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I' ve been using Themer for a long time. These themes are all free and can be downloaded from the Themes Store of the Themer App. All you have to do is find the topic you want to apply and download it. When the design is downloaded, you can click the Apply button to use the design. Android has hundreds of desktop designs.

Best themes for updating and customizing your Android phone

It' s a great way to fully customize your home page with a few fingertips, but which themes are the best? We' ve done some research and selected some great theme adjustments that you might want to try out. Unfamiliar with Themer, this is a home display customisation utility that lets you download and deploy entirely new themes for your home displays in seconds.

Just a few tap of your fingertips will give your Android mobile device a distinctive, funny and practical design and personalise it to work the way you want it to. There are other ways to gain entry if you have not entered the last round of invitations to Themer, involving simple registration and awaiting your invitation (it only took a few days).

As soon as you are inside, you will probably be overloaded with possible choices and topics. Gekachelt is perhaps best known for being the "beautiful" topic in the Themer promotional videos (shown above in this post.) Sure, this screen cap makes it look good, but it's also really pretty in use.

Each of the tile on the home display is well separated, and the top watch is placed on a photograph. There are four large tile links below all of which are links to lost phone numbers (or your dialer), e-mails (or your favourite e-mail app), text messaging and the latest weathers. A single click leads you to a customized display with a link to your top pop-up tray and customized links for your audio, web browsers, your cameras pop-up application, and your news readers.

A final prank leads you to a full-screen tileset full of application short-cuts that you can customize to your heart's desire. You' ll get more useful information at the top of the page, like clock and date, wheather, new text messaging, lost phone call, lost phone call, lost phone batteries and new email, all beautiful and small, but easily visible at a single look.

It' easy, it' s minimum and it bundles a great deal of information on one monitor. The Seven topic is built around the general look and feel of IE 7. And now that we're beyond that, if you like the look and feel of your iPhone, you' re in for it, full of shallow symbols, ordered lines, full-screen Widgets and thin text, but you don't want to miss out on the utilities, versatility and all the applications you've come to know and like.

Like Themer, the home page is preset with useful keyboard combinations that can be customised (notes, browsers, news, etc.), and some other keyboard combinations for applications you probably already have on your computer, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. By tapping on a link for which the topic is expecting you to have an application but not, it will take you directly to Google Player to download and use it.

A prank to the right shows you your contact details, a prank to the right gives you your current weathers. Now is a design that gives your home displays a Google Now look and feel as much if you like Google Now as much as I do. It' all organised in maps, with a beautiful large Google map at the top, a central meteorological map and an application map at the bottom with a choice of your (probably) most frequently used applications directly on the home page, such as a sound processor, web browsers, Google Maps, dialers, text messaging, Google Mail and more.

If you skip to the side, you'll get adjustable captions and cropped posts, which is great if you want to check out your favourite blog on the go. Deleting directly from the home page will display a selection list of forthcoming scheduled happenings, along with a bottom musical play tab that allows you to play without exiting the home page.

On the right side of the display there are five tabbed pages, and the primary page shows clock and date, power state, lost phone call, new text, and e-mails that have not been read. Top to bottom, the remainder of the tabbed pages take you to applications (with some selected ones, such as Contact, Traffic, Music, Preferences, etc.), Message Header, Wind and Sound.

To control your listening, you don't need to open the application, just drag it to the Sound page. Check the wheather is also a breeze, and your lost phone bills, application tray, text messaging and email are all accessible with a touch of a finger from the home menu. The Horizon is somewhat more minimalist than many of the other themes.

Smooth, bokeh-like backgrounds serve as backgrounds for clock and date, power level, and easy displays for missing phone and text messaging and email on the home page. The bottom of the menu also contains links to your web browsers, your favourite application lists, your full application tray, your cameras and your picture album.

A beat to the leftside and you will get a full frame meteorology view with the actual top condition (along with the daily high and low) and the next three bottom condition predict. Move your mouse to the right to see DeepL accesses to some of your favourite applications and message headlines at the bottom.

If you don't think you like your colour in peaches, this subject is so fashionable and hot that you can think again. Built-in display shows you date and date above, a nice picture in the middle of the display and DeepL accesses to popular applications such as dialers, text messaging application, e-mail, browser and Google below playback links.

Below to the right, right next to these key combinations, is a listing of the latest message news that you can browse at your own pace. Move to the leftside and you exchange the hit lines for wheather (and you get a new photo). Continue and you will get another new picture and the lower part of the display will be fully substituted by Apple Flash.

It is one of the better-looking themes we have seen, and all the symbols are also not miniscule and difficult to use. For those who like their home screen with lots of information, HUD is the topic for you. In the centre is a large round broadget that shows the clock, date and accumulator status, along with a smaller round screen for meteorological viewing.

Lost phone conversations, text and emails are just below the watch and indicator panel, and at the bottom right there's a short cut for your full apple-wrapper. At the bottom of the screen is an "Expand" icon that opens links around the middle of your screen for your web browsers, your cameras application, your favourites, Google Play, your newsreader and your sound processor.

It' not full of short cuts or other wide shots, and you only get this one monitor, but the kid looks pretty good. The Diagonal Tiles take a slightly different view to make your home monitor a little more stylish and clearer. You' ll see the clock, date and date at the top right and the batteries at the bottom right, but this is all the text on the display.

Instead, the menu on the top menu on the far right has shortcut keys for text, your phone and your favorite dialler (or your contact application, whichever you choose). If you move to the right, you will see even more key combinations, all of which are diagonally chessboard, with beautiful, large keys that are easily typed without missin' anything or typing anything else.

Standard keyboard combinations include e-mail, browsers, music players, cards, newsreaders, and application drawers. It' quite simple, but if you don't like to swing through tonnes of applications and want a slimmer look, this is a great design, and the wallpaper is also beautiful. Featuring an easy-to-read display, your home monitor looks like an old PDA, full of large, bulky numbers and symbols.

There is even a little fray at the bottom of the display, which reminds you of the way old monitors used to "vent" a little around the edge after use. Times and dates are printed large at the top of the display, with wheather right below, and you get some 8-bit links for Google Play, plus your favorite dialers, text, email, and more at the bottom of the display.

A strike and you'll get a few more key combinations at the bottom of the page that are useful for checking your batteries and making your page headline. You''ll get your date and date at the top of your computer display, plus popular key strokes like dialers, text messages, e-mail, browsers, and your bottom apple tray. Touch mark to view the meteorological report (or double-click to the right).

Wipe right again to get more key combinations at the bottom and a little more enjoyment on the home page. It will take you to match deal and message hits from all over the web (or you could cross to the right twice). These are just some of the great themes currently available in Themer.

It' by no means exhausting, and there are many more possibilities if none of them meets your expectations - that's the great thing about Themer; fully customising your home screen is a breeze, and it will take seconds to download and try out a new design. And if you don't like it, you can always go back to another one you download or search for another one.

When you don't find one you like, there is always the already mentionned Buzz Launcher, which is very similar to Themer and has many themes to offer - be careful, it was written in China and many of the themes are not translatable and some of the applications are not available.

What's definitely great about Themer is that as more folks get on and create their own themes, the libraries will expand and we'll see more choices soon. When you do something great for your mobile don't neglect to split it in our Home Screen Showcas and publish what you did in your Kinja Blog!

This can be published in our Featured Home Screen weeklies!

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