Drag and Drop Layout Builder

Drag-and-drop layout builder

It is also possible to export a layout from one Divi installation to another. Dragging and dropping Drag and drop to reorder the layout tree and layout items. You can do that with a drag & drop interface: You can use item control buttons to drag and drop, or click and hold the item with the pointer. You can also drag and drop items over an item symbol.

In order to finish Drag & Drop, just let go of the mousebutton as soon as you see the precise wildcard where you want to place the part. Hint: You can also drag the item directly from the Add Item pane to your screen.

A Quix - The most progressive Drag & Drop Website Builder for Joomla!

Power is not just an ex post thought, we developed this X with power in Mind. Purchasing your copy of Quick X comes with a full year of technical assistance. Then you can keep using your copy of QuickSync or renew your subscription for another year for a small surcharge. You can use X to manipulate anything within the Components pane of your artwork.

It can''t be used to manipulate things like headers, sidebars, moduls, etc. However, you can use the Predefine Layout function to fully overwrite the look of your look and feel and create 100% customized pages. Yes, you can upload Quix into all Joomla items and use the complete layout as short code. It even works with any Joomla expansion like this:

The Quix is used on Web sites around the globe in many different tongues. Yes, Quix has been tried with all templates on the open source webspace. All you have to do is download Quix and it will work for you. To work correctly, Quix requires PHP 5.6+. Joomla! and Quix works perfect with the latest version of PHP7. Joomla! and Quix is the latest in PHP.

You can use the original or enhancement for as long as you like after the purchase. Normal - You receive the Quix Pro release and can use it on a website or domainname. Quix Pro can be used in either business or customer projects. Advanced - Quix Pro licence to use and redistribute with your business model.

Agent - Purchasing a full licence for each customer may not work for you if you work with many customers on a frequent basis. Buy an agent licence and use Quix Pro for any number of customers. But you need an extended licence. To use Quix Pro, you must buy the extended version of Quix Pro separate for each paid copy you create.

Yes, we provide 7 day back guarantee on all purchases. You can'. You can't white-label Quix and say it's your outfit.

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