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Wordpress Drag and Drop Plugin for Wordpress

Rather than writing codes, you can simply drag and drop the ready-made widgets into the content area (pages/posts), rearrange them and create beautiful pages. 10 TOP Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugins for 2018

In the last few years mayPress Page Builders plug-ins have developed enormously and have changed the trends of website build. In order to simplify the WordPress adaptation, the page creators of the website are practical for both novices and professionals. Several free and world-class WordPress Page Builder plug-ins are available, each providing individual functionality.

I' ll be writing about 10 best Page builder plugs for WordPress in this post. A WordPress Page Builder? WordPress Page builder is a plugin that gives you the freedom to make changes to the web page structures and designs using the drag and dropditor.

Rather than write code, you can drag and drop the ready-made Widget into the Contents Area (Pages/Posts), reorder and make nice pages. This allows you to design pages that are entirely different and distinct from the standard design template. Page Builders offer an extended page viewer that differs from the standard post/page viewer in WordPress.

Instead of working with text views with HTML fonts or viewing a real live previewer of your contents in Picture Style or Text Style Display, you need to work with a more simple text editing tool where you insert ready-made widgets, contents groups, and fonts. This works just like the widgettized side bar of a WordPress topic. In order to create the desired contents in the side bar, just drag and drop a widget and give the side bar a new look.

You can also use the Page builder to insert any kind of contents into the pages in the shape of a widget. Easily drag and drop any number of widgets you want, organise them with lines and colums, reorganise them, and reorganise them. Use the standard WordPress wide format plugins, the wide format plugins provided in the design, extra wide format plugins in your PageBuilder plugin or build your own.

Free as well as premier page designers are available, including some easy and easy, while some are equipped with many features, moduls and widgets. Let's take a look at the best WordPress Page Builder 2018. Elementsor is a high-performance drag & drop page creator. With this plugin, you can immediately build high-quality, pixel-accurate and attractive Web sites.

This plugin comes with 28 very useful and surprising Widgetts that act as powerful tools for the creation of breathtaking websites. This plugin also allows you to use any WordPress default Widget and user-defined widget that comes with the plugin itself. It is a real lifeditor. You can drag and drop the desired Widget and drop it as shown in the above mentioned medias to easily move it and make a look in real-time previews of it.

Design your web pages according to your needs: full controls over cutting width and width, color, column sizes, positions of contents and rows, pad and margins settings, spacing between rows, etc. Lots of widgets: Contains 28 Widget which are sufficient for the customization of websites. They may no longer need Widget.

Elements Plugin allows you to make unique customizations and construction changes that only apply to certain releases. Premier edition available: Additional features and functions are available in the plugin's additional features. As your website expands, you may need to make enhanced changes to the look and feel of your site, so the upgrading options can be beneficial.

Being a WordPress novice can be very bewildering or overpowering. Does not work with older versions of WordPress and PHP: Elementsor Plugin will only work with your website if the WordPress release is at least 4.4 and the PHP release is 5.4. Take: You can use Agent if you want a fairly sophisticated Page Builder and may need extra functionality that comes with the Premier Pack.

SiteOrigin's Page builder is the most beloved free page building plugin for WordPress with over one million installations. Provides a straightforward user experience for building attractive page layout using Widget's. This works perfect with the default WordPress wide screens together with other wide screens included in the topic and the plug-ins you can use.

This plugin works well with most WordPress topics and plugs, which is good news for you if you want some changes to the look of your already created page outline. You can drag and drop the available Widget into the Contents pane, arrange them, and simply arrange them again, as shown in the above screenshots.

The most important functions of the Page Builders of SiteOrigin: Practical terraced construction: Preview your assets and create your own edits in full real-time with Widget preview. Complimentary plugin: It' a free plugin. Supplied with some of his own Widget's. In addition, it allows you to use one of the default WordPress Widgets. Or you can use the SiteOrigin Widget Bundle, which is a package of 20 useful Widget's.

Disadvantages: Restricted widgets: Contains restricted Widgets compared to other site owners. Extra plug-ins must be installed for further Widget versions. SiteOrigin's Page Builder has a very easy plugin that is not as sophisticated as other premium page editors. Tip: Use this plugin if you want a neat, easy and easy page creator.

Ideal for WordPress topic creators because they can include customized Widgets to deliver the desired look. The WPBakery Page builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer) is CodeCanyon's bestselling page building plugin. This plugin offers both the frontend and the user interface for creating and processing contents. Most importantly, it is not only a back-end edit tools, but also a feature-rich WordPress front-endditor.

This plugin contains over 50 pre-defined contents which you can drag and drop to any place on your website. This plugin provides the optimal options for page layout. Edit front-end and back-end content: With this plugin you can enjoy both frontend and frontend processing. Large contents block, layout and add-ons:

More than 150 third parties add-ons can be used with multiple media items, layout, and even more. This plugin has a very good intergration with the WooCommerce plugin. The plugin has good connectivity and good usability with the YOAST plugin. Disadvantages: Not beginner friendly: You don't need any programming skills to use this plugin, but it can be awesome for them.

There are many moduls that you may never use. When uninstalling the plugin, you loose the entire contents or the contents no longer work. Tip: You can use WPBakery Page builder for WordPress plugin if you are looking for a high performance page-builder for a reasonable cost ($45).

divi builders is a fantastic page building plugin from Elegant Themes. It' the powerful one behind the favourite dive topic that is now available for every other topic. This plugin offers a very simple drag-and-drop user experience. More than 40 beautiful blocks of rich media are available for you to drag & drop, blend & match, and create breathtaking websites.

Divi Builders major features: Generate any kind of theme with 3 section styles, 20 line styles, and over 40 contents engines. Added user-defined CSS: Provides user-defined stylesheet option. Development oriented ultimative page creator: This plugin has many choices with which you can construct anything, any shape you can think of.

First, you can't buy this plugin ONLY. As a minimum, you must buy the annual subscription pack that comes with full theme and plugin coverage. You will receive this Page builder along with a number of other Elegant theme plug-ins and designs. It is an enhanced WordPress viewer for WordPress.

Allows you to create nice pages, organize contributions of your website with full drag & drop assistance and more. The Beaver Builder plugin allows you to manipulate the frontend with real-time previews, adding lines, rearranging and resizing column sizes. Both the FREE and the fee required versions of the plugin can be found.

This plugin allows you to include sound, HTML, photo, text editors and videos as base files and sidebars as extended files. The Beaver Builder plugin works well with any user-defined design and plugin. Use WordPress wide pages and other customized wide pages to create nice pages. Beaver Builder key features:

Contents modules: Easily append any kind of text that you choose from the available HTML, Photo, Text Editors, Audio, Video, and Sidebar text module. Pages created with the Beaver Builder plugin will be 100% reactive (make sure the design is fully reactive). The Beaver Builder has a deep level of WooCommerce plugin in it. With this plugin, designing e-commerce sites is very simple.

The plugin can be extended and customized by using a widget or the high-performance customized template tool. Disadvantages: FREE of charge versions of restricted modules: The Beaver Builder Plugin has a finite number of free versions of our software available. For additional plug-ins you have to update to the Premier-Mode. Beaver Builder's lowest price is $99.

If you want a page-builder that lets you simultaneously process your contents in both the back-end and front-end, this is a good choice. Download and use the free versions for the basic publisher and for the more sophisticated publisher. The Live Composer is a feature-rich, premium-like WordPress Page Builder plugin.

It' a WordPress frontend editing tool that lets you easily modify your website. This plugin is FREE and yet offers many sophisticated functions that allow you to quickly build breathtaking websites. More than 30 fantastic capacity moduls with full drag and drop functionality. With the plugin you can build breathtaking pages in full real-time with previewing.

This plugin provides you with an extended possibility to customize any line, every colum, every Widget or everyodule. While all the choices are made simple for non-programming people, the customized style sheet is also available for designer and developer. Like the name implies, it provides an astonishing front-end real-time editors. High performance plugin FREE of charge:

This plugin is free of charge. You' ll find all the awesome features and styles in the Live Composer plugin, which will remind you of a premier plugin. This plugin seems to be quite tricky and diverting for beginners. Tip: If you are looking for an extended plugin, it is a good choice.

True advantages are the frontend editors and many plugin available moduls. WordPress Page Builders is another great page building tool for WordPress. Create fast-response website layout using the drag-and-drop simplicity of the drag-and-drop webmework. This plugin is available free of charge as well as in the commercial edition.

More than 20 useful plugins are available in the free plugin release. Simply drag and drop the module in both the back-end and front-end modes. In addition, the plugin enables the module/layout to be imported and exported, copied and pasted or duplicated as required.

Principal functions of Thémify Builder: Individual styling: It has a neat and easy to use user surface. Disadvantages: Restricted FREE versions: It is available free of charge, but has restricted functions and moduls in the free edition. Take: Our Take: themeify constructor looks very similar to the free Page Builders plugin from SiteOrigin.

It is a good option if you want to test a free plugin first and later for a chargeable release for additional functions. The MotoPress CMS is another WordPress plugin for creating nice websites. The plugin can be used with any design you are currently using. It is a WordPress front-end editing tool that offers you a straightforward user experience with over 30 integrated contents engines.

With this plugin, anyone without programming knowledge can build web pages with a single look and feel. With this plugin the layout of the contents module is better. Like shown in the above screenshots, you will find all available text-related moduls in the text field "T", picture-related moduls in the picture frame and so on.

Key MotoPress functions: This plugin lets you build fully portable, highly reactive web lays. Over 30 built-in contents modules: More than 30 built-in web page templates and more. Activate and remodel the visible editors on your pages and articles. Disadvantages: Restricted adaptation and stylization of modules:

While there are some adjustments and design possibilities for the module, they are not as adaptable as other side constructors. MotoPress Content Editor is easy and easy in its FREE edition. Premier website versions are a more cost-effective premier option. The Cornerstone is a premier WordPress Page builder plugin available on the CodeCanyon plugin webspace.

It' one of the most beloved plugs there. It is a 100% front-end page generator that works with both pages and contributions. This plugin produces some ready-made page layouts with which you can create stunning pages at the pace of candlelight. The Cornerstone Plugin is relatively easy with its easy and neat surface.

Are you a professional web design professional with good knowledge of CSS, the plugin is great for you. Compared to other premier site building sites like Divi builder it has fewer ways to customize elements. When uninstalling the plugin, the page contents may no longer work. Tip: If you're looking for a great drag-and-drop plugin for the page creator with a truly front-end friendly experience, it's a good choice.

The Page Builder Sandwich is another astonishing WordPress frontendditor. This plugin is available in both the free and the chargeable versions. More than 10 table of contents are available in which you can insert the column. In addition, the plugin will support all other WordPress wide and customized wide formats. The chargeable versions include comprehensive moduls.

Key characteristics of the Page Builder Sandwich: Short codes from favorite WordPress plug-ins like WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery, JetPack are assigned so that you can simply insert and modify your pages. Simply drag and drop items and drag to instantly browse and drop them, adding your own contents and previewing the theme at the same time. This plugin is a complete drag-and-drop editing tool that allows you to build nice pages without having to write anything.

Disadvantages: Restricted module in the free plugin: This plugin is also available in the FREE edition, but has only restricted contents. You will be prompted to update to the Premier Edition to enable other functions. Tip: It is a relatively new site creator. The use of page building is a current fashion among everyone, even WordPress themes designers and people.

The majority of the new topics these few weeks come with integrated Page Builder integrations and a number of Widget's to work with. As an example, you can take a look at our Flash topic created with a deep SiteOrigin's Page Builder interface and a Flash Toolkit plugin that contains more than 10 very useful Flash toolkits.

When you start a new projekt, a topic like Flash with built-in Page builder can be advantageous. For more information on the Flash topic, read this article: 'Introducing Flash - Most Flexible Free Multipurpose Theme'. However, if you are using a different topic and wanted to re-structure and design the pages, these Page Builders plug-ins can be useful for you.

Any of the above plug-ins can be installed as needed and you can create great-looking web sites immediately.

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