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drag-and-drop template

Drag-and-drop templates Designs A Drag-and-drop Photoshop Elements 10-15 template makes your scrapping experience simpler than ever. Fill these with images and Project Life maps quickly and simply with just a few mouse clicks. Do it! Drag-and-drop template library including A-N template design and both round and quadratic PSD edge version.

Only Photoshop Elements 10-15 and 2018 compliant and do not work with the full Photoshop CC software. If you are not sure whether these designs will work on your copy of Photoshop Elements, please feel free to try downloading our free Design A Drag & Drop template before buying this one.

More information on how to use these tools can be found in our Watch the videos below. Please note that this compilation is for your own use only.

Adjustable Drag & Drop Template - Downloads

Drag & Drop is my favorite method. Thank you for the commentaries and the kind feed-back to everyone. Now I see when you manipulate a state, you can't manipulate an available trig.

But, a triggers is already appended to an item when it is in the WILL state function, so you can use the Next key to modify it: - Build your own "Continue" key and insert appropriate triggers - Use the function "Cut" to trim your key (for Cut and Paste) - Choose the text field "Meet Your Coworkers".

  • In the " Edit states " dialog box, click on the "Edit states" icon. - Set the status to "Final Feedback" - Clear the present Continuous Buttons - Insert your own key and the key with triggers should work so well! Followed your directions and got the same results, i.e. I cannot allocate anything to the new "Next" badge.

At the end I hid a resume badge in the drag and drop level and added a slider trig to make the badge look like it did when the image states were dragged correctly. In case others encounter the same issue (which I suspect), I've done a fast screening that shows how to append a trig to the continual feedback state.

Though you cannot modify or append tags when you modify a state, you can copy and past an element with an available tag to a state, and the tag remains operational. BEFORE you insert your pushbutton to the state, the release is added. Thank you Nicole for the inspirational template and also for the screenscast.

Hello Nicole - I like the template, but have difficulties to insert pictures. Hello Nicole, I use this template, but I need more than 6 circuits. Can' t really await the chance to make my own. Sweetheart, dear, dear, lovethey like this. Oh, I loved that template! It took me 9 drag and drop interaction, so I copied the drag item, drag target, trigger and layer.

It all looks good and works, but... The trouble is that at the end of the interactions the elements are not disabled and the definitive status of your response does not appear. Only one of my 9 objects changes to deactivate after it is properly dropped. Hopefully you can hear me and Hexe is my issue, otherwise please tell me, I would like help.

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