog and postings. Fully featured parallax-effect style bloggers with full-width headers and footers featuring newsletters and favorite articles. At the end of the article there are page break pushbuttons, which allow an simple navigating and the addition of further articles.

Easy slim designer blogs template where you can use this template for your own custom blog, don't hesitate to download a usage. Single column, fully reactive template for bloggers, perfect for face-to-face blogging, motion blogging. You are welcome to download and use where in this template postal data, release button are located. The template uses a sleek, easy to use theme that includes plug-ins for every contribution.

The picture slide control is contained in the head area and reacts completely. The Blogus is a free contemporary template for bloggers, where the template is created by placing brickwork pictures in the head area. You are welcome to download and use it. A site freely responding Blogs cript template with imaginative styles and functionality, fantastic scrolling effect is used in the template.

It includes a good quality feedback page, links to team sites, gallery sites and many more great functions. Complimentary reactive Blogs template with box design, perfect for blogs, magazines and newsgroups. Flush and advanced blogsger template, perfect for your blogs and it will help you make a better blogs experiences. Published data, comment option are contained.

There are two columns of free advanced Blogger template that is great for your web sites and newspapers. Be free to download and use, full resposing and comment option are provided. Fantastic and imaginative web site submissions that are great for your web site related to blog, magazine, media and more. You are welcome to download and use it.

The Moviez is a multi-page template that can be used for your blogging, movie, and reviews-sites. It' completely free for use with a fully reactive lay-out. Shop on line with designer Bloogger, which is perfectly for your belongings and also for your business. You can download the theme and customise it to your liking.

Motiv may is a template for bloggers that is ideally suited for the magazines and other on-line publication media. It is a fully reactive weblog template that supports HTML and CSS3 webstreams. Constructed with a singular Designkonzept. You can use this topic for product, blog, portfolio and almost anything if you know how to adapt it.

It' s designed for On-Page SOEO, which offers an 80% quicker index rating. HalteranisLux is a great -looking and stylish blogging topic with contents controls and socially shared button to take your blog to a whole new world. This is a fast reacting, fashionable and stylish lifestyle blogging template.

Perfect for staging brands, photo sites etc. It' a free, nice corporate blogging template with right sideline, 2 colums, 3 footers, contents sliders, drop-down lists and socially shared symbols. As I' ve already said, Kerlir is a llite edition of her top story. So if you like the neat, lightweight blog user interfaces, why not try this latest edition of LaTe and if you want something more, you should buy your free copy here.

The SkyBlue is a 1-column, fast reacting, gallery-styled, slim looking template for bloggers. Perfect for travel reports. Portfolio is a fully-fledged premier topic that can be used free of charge for 15-day. In 15 and a half day, you must either deinstall this design or purchase its premier design. I' ve included this topic in the free section because during your 15-day probation you' sure to like it and buy the free one.

PORTIFIX is a neat and well-structured minimalist blogger portfolios template for creatives, PORTIFIX is ideal for performers from all disciplines, web, graphics, movement, sounds, printing, arts... anyone who needs a portfolio-based website or needs face-to-face web sites. When you are looking for a beautiful looking portfolios topic, you just found it.

The Extinify is an elegant template for graphics artists, graphic artists, photographers or blogs who want to present their work in a clear and generous format. FamilyMag is a minimalistic template that offers functions such as fast response blogging style, first ever magnetic effects capture style sheet, simple slide bar, drop-down menus, supporting soft symbols.

Vertex is a 100% reactive, highly functional, magazine-style multi-media blogging template developed for a wide range of professionals and Web masters. There are some effective functions and functions that would surely make you go crazy on this template. The most important thing is that this template looks different on every single one. The Dynamic Mag is a premium template that is available for free download.

You are kind enough to make this topic available free of charge. Download the complete set of documents. Platzify is a fully reactive template (you can see for yourself by changing the size of your browser) with 2 side bars and a neat lay-out area. For bloggers, Karma is the most sophisticated page template that offers many unbelievable functions.

The topic is very sophisticated, which means that it can be somewhat tricky for the ordinary use. And this is the best blogging template to date. Sintify is ultra neat and contemporary designs makes it suited for any kind of website: create, advertise, portfolio, blog and much more, it is a very efficient, ultra neat and reactive site desig.

METROFY is an Amazing and Unrivaled Magazin style for which it can be used, your own blog or blog, complete with a custom subscriptions package and a custom slide control. One of the most popular bloggers in the world. This is a sleek periodical logger template that can look good on encoding blog posts, message logs, and even stunning notifications. The Blackpress is a blocking portfolio-style subject with a focus on type and detail.

Post blog postings about your cat with the nice, minimum blog. It is also fast reacting and retina-capable. An easy to create template for a warehouse that matches your website and is refreshed every day. GotGreen is a versatile blogger template with many new and indiscriminate features. It' s elegant neat with a hint of flavor of FLAT UI, but it's not quite shallow.

It' s dynamic, ultra clear and gives your blogging site a radiant glow. The Galauness is a free premier template in an elegant, neat and minimalist design that represents a raster system that can help you with many tasks. The Minuet is a grid-based template for bloggers with a fantastic pallax head and tablet-optimized design.

The template is encoded according to best practices and has a clear, contemporary and minimalist look with many template designer options. Probably one of the most attractive templates available to us to date. This template has a number of powerful functions that support optimal interactions with the users.

Clear, shallow magazines in deep purple are simply great for the latest designer fashions. This is a premier magazines / newsletter topic that makes your website look neat and beautiful. The Magzon is a blogger mag template with a clear and stylish look. This template is great for magazines, messages and blog sites and can be set up very simply for any use.

It' s very versatile and unbelievably simple to use. WebDepot Bloogger Template is a collection of different colour scheme that makes it look and feel different. The topic is perfect for web development and magazine related website especially for those who want to focus more on creating niches. The Rofl is a free minimalistic category logger template with a fast reacting style, 2 columns, 2 colours, green with combined colour for the backdrop and menue for the right headavigation.

Extremely easy blogs for galleries or private pages. Weding Mag is a good bridal category blogsger topics with appealing designs and full galleriestyle. Extremely high quality posters for galleries and private pages.

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