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This design is completely free, but you need to download and install GO Launcher to use it. Now Launcher for Android, free and secure download. Smarter way to use your phone or tablet.

Android Launcher for Google Now

Are you looking for an even better "Googley" gaming sensation on your Androidheld? Google Now Launcher is an elegant application that will replicate some keys of the standard Android operating system and place Google Now (literally) near the middle of your machine. Google Now Launcher is now available for all Android OS 4.1 and higher platforms.

So if you don't have an Android mobile /tablet like the Nexus 5 or Nexus 10 in store, you can now enjoy a similar sensation on your Samsung, HTC or Sony unit. Google Now Launcher - What is it? Google Now Launcher will transform the front end of your machine. The Google Now Context Wizard is just a small step away from your home page.

Now Launcher also has the added benefit of giving you constant Google language searching accessibility. All you have to do is say "OK Google" and then you' ll see a keyword or word barking on your phone. It only works if your unit is unlocked and you are on the home page, but it provides a time-saving way to check things.

The Google Now Launcher uses a slightly different look and feel to the standard Android launchers. Google Now Launcher application icon are slightly larger than the standard Android icon and are more distributed in the application tray, which means that if you have a large number of applications in your system, you will have to flip the monitors a great deal to move around.

When you are used to installing Android Layers, you won't have too many problems with Google Now Launcher. What's more, you won't have too many problems with Google Now Launcher. Actually, you might even regret the shortage of adjustment menus that are quite minimum. Just download the Google Now launcher application from Google Player and go to the'Home' tab in the Android Settings pull-down list, then make Google Now launcher the standard.

Widget's, background images and the setup menus themselves are all called by a long push on the start button, which allows a quick adjustment of the starter. So if you are a Share Android fan looking for an easier way to get to Google searching and hosting Google Now Launcher isn't wasted.

Also, if you've always wanted to try the standard Android feature and couldn't, because your machine is running a modded operating system variant, Google Now Launcher will address you. On the other hand, the designs, although easy and classy, may not suit your tastes and the shortage of themes and customizing utilities can be frustrating in this regard.

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