Drag and Drop Builder

drag-and-drop builder

The VelocityPage is a simple drag & drop content builder for WordPress. Create your own custom page and post layouts with this All-in-One Content Builder. Dragging and dropping Drag and drop to reorder the look and feel of your layouts. You can do that with a drag & drop interface: You can use item control buttons to drag and drop, or click and hold the item with the pointer. You can also drag and drop items over an item symbol.

In order to finish Drag & Drop, just let go of the mousebutton as soon as you see the precise wildcard where you want to place the part. Hint: You can also drag the item directly from the Add Item pane to your screen.

Drag-and-drop Gallery Builder for WordPress

Looking for a WordPress picture or videogallery? We' ve made the galleries building experience highly intuitively, so you can build a WordPress Galleries in 5 or less moments. Our aim in building Envira was to develop a WordPress Galerie plug-in that was both simple and yet high-performing. In addition to the Drag & Drop Builder, you also receive artwork for galleries that are 100% quick and portable.

Simply look at the 43-second above movie and you'll see how simple it really is to build a highly reactive WordPress Warehouse with Envira.

SpeedPage Drag & Drop Builder WordPress Plugin

The VelocityPage is an easily to use Drag & Drop Contentbuilder for WordPress. Start creating your own customized page and postal layout with this All-in-One content builder. Unless you are a programmer, programming user-defined page layout is probably not an optional feature for you. One good choice for those who are not programmers is a high-performance page and Content Builder, such as VelocityPage.

You can use it to design user-defined layout, such as a professional who doesn't need programming. Whatever you need - Hosting pages, an About me page, a smart contacts page, launches pages or any other kind of contents page, VelocityPage is a great way to customize your website.

Works with most WordPress topics, just need to have VelocityPage installed and build! You have a variety of choices to include text, pictures, headers, columns and even your own shortcuts (like our own Symple Shortcodes). However, if you need help choosing where to begin, you can always use one of the many supplied page styles that are already in use.

When you don't believe it, see for yourself how simple it is to start with VelocityPage. You' ll see many of the great yet easy-to-use choices in this guidebook, written by the creators of VelociyPage. You can also take a look at our feature listing below to see even more VelocityPage functions!

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