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Secure Your Website (.zip) - Weebly Help Center When you want to back up the contents of your website, you can choose to extract your website to a zipped archive. It is not possible to reimport this data into Weebly, but it allows you to store an off-line back-up of your website for safekeeping or even move the website to another hosting.

Navigate to Settings > General and then down to the Archives section. Type your e-mail address in the box and click E-mail History. Also, some of our items may not work properly when they' re housed elsewhere, like our contact form and the slide show items. Whenever possible, you should try to keep your website hosted on Weebly to make it easy to upgrade.

Securing a Weebly Website

Securing a website is one of the most important tasks you should do after setting up your website. Why you should secure your website is there for many reasons: If you make changes or plan to make changes to your website, there should be a back-up of the actual website / page layouts, just in case things don't go as intended or the new look / page layouts are not desired.

Edit the topic: However, in some cases you may come across a plugin or wideget that asks you to copy and paste a few rows of HTML/CSS into your theme's HTML/CSS, you should have a back-up of your website first. However, to be frank, this really does call for the support of your topic.

Change a topic: Usually this is not a serious risk if your website is run on one of the Weebly standard topics (from the Weebly topic gallery). When your website is based on a topic that you have purchased and reinstalled (regardless of the source) or a topic that has been customized for you, it is important to back up your website before switching to another topic (even Weeblys).

Share your website editor: Before you give anyone else permission to work or make changes to your website (especially for full revision), you should have a back-up of your existing website. Apart from the above mentioned considerations, it is always important to have a back up of your website just in case. weebly website: There are three ways to secure a weak website and they all work differently.

MODE 1, Keep a copy of the Weebly website in Weebly: Using this technique, you just copy your existing Weebly website and keep a copy in Weebly. It is consistent with all the above considerations. In order to perform a back-up of your website with the 1 command, perform the following steps: Login to your Weebly user interface, on the right you will see three buttons:

Copy rate varies depending on the site type (i.e. number of pages and amount of content). At the end of the procedure, you have added a copy of the website of the same name and the words "copy" to the copy. MODE 2, Export your website data and content:

Using this technique, you can easily export an archival copy of your website content and data to your computer or other devices. However, this does not match the above mentioned reason (why you should save your website) because you cannot directly load the stored archives into your Weebly website. This is a useful way to help you get your site hosted elsewhere (outside of

In order to perform a back-up of your website with the 1 command, perform the following steps: Login to your Weebly user interface, choose the website you want to be exported, click on EDIT SITE (see screenshots 1&2 above), click on ADJUST in your website editors, on the General Preferences page down to " Library " and enter the e-mail to which you want to send the Library, on the right in the e-mail box to " E-mail Library ".

As soon as you have received the e-mail, download the archives to your computer. ATTENTION: You cannot directly upload the archives to your website. MODE 3, memorize your weak topic: The methodology is in line with reasons 2 and 3 above. So if you've made changes to your topic coding (or added stuff to the Topic Folder ) since you chose it from the Weebly Subject Gallery, or since you both did, or since it was customized for you, it's a good thing to have a back up of it.

It is important to note, before proceeding, that backing up your topic does not back up your website content (i.e. pull and drop items and one-click items). The Topic Back-Up saves only one copy of your website look/styling. In order to save your design (method three), perform the following steps: Login to your Weebly site and choose the website with the topic you want to save, click EDIT SITE (see screenshots 1&2 above), click in your Weebly site editors on THEEME, click on "Export Theme".

Just store the design in your file and you're done. At the top there are several ways to secure a weebly website.

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