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Download and use WordPress blog templates for free. The OnePress is an outstanding creative, flexible and free one-page WordPress theme that is great for business websites, portfolios and digital agencies! A virtuous free Wordpress Woocommerce theme, packed with powerful features and a clear design.

Best 30+ free WordPress topics (Blog, Business & Portfolio)

You have selected your CMS - WordPress. You have your ownomainname and WordPress hostings. You have WordPress and you are asking yourself - which topic should I use? You are now stuck in a maelstrom of thousand of different designs, originals and page creators. Allow me to free you from all your hassle and worries, take you by the scruff of the wrist and guide you through my 20+ free WordPress topics.

Handpicked them and selected them especially for you - a recentcomer who just started a WordPress website. No matter whether you're building a company or small businesses website, you' re keen to show off your photographic skills, you're just a blogsman out to get your history reviewed, or a skilled businessman on the verge of publishing your first million dollars e-commerce hit history; I've got you covered! Just like a photographer, I've got you covered! Just like a businessman, I've got you covered! Just like a businessman, I've got you on my hands!

No matter if you are a small Boston store proprietor or a nomadic start-up, your brand/website needs an appropriate topic. It will be the first glimpse of your franchise - the first and often only opportunity to make an impact and advertise. You need to quickly and precisely represent the key metrics of your company - smoothly!

In order to make it easier, the most important characteristics that a free WordPress topic must have are the following: There are 10 things you should consider when selecting the WordPress topic for your website: Functions available. Please tell us which feature you need for your website. Ecommerce assistance? Special plug-in detection? Ensure that your design has the functionality you need.

Ensure that your design works with the desired plug-ins (if you are not sure, you can ask the design developer). Here you can view the best free WordPress plugs. Will it be a photographic website, or will the website be the face of your company? You will see that some contents fit some topics better than others.

The design should be simple to adapt - otherwise you will fight every single battle when you want to optimize something. In the topic descriptions, look for "SEO Optimized" or "SEO ready". Or you can download a chart expansion like MozBar and perform some fast slideshow check on the topic demon. Their design should be reactive, i.e. they should be able to adapt their layouts across different display screens and equipment.

There is no need for your website topic to be too conspicuous. Often, eye-catching topics simply invite more slowly and bewilder your guests. Corporate objectives. To what extent does your topic fit in with your short-term and long-term corporate objectives? Consider these considerations when going through this free WordPress topic listing - select your topics with care because changing topics later is a little tedious!

The Sydney WordPress is a free WordPress topic for businesses. It not only meets all three of our above requirements, it is also better than most other WordPress topics. The Sydney is a very adaptable commercial topic that gives you the opportunity to build your own website and customize it according to your needs.

Looking at your specific needs, you'll quickly be able to use the front page areas to build an astonishing website for your small or medium sized company. Cerif is our second-placed and popular parallax-free WordPress topic. Full of feature and function, this multi-purpose topic is a very good option for your website needs.

Cerif is more of a chamaeleon, willing to accommodate any requirement of your corporate website. BootStrap design with embedded pallax protection. It is a neat contemporary design, WooCommerce compliant, WPML compliant, RTL compliant, returns good and satisfies your requirements for advancedEO. Ideal for online businesses that require e-commerce integration.

Similar to Zerif, Hestia offers a range of customization options and is ideal for any website that seeks eCommerce integrations. Hestia's contemporary look is ideal for any type of commercial or company website that places emphasis on aesthetics and function. It offers a variety of Widget's, an embedded Blogs section and is fully compliant with Flat Parallax Slider, Photo Gallery, Travel Map and Elementor Page Builder.

It is fully reactive, WPML plug-in supported, retinal and - of course - compatible with all SEOs. It is a giant heroes area and a slim texture under the rabbet that makes this website perfectly suited for any company that appreciates and sells everything in terms of aesthetics and sophistication. Featuring many exhibition areas, Shapeley is ideal for companies that want to present their work and portfolios to their customers.

Sapely is a multifaceted free topic for businesses that also stands out for its excellent function. It comes with multiple home page widgets that can be used to include portfolios, endorsements, parallax section, your products or services information, needs for attention, and more. The Interface is a great, reactive web site for website users who want a cleaner, more informative home page.

Getting away from minimumism, Interface is ideal if you want powerful copwriting over styling. When you are an experienced writer or actually selling copy-writing service, Interface is for you. The user interface has a variety of features that include two page laysouts (narrow and wide), 4 page laysouts for each post/page, 5 page templates, 8 Widget areas, 6 customized Widgets, a slide control to emphasize your post/page, 10 soft symbols, an upper and lower infobar to emphasize your contacts and improve your reachability.

One of the world's most beloved free WordPress topics is CyberChimps' response theming. More than 5 million downloaded files and more than 80,000 installations. It is a versatile WordPress topic that can be used for any website, be it a blogsite, a company, an advertising company or a start-up. It has a liquid stacking grating system and is a topic for retinas.

The Responsive is a free WordPress topic built on the liquid stacking mesh system that provides user-defined layouts, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined headers, menu items, and more. This topic is also ripe for translating. It' s stunning thematic choices offer many customisation possibilities. Whilst there is a wealth of free WordPress topics with lots of free WordPress features, with a free WordPress topic you not only buy extra topic bit and piece - you buy full assistance and help with all the issues you have.

Behind the Scene of the Technological Cluster, the most widely used WordPress word processing topic today! More than just another topic, Divi is a website builder Framework that allows you to build the most stunning sites by offering you the industry's best website builders ever, namely Web Site Builders (WYSIWYG).

There is a drag-and-drop page creator inivi - new and enhanced with the release of release 3. Essentially, a blogs is an informally formed form of expression of a page or an independent website. Whether you're a mummy blogger describing your daily routine in detail, a voyage blogger blogging your travels around the globe, or a large company creating a major article on the state of the art, a blogs is a multifaceted on-line resource for sharing what you've experienced in your time.

Because of its intrinsic character, the flawless free WordPress topic must be able to meet the following goals: When you' re hoping to establish a relationship with your first few users and make them reads that are put into your mind and your lives, then you better stuff your face into your blogs!

It' the flawless blogs topic knows how to get a visitor's eye on it the first, second and third times. Blogs have to be easy, easy and without a lot of frills. That means concentrating on a well encoded frameworks that allows fast page loading and a clear, distraction-free topic layout.

If it comes to the best free WordPress topics for blogging, the key words you should think about are easy, uncomplicated and focussed. Ask yourself when your blogsite is done: I know who's running this blogs right now? When your visitors can respond to these three question with a "yes" within a few seconds after they click on your website, your blogs are on their way to becoming successful.

Have a look at my free WordPress blogs to get you started: The Writee is a fantastic, uncomplicated blogs topic that reviews all our cases. Celebrity About Me section, a full width slide control that displays your most powerful and important blogs while retaining a nice outfit. Free of charge styling includes customized built-in Widget options - customizer options, full width sliders and box, and much more so you can customize your blogs the way you want!

The Nisarg is an even more minimalist blogs topic that is close to our hearts. Fully reactive, neat design provides a variety of adjustment choices while your blogs stay neat and focus on your contents. Customize your cover picture, wallpaper or wallpaper colour and the colour of your topic highlights and differentiate your contributions with the eight built-in formats:

The Nisarg is the ideal option for your own private blogs. Ideal for fashion fans, photographers and arts blogs, Olsen Light carries on the tried and tested minimalist blogspace. Olsen is ideal for conversion-conscious blogs who are anxious to turn as many people as possible into reader.

This topic comes with an amazing number of customizable fridgets and customized features. Instagram embedding means you can view your Instagram images directly in your own blogs, and optimizing your search engine will help you achieve a higher ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo! Hoffman is the ultimative minimalistic WordPress Dreamblog themed.

Just take your messages seriously and think everything else is superfluous - Hoffman is the topic for you! Design includes include inclusion of soft icons, jetpack endless scrolling capability, five user-defined Widgets, two-sided template, text style, translation-ready coding, user-defined highlight colors, user-defined backgrounds, Galerie Postformat and much more.

Much like Hoffman, Libretto is a minimum WordPress topic for the blogs. This is the ideal topic for an elegantly designed and challenging face-to-face blogs. The libretto is a fast-reacting, single-column subject characterized by more classical style and type, drop-cap and draw citation. Ideal for writing the poems and the words of the typeface! Allow us to offer you our best opinions on the best premier blogs topic.

Potassium is known around the world for its astonishing variety of customization options, themes and nice design. This topic gives you the tool to not only make a nice and efficient blogs, but also to optimise it for the best outcomes. Use Potium's Premier Page builder, 9 headers stores, 30+ style projects, over 100 shortcuts and items, 9 different blogs and more to build the perfect one!

Accessing Page builder helps you easily build any website your company needs. During your objectives with a photograph website can be many and diverse. To them the way is the same - the perfectly portrayed story. No matter what your messaging is, your capacity to generate a beneficial stream with your photograph will be the key determinant for the overall sucess of your website.

This is what you are looking for in a WordPress themed photograph: At the heart of your photographic page is certainly the art space and the way you present your work. In the ideal case your topic will not have one, but several well thought-out galeries from which you can select. You will want to have a load of boats in a great environment with features that allow you to create or delete your own and your own photo album.

Free-of-charge topics are usually satisfied with very simple art gallery and do not give you much room for individuality, but we have tried to find the best. There is nothing even more serious than an overloaded topic that removes the focal point from the point of view of the website - photograph. In the ideal case, you want your motif to be very lightweight.

Don't anticipate that a free topic designer has thought about this point. When you are looking for the best photo subject, ask yourself the following three questions about your photo gallery: Does the photograph shown promote the narration? These are the most favorite WordPress topics for free photography:

The Pixgraphy is one of the most loved portfolios/photo-themes for pros. With breathtaking minimalistic galleries ranging from giant characters to giant pictures of heroes and perfectly encoded, this topic is ideal for anyone willing to do their job the whole sale. The topic includes support for common plug-ins such as Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7, Jetpack from, Polylang, and more.

Pixelgraphy has a very neat and optimised coding, which leads to minimum load time, which is especially important for photographsites. A Jetpack-capable infinity scrolling feature lets your photos take full advantage of your reader's undisturbed attention. You' ll find fast response and retina-enabled themes functions for picture, galery, and movie mail format, five customized Widgets, an Library Page Template, a galery slide show, customized highlight colors supported, customized logos supported, edit style supported, and ready-to-translate source-even including Swedish!

The Rokophoto is slightly different from the minimum version and offers the ideal tool for narrative-driven photographic web sites. It is the ideal topic if you have many and singular tales to tell! Hitchcock closes the loop between minimumism and storytelling and is a very basic photo subject intended for web sites with personality character. Topic is free of disorder on the front page and allows you to tell your story about a post-type arrangements.

Featuring a nice, reactive look, a soft icons drop-down list, Jetpack endless scrolls, customized highlight colors, customized headers, photo galleries mail formats, editing and more. Gridsby is the ultimative minimalist photo subject that takes Hitchcock's visually-centric stance to the top. Clear and definite prioritisation of the photograph over the history of the subject is ideal for those of you who only need a single point of contact to present your work that offers a minimum or no text.

Fast-reacting and retinal design with an Interest Styl lattice design contains a simple way to post your pictures to your primary picture album. Sure you could go the free itinerary, but why not just pay a few dollars for a WordPress topic of prime quality that has been designed with your destination in mind and reworked a hundred fold to make it the best and most complete unique?

KingSize, the ultimative photo topic, was first created in 2011 and has since been optimised for 5.0 since then. The KingSize is the world's best-selling photo subject, with over 19,000 impressions sold to date and 4. 53 of 5 ratings over 1700++ votes. KingSize is unlikely to be deposed soon with really tens of sophisticated, customized functions.

Fully reactive KingSize is a wonder healer who puts the masters in your shoes and provides you with about a million (slightly exaggerated) customized choices to really make your website your own. A huge buyers assistance board and 28 video tutorials allow you to build your own website - effortless and free of headaches!

KingSize, one of the most stunning premier topics, is a no-brainer purchase for just $55. Are you looking for the ideal homepage for your company? The Moesia topic makes it easy to create. Below are some of his other great features: There is a good possibility that Arcade Basic can help everything.

Below are some of his other great features: It is one of the best topics for booting your e-commerce shop. There is also a blogs section, a photogallery raster and much more. They can even use it for a one-sided commercial page! Below are some of his other great features: It is a brand-new topic, but it is fast coming - and for good reasons.

Below are some of his other great features: Concerning the one-page free WordPress topics, Illdy is one of the best out there. When you want to create a one-page hit website for your company, you can't go wrong about this. Below are some of his other great features:

User-defined contents make it simple to customize the look according to your needs. Below are some of his other great features: Featuring a slim styling, a variety of functions and a high degree of customisation, the latte topic could make you disgorge your espresso even when you're not sipping!

No page creator is required to customise this design - you can do it directly from the WordPress Customiser, making things easier for you. It' great for designer, developer and freelancer to present their portfolio and capabilities. Below are some of his other great features: The Compact One is a feature-rich one-page WordPress topic for businesses that was recently released by CyberChimps.

There comes with interesting functions that will help you to build a great website. Functions included a full-width slide bar, a mouseover effect galery, detail typographic choices, and more. Seven easily customizable categories - Functions, Info, Team, Portfolio, Contact Form, Testimonials and Sliders. In order to help you get your website up and running in just a few moments, this topic also contains complete (images and content) demonstration files as well as full step-by-step detail videosutorials.

Azera Shop Topic will help you get the most out of your e-commerce-shop. There is a customized weblog design so you can create easy to use weblogs that enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and bring more people to your site. Below are some of his other great features: It can only be the flawless free WordPress topic for your website.

Below are some of his other great features: Indeed, with these 15 free WordPress topics, you can make your site look great, work well, and realize your visions without paying a penny! In light of the hints, you should choose a free WordPress topic that best fits your needs. It' s finally up to you to do something and begin to build your own WordPress website!

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