Drag and Drop Wordpress Plugin free

Wordpress Drag and Drop Plugin free Wordpress Plugin

Build beautiful websites with a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface. Simply activate any Page Builder plugin and start editing your page. An easy drag-and-drop interface means you don't have to touch a line of code. The Elementor is a powerful page builder plugin that is available for free.

WordPress Plugin from themesify - Drag & Drop WordPress Builders

It is the most efficient and user-friendly page building tool for WordPress. Create any conceivable lay-out, drag and drop it to come to life, and see it come to life right before your very eyes with a real-time previewer. Drag, drop, choose and you have created nice pages - without any programming!

Create and modify your layout in the WordPress dashboard or directly on the website front end using the Builders real-time previews. You can move your module more easily and quickly via drag & drop thanks to the small size of the back-end user interface. Easy to use and easy to use. Builders provides many fast Prototyping utilities to make creating your web sites even speedier and more simple.

You can use ready-made ready-made designs contained in Builders or build your own customized designs that you can then import into Builders for quick prototype time. Contents created with the builder can be reused with ease by adding layout parts to the constructor or using shortcuts. Sharing page layout with customers or using it to build different version of your layout with the import/export tools.

The contents created within the Builders are 100% 100% compatible with SQL and fully subscribable to indexing by major searching engine companies. Builders are built modularly with streamlined coding for better performing. It uses the WordPress text editor framework to provide full text editing, HTML, and shortcut functionality. Builders work with individual WordPress locations or multi-page workflows.

Using the Builders you can run as many sites as you want! Builders kernel is fully compliant with WordPress localization so you can easily localize to any translation you like. Developer contains almost every plugin you need to create any kind of layouts. Switchable and extensible contents. User defined short coded contents.

The WordPress light box galery. The WordPress user-defined menus. Texts with the WordPress text editor. with the WordPress text viewer. Do you need more than what is contained in the Builders module? Through the installation of add-ons the Builders is completely extensible! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for plugin upgrades and technical assistance.

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