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We think it is by far the best WordPress Page Builder plugin on the market. It' extremely fast and has an integrated on-board tour that quickly familiarizes the user with its user interface. Supports both front- and backend editing for each page, offers a variety of drag-and-drop elements, and offers a wide range of highly customizable layouts. Skip to Which plugins have you tested? Without a doubt, the development of page makers has given life so much lightness.

10 easy-to-use drag-and-drop Page Builder plugins for WordPress

Without a doubt, the development of page makers has given so much lightness to everyday work. No need to type code anymore, just drag and drop the ready-made Widget, reorder them and you're ready to make amazing pages. However, in the endless lists of plug-ins, it can be really hard for you to select the right plugin.

Here you can find out the 10 best site creators. Are you aware that over 500 websites are generated with WordPress every day? Why do they choose WordPress? Some years ago, if you were digging in the past, WordPress was not so simple and versatile. This is because there were no page creators present at the time.

Now, you could find a huge selection of page creator plug-ins that offer countless customizations. So do you want an easier way to design and customise your WordPress page? This is where Drag & Drop WordPress Page Builder plug-ins come into the game. Write your page layouts without having to write codes. You can design, modify and adapt your page layouts.

Check out the top 10 WordPress Page Builder plug-ins you can rely on; Using a back-end page builder system, Pootle is a favorite name among those associated with e-commerce, photo or blogging. Would you like to design your pages with the WordPress original WordPress editing software? No matter whether you want to design customized layouts, paste customized medias, append new lines and columns, or control the style of individual blocks, lines, and columns, Pootle will take it all.

Like the name says, this Page Builder has some of the best functions for creating pages without any problems in its kernel. It provides these functions completely free of charge. In fact, Composer is based on an empty WordPress topic where you can use the Editing widget. In this way you can create new series of modules, component cases, etc. and fill them with your contents in the shape of decisions on designs.

This is one of the world' s foremost WordPress plug-ins that meets all page layout requirements in an efficient way. Although it offers a large selection of free topics, what is really valuable to be used is that it works with almost any topic, even free and paid for, both. The entire processing and creation part can be done by yourself.

It also provides more gaming widgets along with realtime edit control, and you can re-position the controls for creating new media workflows. Best of all, the Thémify Builder plugin contains a comprehensive set of tools that you can use on both the backend and frontend.

This means that you can activate the Builder via the WordPress administration toolbar and work with the Builder function for each page or article. In collaboration with third-party topics, it includes predefined contents module for things like blogs posted, slider, testimonial, text, video, box, partitions, pictures, cards, accordions, gallery, portfolios block, and more.

This might look just like any other plugin in this article that offers a frontend drag & drop page creation feature as well as multiple Widgets, Module and Lay-out choices. The Beaver Builder is different: The plugin works with your created templates and optimises your work. MotoPress Page Builder has its own user defined user surface and allows you to customize the look and feel of each page with full drag-and-drop functionality.

Featuring a user-defined front-end edit surface, it is fully compliant with all WordPress topics. With a smart style fitting feature, the fitting surface is one of the simplest options. When you are looking for a Page Builder option with some unique feature set, Page Builder Sandwich can be a good one. Would you like to edit front-end contents for WordPress blogs?

You can count on it because it gives you advanced functionality and helps you better optimise your mobile contents. It is also a great drag-and-drop page creation tool that provides a wide range of dynamics for working with elements within the front-end world. The Page Builder Sandwich also has a free and free of charge edition.

As the first choise of blogs, creators and even programmers looking to accelerate their authoring processes, Conductor Plugin comes with user-defined pages. Streamlined to work with the Symphony Framework, it works well with any WordPress topic and allows you to adjust the layouts for each page. You can easily drag and drop items of your contents across the page and work with user-defined mail type and user-defined boxes.

Whilst it's quite sluggish in comparison to the other available choices, it's full of numerous functions and utilities that make the page layout and design processes uniquely personalised. So you can work on your designs in live, use pallax functions, change user-defined style sheets, use the drag and drop user interfaces, and more.

In order to stay alive in the cut-throat contest, you need more than a high-quality drag-and-drop builder plugin. If you are looking for a quick and easy frontend edit environment, Elementor can help. This allows the user to use ready-made page layouts with 100% drag-and-drop capability. There is a beautiful collection of user-defined contents and portable editors.

After all, WordPress Builder has become more and more popular. However, given the users' experiences, the above mentioned choices would definitely help you find the right plugin for your needs. The Page Builder can seriously help you become a web developer without any previous knowledge. So now you can try and create your own webpage.

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