Download Theme from Wordpress Dashboard

To download the topic from the Wordpress Dashboard

Register with the WordPress administrator for the page on which the desired plugin/theme is installed. This can be undone by connecting to your website via FTP or the File Manager in the cPanel Dashboard. You can download themes and plugins from the WordPress Dashboard (Admin Panel) without accessing FTP or Cpanel.

You can download themes and plugins from the WordPress Dashboard without FTP in.

I' m posting this article because I recently had to download a WordPress theme from the WP dashboard because I don't have a FTP account for this page, this is because I want to download a premier theme from my client's website that doesn't give me a password for accessing it, but I have administrator credentials for the WordPress dashboard.

I' ve been looking a long time for such a kind of plug-in, but didn't find any with such a name or description. Having looked for more, I find a plug-in that not only allows me to download a plug-in or theme from the WP administration dashboard, but also provides me with a very good text processor with many advanced functions.

I' ve chosen to split this with you. First, you need to download and enable a plug-in from the WP Free Plugins folder. The name of the plug-in is "Advanced Code Editor". After installing and activating the above plug-in, go to Appearance > Themes > Editor as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have switched to the Theme editor, you will see some additional functions in the Notepad window just because of the Advance Code Editor plug-in being installed. Now you have to choose the plug-in you want to download and then click on the download theme symbol as shown in the image below.

That' it, your design will now be downloaded without access to your FTP or Cpanel. Many other advanced features are available on the Notepad that help you to build, remove, download a single filename, and many more are available there that are not covered by me, as I am only focusing on downloading entire designs and plugins from the WordPress administration area.

Downloading plugins from the WP Dashboard: This job is also very easy and as described above to download designs. Just go to Plugins > Notepad in your WP dashboard and download the required plug-in from the Notepad as shown in the screenshots below.

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