Dr Sugarman Santa Rosa

Dr. Sugarman Santa Rosa.

Receive appointment information and opening hours for Jeffrey Sugarman, practicing dermatologist in Santa Rosa, CA. 2725 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA - Telephone number Specialization in dermatology. Jeffrey Sugarman MD began his private consulting career as a principal doctor in July 2002. Dionne Ferronato, a beautician, also provides her beauty salon treatment. Dr.

Sugarman earned his bachelor's from the University of California at Berkeley. Graduated with a scholarship from the National Institute of Health Medical Scientist Training and a doctorate in bio-medical sciences and an MD from the University of California, San Diego.

Subsequently, he received his education in derma, followed by a scholarship in children's derma at the U.C. San Francisco. Dr. Sugarman is Assistant Clinical Professor in the Departments of Clinical Diseases and Family and Community Medicine at the U.C. San Francisco. Both in paediatrics and Dermatologie his office is certificated and equally split between paediatric endermatology and maternal endermatology and carries out an operation on 1 x 1 perweek for the treatment of melanoma.

Dermatology Redwood Family - 40 Ratings - Dermatologists - 2725 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA - Telephone Number

Everyone there is very friendly, from the receptionists who take care of bookings and insurances to the assistant who give you a pre talk every morning when you come, note your symptom, review your medicine lists etc. before you see the document. Angie Abboud is a fantastical dermologist.

They took a good look at my eczema, which had driven me crazy for a whole week, and said it wasn't a fungal as a doctor in LA had said to me. Everybody seemed friendly the first day I went to the hospital.

Since it was an yearly examination, it is 100% insured under preventative nursing at my health insurer. I' ve had both my babies seeing dermologists their whole life for one sake or another...but in all the years of me, or my babies seeing a dermatologist...she gave my daugther suggestions  and a steroid creme I just didn't really agree with.

so I was planning an app with Dr. Sugarman. Okay... six month later we come back... my girl has completely altered her whole body caring schedule even though she has a new issue... she has blank patches on both her underarms. Dr. Sugarman had a teacher with him that night, so the teacher came in to judge my daugther, left the room...then Dr. Silverman presented himself quickly.

Neither did he have anything to say about the new blank patches except "hopefully they will disappear over the years. Again - for the third consecutive year... the reception was totally disorganized. I' ll look around... these guys have been wasting enough of our precious times, and my endurance has been getting thinner. Dr. Sugarman diagnosed both my man and me wrong.

After years of going to this bureau and getting no help, my man had just been diagnosed as having someone else's skin withsoriasis. Actually, I thought it was probably because of Dr. Google it was probably caused by indigestion, but since he was so often with Dr. Sugarman, he didn't want to hear me. And I went to this bureau with reservations about my toe nails.

Dr. Sugarman said they were doing well, but I was losing several pins before I realized I had to see someone else. So if you go here and are not misdiagnosed or untreated, get another view. Omg, they were leaving seams in me after an useless operation and I am so much worst than what I went to be taken out, the scars are 10 folds worst than what I was said, they said my torso was healing quickly and so my torso tried to take the seams in front of the 2-week long pad they were making to take out the seams...so it's my blame that they did miss some seams and my scars are even worst because my torso tried to take out my scars?

Before being seen by Dr. Sugarman for a brief instant to talk about further removing moles from my face, I was as it was seen by someone.

Instead I was said that it was not necessary to take the mouth out and said in a patronizing manner that I look too often and too carefully in the looking glass. I' ve been going here for years, Dr. Sugarman essentially rescued my whole lifetime with a find, he's a beautiful, high quality physician, he has the best employees and physicians working alongside him, and I entrust him with my and my family's well being.

There are always such lovely and inviting ladies in the offices that I wouldn't go anywhere else... I really enjoy this surgery! I have had good experiences with my clerical personnel and my schedule. Doctor Hong took no spare moment to walk over my face and seemed to hasten out of the room without taking care of it the first day he visited.

I' ve had several cases of facial and bodily melanoma in the last 20 years. It is very important to me that I am cared for correctly for the monies I am paying and that I am cared for when I have something. Can' see why I paid for her work.

I' ve been going to this place for six month. I' ve seen both Dr. Lowe and Dr. Park with dermal problems. You and the clerical are great... and I have no trouble getting in for emergencies. Besides, they only fixed about half the problems!

I' m sure Dr. Sugarman knows his things, but he really has to work on his way of moving around the hospital bed. My daughter's children's hospital sent me to him, but after our stay I chose to go somewhere else. Your employees are kind, sincere and professionally. Personally, I was sponsoring a trip for my dad to discuss a dermal problem that stressed that they were providing a fair payment as he had no medical cover and quickly got to the bottom of the problem.

Dionne's new studio is more spas than Dr.'s and her style is luxury. Never before has my complexion been better and last weekend someone stoped me in the streets to ask me what my best part is! Surprising dermologist who is always punctual and always ready to discuss the ever-smaller shortcomings that I would like to remedy.

Dr. Sugarman immediately recognised the nature of the facial infections in my 6-year-old girls and successfully cured them. Two other physicians, among them their own paediatrician and another SR dermologist, have made a false diagnosis and carried out the incorrect treatment - to prolong and worsen their state. A fungus infectious disease of the epidermis (cause unknown) named "follicular ring worm" had evolved in my daugther.

" This is a mushroom, but is often wrongly diagnosed and maltreated for its looks (causing flaky spots that can form blisters and mud) after being maltreated as a bacteria infectious disease. When I saw Dr. Sugarman, we were already with two other physicians without results and their infections only got bad.

Immediately he knew what it was and summoned several other workers to show them their cheeks so they could watch and work. And I was so glad to find Dr. Sugarman. I' ve been a Dr. Sugarman resident for many years and have also seen Dr. Park and had the MOHS operation done by Dr. Peng.

I' ve seen many dermatologists over the years since I had my first of my many skin cancer types at the ages of 28 and am now on Medicare. This is a very recommendable surgery as the support I get is unsurpassed. Dr. Sugarman only takes good care of his " bag " and wins, as another commentator said.

They take care of the well-being of their patient and make sure that their skins are as good as possible. They are polite and proffesional and I have never had a billing-issue. She not only spent a lot of my attention explaining the trial to me, she was also very thoughtful and friendly.

to remove pendants around the necks and shoulders. At the beginning of the treatment (freezing and burnout, according to the pendant's size), I briefly examined with a small looking glass whether she had received everything and knew which ones. All of a sudden she began to tell me that my freeze period for pendants was over and she had to move on to the next operation (cauterizing).

As I was checking to see if she had all of them, she said that there is no free space and although there are still some days there is still free space for her. Having reasoned that I thought I had payed (or will pay) for everything, she kept freezing, but made it clear that this was happening in her spare hours and she wasn't feeling lucky about it.....

Frankly, the submission to an awkward process (no anesthesia when freezing) and at the same place the confrontation with the physician to proceed, although she obviously had no intention of doing so, gives you a rather uneasy feeling. Particularly since the freeze of skin tag lasts only a few seconds, I don't see why she thought it necessary to get so close to me.

It gave the feeling that I had to apologise to her to do her work (while at the same doing it quite clearly at first she made it quite clear how much I had to owe her for it), and I felt like a hassle (perhaps she should have taken a close look at the beginning to better assess the necessary time?).

In the end I saw at home that definitely some apparent pendants weren't taken off (so now I have to go back to someone and get paid again) and I'm not sure if she has frozen some of them sufficiently....... It was Christmas Eve and everyone had little free spare times.

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