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Log in to your Wix account. If you click on Transfer away from Wix. Where to convert Wix to WordPress: One complete guide for all your choices

It may seem like a good choice for small business who want to build their own website because you can quickly build a website with its nice layouts and easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interfaces. Like we have divided in our look at WordPress vs. Wix, both have pros and cons, but if you switch due to the limitations of Wix, WordPress should probably be the next one.

Unfortunately, Wix doesn't make it simple to simply have your information exported (and they have a fairly non-cool privacy statement that allows them to use your contents for advertising and free marketing), so it may look like it's your only choice to restart a new website. With a little work, however, it is possible to move your contents to a WordPress page.

Keeping the above in mind, this review will guide you through what you need to do before you move your site, what your removal choices are for yourself, and then offer a step-by-step walkthrough to get the work done. First and foremost your Domainname and your hostings. But, these few days, you can find a bunch of WordPress themes and developers that allow you to build (or rebuild) almost any look for your website.

One of them is our own Divi topic, as an example, but we will be discussing the layout and your WordPress choices below. When you move from Wix, you need to get the web site hosted. Plenty of web site management solutions are available to help you manage your WordPress website, from low-cost hosted sharing to hosted management for WordPress only.

So if you don't want to be concerned about Wix service, the best solution for you is managed webhosting. WordPress-Only specialist host includes secure backup, WordPress update and feature set. The WordPress hosting review provided the best specialised WordPress web site and showed you how to choose which is the right one for you.

Because your site is still active on Wix at this time, you need to create a temp domain that you can use for your WordPress page when you prepare things. When the Wix to WordPress migrations are completed, follow the instructions to move your Wix domains to the WordPress site.

A lot of hosters offer you free registrations, but it's generally better to go to a place like Namecheap or Google Domains. It is possible that you do not need to buy a new temp domains. Typically, most hosters give you a subdomain temporarily, either because of the user name you specified when you set up your host client or because of a name that is accidentally generation specific to your client area.

In the case of some host (s), this may have been merged with the preceding stage if WordPress is automatically applied by WordPress by default which is the case for many of the specialised WordPress host (s). When WordPress is not configured by preference, the install is straightforward. Now, most hosters offer an instant, one-click install of WordPress, so all you have to do is obey the on-screen prompts and sit back for a few moments.

Or if you would rather have WordPress installed by hand, you can simply read our instructions for the famed 5-minute WordPress setup. As soon as your hosting verifies that the WordPress setup is completed, you can go to your temp domains to verify that you can see the standard topic. Here are a few things we recommend you do after you set up a new WordPress page.

Basically, moving your website from Wix to WordPress can be as easy as manual copy of contents (by emphasizing them when pressing CTRL-C) from the Wix site and paste (CTRL-V) into the WordPress site. Proceeding in this way allows you to make sure that every single item of your WordPress page is photocopied exactly as you want it.

However, the drawback of this is that it can be very cumbersome, and you may (almost certainly) need to correct the formating of the contents after pasting. When you have several dozens of pages and contributions in combination, manual copy may take too long. Of course, you can also generate the pages and postings by hand by going to the Add New item in the WordPress administration area and making sure that all your web links are the same as those in Wix.

In order to accelerate this procedure, you can use the Mass Pages/Posts Creator plug-in to help you automatize page generation. As soon as the plug-in is already setup and enabled, click on the Mass Pages/Posts Creator button and go to Preferences. Browse through the remainder of the list and type the contents you want.

Be sure to review what kind of contribution you are making - contributions or pages - because they are very different types of beings in WordPress. When the publication date is important for your articles or pages, you'll need to manipulate it every single push of the button. Each page on your Wix site requires you to copy the corresponding text to your WordPress installer and insert it into the corresponding page.

In case your site had pictures in this contents, you have to take them with you. You must also do this by hand. Every Wix picture must be saved on your computer and then uploaded to your WordPress Libraries. Using the above described hand coding still involved the use of at least one plug-in (to generate articles and pages for later completion).

The WordPress application allows you to import contents from a wide range of different media sources. The majority of website plattforms, including Wix, offer an RS format that we can use to make the import proces more effective. There are no pictures from the blogs in the generated HTML files, so they have to be added afterwards by hand, as we mentioned above.

In order to use the RSS feed on the new website, make sure that the WordPress RSS inserter is set up on your website. In the WordPress admin panel, go to the Tools > Export pull-down menus. Select RSS from the option drop-down box and click the RSS Import plug-in in the pop-up window.

Once the install is complete, click Activate Importer and Run. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to get pages from a Wix site to a WordPress site. Though it is possible to use a plug-in to load WordPress with HTML pages, Wix does not allow you to do this.

Keep in mind that you can use the Bulk Page Creator plug-in to accelerate this. Make the pages and then copy the contents as described above. Instead of storing pictures by hand and reloading them, this year we will use the Import External Pictures plug-in. They look at the HTML sources of the article or page and find id tag containing hyperlinks to pictures on other sites, copy the picture file to your new site, and update the HTML to point to the new picture.

After you have clicked on the plug-in and clicked on it, go to Media > Import Image. Type any domain you want to exclude, such as pictures saved in a Content-Transfer Network (CDN) or photosite. It' important to remember that this plug-in has not been upgraded for a year. So the plug-ins we saw in this tutorial make the converting much simpler, but you'll find that you have to adjust the contents after the import to make it right.

This is especially true if a plug-in does not work perfect the first and foremost. For this reason, if your site is large and complicated, contains a large number of pictures, or contains customized mail items, you should outsource the migrations to help reduce your times. Once you have chosen to spare yourself the trouble of converting your Wix site yourself, there are several websites and utilities that can offer Wix to WordPress conversion.

With CMS2CMS you can perform a successful CMS-to CMS conversion between all common CMSs. While CMS2CMS does not offer an effective rate without you having to enter some information and perform a free demonstration migrate (limited to a small number of pages), they say that complete migrations begin at $9; you can get a cost estimation with the pocket calculator on the rate page.

The CMS2CMS provides a WordPress plug-in that helps to transfer Wix page contents to WordPress. As soon as you have the plug-in up and running, you will be taken to the CMS2CMS website where you can set up your own CMS2CMS website where you can log in if you already have your CMS2CMS website. Demonstration migrations are a necessary stage if you don't want a full services pack where CMS2CMS technicians will do everything for you.

Acknowledge the CMS type (e.g. Wix to WordPress). Select extra migrations options: Select Start migrating. It is a demonstration of how to convert ten pages of web site contents with pictures or other related elements. When you are satisfied with the results of the demonstration migrations, you can continue with the real one.

This DIY migrations from CMS2CMS is not really supported by standard, but you can take out a migrations policy that allows you to start the migrations within a certain timeframe (if it does not work as expected). From $299, these bundles involve migrating large numbers of pages, customizing the migrations, and even migrating the designs of your Wix site.

Well, now that the real converting has been completed, there are some things you need to do before you can go live with your beautiful new WordPress page. We' re now approaching the home straight, so here are the rest of the moves from Wix to WordPress. Once you have chosen a full-service migrations pack such as CMS2CMS, you may be able to create a customized WordPress topic from your Wix templates.

Otherwise, you will need to choose a WordPress topic that best fits the look you want for your website. As there are tens of thousands of free topics available in the WordPress dictionary, and tens of millions of free and premier topics available elsewhere, you should be able to find the right topic for your website.

We' ve looked at the best topics if you work with a given volume, and we' ve also divided our thoughts on how to select between free and high quality WordPress topics. Whatever topic you select, you may need to make some adjustments to make it look the way you want it to.

Now many designs have easy-to-use custom ization fields and controls to optimize colour scheme, layout and other functions. Finally, our flag ship is a Page Builder topic. Since you come from WordPress by Wix, you probably also have a weakness for them. Wix's module-based drag-and-drop site styling is similar to what WordPress Page Builder called.

Fortunately for you, your WP choices are even more rugged than the ones Wix has for you. When you like your builders, you will love some of the choices that are available to you. The Divi is an all-in-one building experience that gives you full command of your website.

If you have a design you want to use, but like our page building approach, you can also choose to run the Builders seperately. Elementor is a free plug-in with a chargeable update to enable all functions. Elementor is very simple and to use. And, like the Divi Builders plug-in, you can use Elementor with any topic, free or free.

Aside from being a quick and seamless user interface, the big advantage for Beaver Builders is that the plug-in does not use shortcuts to display the page content. Oxygen may not be as intuitively minded as other developers out there. Whilst this can be a deal breaker that comes from Wix, the pages you can create in Oxygen are nice, and it really stands out as a complete themes builder, not just as a page or mailditor.

These are just a few of the choices you have when you migrate to WordPress. It' not that the Wix-Builder is poor, but the restrictions you already face are just not there when you work with the various WordPress page and site building tools. Now back to your regular planned migrations.

Now if you had any areas of functionality on your Wix site, it's your turn to restore them to WordPress. Contacts and calendar as well as Tagclouds and archival Widget can be simply configured in WordPress. Really, this is just a question of checking your Wix page to see if there are any functions you want to transfer to your WordPress page.

Using the Link Checker plug-in, you can check all pages, postings and other contents and alert you if your link is damaged. As soon as you are convinced that the process has been finished, it is your turn to change the name. Suppose you bought your original Wix domains, the transfer of the domains is relatively easy.

Please click on the corresponding name. As soon as you have received it, you must make it available to the new hosting to demonstrate that you are the holder of the property. As soon as the download is completed, WordPress can be configured to use the WordPress address instead of the temp address you initially used.

Go to Settings - General in our WP administration area and modify both WordPress address and location address from the temp address to the living one. In order to help you modify the entire page contents, you can use a plug-in like the Velvet Blues Update URLs plug-in.

The plug-in preferences allow you to select whether you want to refresh hyperlinks inserted in contents, abstracts, or user-defined boxes, and whether you want to refresh hyperlinks for enclosures. To be honest, this approach is much clean and simpler than the manual one. When we come to the end, there is no simple way to say it, but Wix does not make the switch from its platforms to WordPress simple or completely enjoyable.

You' re good to go once you make up your mind whether you want to copy manual and insert all your contents into handmade pages, automatize parts of the most important stages with plug-ins to help you safe a mad amount of your precious hands, or outsource the whole thing to a CMS2CMS and go hanging out in a hammock and drink soda while someone else does the grubby work.

How did you experience switching from Wix to WordPress?

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