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Immediately download everything from a website. Uploads all files on a web page in one; Easy to use. I' ve tried several free downloaders, but they are all "meh" compared to IDM.

I' m using Lite as expected, and I also keep walking on limitations/requests/bugs/idiocrasies of the WebExtension APIs (and sometimes HTML5 stuff like Firefox implemented).

I' m using Lite more than expected, and I also keep walking on limitations/requests/bugs/idiocrasies of the WebExtension-APIs ( and sometimes HTML5 stuff like Firefox implemented). Whilst my developer release can already *some* perform easy downloading, there are still issues with other more complex kinds of downloading that require e.g. specific treatment of header files.

Also, the download of large data is still far from what I want or want in terms of power. The Lite (also known as the WebExtension) is available for launching Firefox Quantum. Well Quantum will be out in a few working day, and DTA Lite isn't nearly there. Some parts turned out to be more tricky than I had expected, then some freelance work (which actually paid my rent) took longer than expected, and then some medicinal things (nothing to fear, but still hindering me from spends the amount of my original DTA time) and other things... All this made me miss my scheduled schedule altogether.

Note that DTA Light, even if it is only "Light", will basically be more or less a completely new edition, even if it will re-use many of the notions. Therefore, if you look at my diary, DTA will take at least another months to finish. Hopefully I'll get to a point where I can publish a Early Adopter/Tester betas in 2-3 and then 1-2 week after that a full robust one.

There is the Managers page, recently, with some demos that I have used to test how things will look like.

DownloadThemAll! - Firefox Add-ons

DownloadThemAll is everything you could want from a download manager: it has an enhanced acceleration that speeds it up 4 times, and it allows you to stop and continue downloading anytime. You can download all your website's hyperlinks or pictures and much more: you can fine-tune your downloading according to fully customisable criterias to only get what you really want!

You always have full access to your downloaded files, the devoted download speeds and the number of concurrent sessions. You can use metalinks or manual mirroring to download a single image from multiple sites at the same go. Do NOT submit errors and problems in the Users Rating section, but submit an error message instead.

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