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When you arrive there, you want to download all the files related to your website. Upload the WP contents folder from your previous host. To download a copy of the content of your blog, go to My Website ? Settings and select the Export option in the Site Tools section below.

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Databases and data sets. Whilst most host backups the whole web site, it is better to back up your own data. Per default, your own user-generated contents, such as processed designs, new plug-ins and submitted data, are the file names in the wp-content folder. There are other ways to back up your files:

Site hosting provided backup softwares Most site hosting providers offer softwares to back up your site. Ask your hosting company what kind of service and applications it offers. Make synchronizations with your website ý WinSCP and other applications allow you to sync with your website to keep a copy of the mirrored contents on your servers and on your computer disk up to date.

This will save you a lot of valuable working hours and ensure that you have the latest data in both locations. Push the "Synchronize" key. Your distant folder is moved by default to the actual folder (often your home folder). Synchronize will return the folder to the original location as it was when you clicked Synchronize. Maybe you want to move this to another folder on your computer.

You should change the orientation to "local" to copy data from your web hosting to your computer. The Sync mode is selected to Sync File. You can copy your data to your computer using FTP clients or UNIX shell skills. You can copy the data to a directory on your computer.


Gives your site visitors the opportunity to download your website's electronic content. Weight is reduced and the plug-in makes download easy. Now you can make a nice download badge which will start the download immediately after clicking on it. Make a new post/page and use the following short code to make a download icon for your download: Download your download button:

It is also possible to specify extra options in the short code to customise the free download buttons. Normally the text for the download badge is "Download now". However, you can change the text using the "text" option. The standard width for the download pushbutton is "153". You can also change it with the width value.

The standard value for the download icon is "41". You can also change it with the setting "height". The download will start in the same screen by default. Click on You can also change it using the "target" option. Typically, a download is not prompted for a download of a digitized document that is recognized by the web-browser.

Use the force_dl parameters to change this behavior in the short code. Easymedia Download comes with 21 different download buttons template files. The only thing you have to do is specify the styles, and the buttons will look exactly like them. When you want to fully adjust the download buttons, you can use your own picture instead.

Use the HTML rel shortcut in short code to specify the relation between your page and the download it links to. If you want to assign a user-defined style to a badge, you can do this in additional to various badge styles using the Create Stylebar. For your free downloading, you can receive contributions from visitors to your site.

Standard exchange rate is "USD". Standard location for the payments page is "US". However, you can use the " local " setting to select your favourite languages. Donate by entering your favourite picture in the short code. You can download our software with the Google Analytics plug-in.

Allows you to see how often a particular filename has been down-loaded from your Google Analytics accounts in a real timeframe. Easily Media Download can be localized into your own localization. Please help translating your download into your own native country if you do not speak German. How to Download Already Easily Media?

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