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eOS - How to get themes installed on your iPhone - NO Jailbreak

This is about iPOS, Javabreak and Apple World in general. You can also get the latest information about the status of your iPhone here! Guided tours on how to use the latest Java break utilities such as Yalu Java Break or Pangu Java Break, Tweaks and Themes Review, No Java Break Tweaks and Tricks for your machine as well as repair and correction for various problems with your iDevice.

A iBoot exploit is needed for it to work, you can find more on the special F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Question) page you need to check if you plan to view the CFW-related video on the channel: Subscribe to keep up with the latest jailbreak breaking messages, release of your iPhone and the best Cydia tweaks and topics.

the best themes for iPhone 5S

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This is how to deploy and use themes on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 7

Everyone likes to see their equipment to make it different and more intimate. Using themes of our choice on your equipment can solve these issues to a certain degree and one good thing is that you can also use themes on your iPhone, iPod-touch, or iPad because the equipment is in jail.

The Winterboard is a useful instrument that you can get from Cydia to make various adjustments of your own will. It' an important utility needed to use themes, icon and other third-party UI items. To download, deploy, and use topics on your iPod touch screen controller, please use the instructions below.

Hint: You need a Jailbroken iPhone unit. The ARM 64 units (iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini-retina display) are also not yet fully featured. Cydia can be opened from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Tapping on the bottom right of the Find page will take you to 'WinterBoard'. Choose'WinterBoard' from the results and press the'Install' pushbutton in the upper right area.

Hold on until you' ve got Rydia working on the setup. You can find several hundred topics available at Kydia. Here you can also find some of our 8 or 7 compliant designs. In order to set up a themes, you either need to know its name or you can try all your favorite themes one by one to find the one that fits your machine.

When you know the name of a subject: Cydia, touch the Find register card and type in the name of the topic, e.g.'Transluzent' in the pictures. Choose the topic from the results and click "Install" at the top right, a new save detail window will appear. Once the install is completed, touch the'Restart Springboard' icon and go to the next section to see how to use the most recently reinstalled design.

If you want to try all available adjustments in Cydia. Go to Cydia and tapping the Section tabs. You' ll see different chapters with several hundred themes and different modes, e.g. themes for a particular application, themes for keyboards, etc. Once you've installed the Winterboard and some themes you'd like to use, just take the following easy steps to give your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad a fresh new look:

Touch 'Select topics'. WinterBoard now lists all the themes that have been previously added (you can see the'Translucent' design that we previously installed) as well as some previously added adjustments. Choose the topic you recently download (Note: there is no previews in WinterBoard, so you should memorize the name of your design to use it).

Touch it and let your unit update. You' ve got a new design on your iPhone.

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