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The Action Launcher is the best platform for theming. To download directly, click on the Play Store icon below. Several devices already have the ability to download and install designs. Evie Launcher supports icon packs that you can download from the Play Store. Tap the Download button first: Picture.

5 Top iPhone Themes for Android Free Download

What are the best ways to get iPhone designs for Android? When you own an Android phone, you might have thought about the possibility of giving it a little more of an iPhone look. This might seem laughable, but it's actually possible to give your Android phone an iPhone style using iPhone (iPhone 7) themes that are interoperable with an Android phone.

We' ll introduce in this paper the Top 5 iPhone themes that you can have installed on your Android phone. Whilst there are many chargeable themes that give you more customisation choices, the themes in this listing are all available for free download. You are as follows: iPhone VO Theme Lite is one of the classical iPhone designs that you can download for free.

Gives your Android phone a good-looking launch along with classical wallpapers, symbols and even sound. A good thing about this period is that it has a tray apple link that allows you to scroll through tones, background, and more, comparing to other themes where you have to scroll through the starter's settings.

Finally, this topic works with for those who have Launcher Pro 0. 86, ADW Launcher 1.3. O+, or Go Launcher 2.35+. And if you're an enthusiastic Go Launcher EX fan, this themes can give you the standard look of Go Launcher EX as well. It includes the classical symbols, the wallpaper and 3 background images.

You can also select a different wallpaper for the application tray. And if you have another type of layouts, like the ADW or Pro layouts, you don't have to bother because there's actually a similar design for all three layouts, which include the same symbols and wallpaper. iPhone Black Go Layers offers a variety of stylish and stylish layouts, wallpaper, icons and more.

Actually, this design is great for those who love the darker designs, and the multi-colored Apple emblem on the background image would make your smartphone look more like Android. As with the earlier design, the iPhone VD Théme Lite comes with symbols, all packed in round and round boxes.

If you have ADW launcher, launchcherpro or go launchcher on your Android phone, you can use them. There is also a Tray application that allows you to simply scroll through the theme's settings without having to go through the starter's settings. That special iPhone 3.

Go Intro Designer themes produce more figurative symbols, along with a cleaners, but overall the look is definitely known. Good news is that the market's products page includes suggestions for applications and Widgets to give your phone the ultimative iPhone-ish appel. Finally, the desktop image is similar to the iPhone's standard desktop image.

And now that we've made the Top 5 iPhone themes available for free Android download, it's off to a step-by-step install to give your phone the iPhone look you've been looking for. Downloading a launchers is the very first thing you should consider. Download one from Google Play, and according to which topic you want to select from the above lists, you can select either GoLuncher EX, ADWLuncher, or LauncherPro.

The Go launcher EX works well with all the above themes and allows you to adjust the widget sizes, your home page, the number of available pages and some other detail, which makes it a much better option. Once you have successfully completed the download, open the launch.

Immediately after booting the Go Launcher EX, you will see a series of introductory monitors. Next is the installation of your favorite design. Launcher already have several designs that you can download anytime you want to give your Android an iPhone look. But before you select a design, you must first make sure that it is compliant with your equipment.

As soon as you have selected a topic, go to your phone's menus, select your downloadable topic, and then use it. The design you chose appears and you now have an iPhone-like look for your Android unit. Just a few simple moves can help you move your phone information from Android to other telephones and back.

Support for all iPhone 7 iPhones is also included.

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