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With WixEdit you can create MSI and MSM setup packages with the WiX Toolset. Create a complete collaboration in the intranet, extranet or portal, without programming knowledge. Download a page from your website | Help Center You cannot download a Wix page or any of its pages because the editor must be in permanent contact with our server. To work around this, you can use the Printout Your Pages feature to create a screenshot of your pages. Please note: Wix does not export Wix generated data to an outside target or to an outside hosting.

Wix creates are all housed on Wix server. Benefits of using Wix as your hosting provider includes improved load times, SEO and more.

Could you download the Wix website from a Wix website?

Yes, just right-click (under Windows) or double-click (under Mac OS). Select the Text page origin options. Now you can display the complete HTML-sourcecode, as well as JavaScript and JavaScript. This is not a technical download, I know, but it does the same job. The page resource can be viewed by right-clicking if you mean that.

The Wix is a non open based commercially and privately owned trading system. Can' t even move or even expand your website to another one. It' s a big gamble because it will be quite impossibly to just easily take your website and your contents from Wix to another website builder in the near term if you do.

Exports are not available. Maybe you need to rebuild a bunch of things from the ground up. Their Wix page and all their contents are solely housed on Wix server and cannot be moved to another location. In particular, it is not possible to expand or embedded a file, page, or Web site that has been generated with Wix Editor or ADI to another remote location or hosting.

You cannot download a Wix site or any of its pages because the editor must be in permanent contact with its server. You need which one? When the site offers it, then you can use it, but on the other side, if the searched on the site is not available then it is better to search for another resource.

When you mean "the HTML, etc.", you can view and copy/paste the resource in your web browsers. You mean the backend stuff that works on the servers, you' re forgetting it.

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