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Wordpress Drag and Drop theme

Top 20 Drag and Drop WordPress Topics 2018 WordPress good thing topics with drag & drop capabilities are now available on the open source web site to meet the needs of those who still want to build a high end website without the need to employ a web programmer. Essentially, the Drag and Drop utility is a feature that allows website administrators to build a website by just drag and drop certain topic items onto a "canvas" that includes the primary look and feel of their website.

Lots of folks like to drag and drop WordPress topics because it's easy to use and helps them saving development times. In addition to the convenience and usability of drag-and-drop designs, you can also create and customize your website with confidence and confidence.

With WordPress Topics Drag & Drop Builders, you can adjust and modify all the items in your website in an instant and you're done. When you plan to build a professionally designed website without the help of a website designer, you may want to consider one of the topics we have added to this best drag and drop WordPress topics page.

This is a high-quality WordPress theme. Of course you can also use your own personal preferences. For example, your website has limitless colours, many different styles and RTL features. It is a topic that stands out for its sound context, which encourages the creation of an excellent on-line visibility. It also comes with a set of utilities and features that give you total command over the look and feel of your website.

It' s fully reactive design makes your website look fantastic on all kinds of equipment. Divi allows every part of your design to perfectly adapt to different display resolutions to make sure all your web users get the best possible visual experiences. The Divi also has 18 ready-made templates that allow you to advance the design of your website, even if you have no programming expertise.

The theme is also very much loved for its one of a kind, fully featured and user-friendly Page builder that allows humans to build great page lays without having to touch a line of coding. The ingenious Drag & Drop Page Builder enables website owners to build an eye-catching website without having to invest a lot of work. In addition, other remarkable functions contained in this theme include adjustable home page, movie assistance and palladium wallpapers, multiple navigational choices, tasty symbols, and fonts and colors that you can use to develop an extraordinary web experience for your trademark, organisation, or company.

An unbelievably high-performance and extremely intuitively, beautifully versatile and surprisingly agile and fast, sophisticated and sophisticated, very well-structured and extremely adaptable and extremely functional, user-friendly and visually breathtaking, colourful and refreshing, multi-purpose, WordPress design-focused theme. It is a unique, well-structured and comprehensively designed theme, equipped with a comprehensive suite of expert grade utilities, plug-ins, functions and page styles that allow Unicon to meet the needs and demands of sites across the line in a seamless and effortless way in a simple, concise, charming and appealing way, without ever requiring a webmaster to type as much as a line of text!

Unicon, along with the advanced WP Visual Composer plug-in for airy page builder experiences, is equipped with more than 50 proprietary, adaptable, and adaptable page builder features that let you work practically anytime, anywhere, ready to go. Built-in tens of practical, imaginative and time-saving shortcuts and just a drag and drop away from any place on any page you want - Unicon bows to any mood without ever grabbing and always looks the best, with an innovative, modulare, reactive bootstrap theme that will delight your audiences on any device, whether portable or desktop.

The Foundry is a vibrant and colourful, burnished and professionally designed, serious and optically breathtaking and striking, technically mature and strong, functional agile and bendable, high end and high performing, demanding and stylish WordPress multi concept, multi purpose theme. It is a masterly designed theme designed to easily satisfy the needs of full-line Web masters who are trying to build their own high-end Web sites from a wide variety of archeotypes and apps, but demand a standard of excellence that is unchanging and consistent in every aspect of their resulting Web sites and pages.

The Foundry is just such a theme, a carefully encoded and crafted theme in which every plug-in, every ressource and every item has been perfected to the highest possible level of pixels, making Foundry a particularly net-free theme with stunning viewing abilities. Also, it uses the powerful Flex Vision Composer plug-in very effectively to put the performance in your own hands, featuring tens of specially crafted VC items that let you create your own custom web sites in just a few moments without having to write a line of text, and easy drag and drop items and shortcuts!

Uncoded is an unbelievably creatively and surprisingly appealing, visually breathtaking and very simple to use, agile and refreshing face, richly graphic and deep immersive, challenging and very technically adept, pretty and stylish, fat and colourful, simple to use and beautifully intuitively reactive WordPress multifunctional website theme. The theme is an imaginative and stylish one, developed with the latest and most progressive web authoring techniques available, from a racy HTML5 to a versatile CSS3 system and a modulare and innovative bootstrap theme, as well as AJAX and jQuery techniques for seamless usability and hardware-based Parallax Scroll for your audiences to dive into a unique well-designed GUI.

At the touch of a button, Uncode provides these rich, comprehensive functions through an easy-to-use and programming-free Visual Composer-based page creation workflow, complemented by a host of user-defined Uncode items that allow you to build demanding Web sites in just a few moments, from professional-quality, pre-built Uncode demonstration Web sites and page styles, to your own unique Uncode page layout and idea, drag and drop, and more, to reality.

The Etalon is a multi-purpose WordPress theme of high qualitiy. His Page builder is the well-known Visual Composer. The Etalon is highly flexible and responds with full device and browser interoperability. The Etalon provides +30 built-in contents for customization and neat coding. Childrens theme is also part of the delivery! Callyas is an imaginative and fast-reacting WordPress multi-purpose website theme.

The theme provides you with a high-performance and versatile website creation tool. Advanced Visual Builder provides an easy way to customise everything within your website. The Revolution Slider lets you create your slide shows with a variety of choices. Featuring over 100 user-defined items that can be deployed at will, there is no end to what you can achieve with Kallyas.

Kallyas is fast reacting and cross-compatible and addresses all platform types. avaris is a creatively and fresheningly, dynamically and professionally, smoothly-polished and extremely reactive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. The Avaris Page Designer provides useful functions to help you design and customize the look and feel of your pages, such as an unbelievably strong, self-developed Drag & Drop Page builder that is surprisingly easy to use and ingenious, as well as a host of extra builders interface for all types of items.

Headers manufacturer is the most innovative and adaptive of its kind on the today's markets. Specifically, this WP theme features tonnes of pre-built home pages and beautiful artwork, as well as a highly diverse mega-menu that can deal with an on-line build option repository.

Crane is also widget-ready, offering detachable side bars, a portable, easy-to-use menus and an easy-to-use headline with slide control option. Also the astonishing Revolution and Layer sliders are optional for a nice screen. The Uplift is a quick and easy to load, highly textured, dynamic and easy to respond WordPress enterprise and multi-purpose website theme for businesses.

It is an challenging and all-encompassing WordPress theme developed with the power to handle the most demanding web designing challenges without blinking. In order to achieve this, Uplift uses the Swift Page Builder to enable people to create the layout of their dream using an easy-to-use, drag and drop GUI, along with comprehensive reporting, an imaginative collection of shortcuts, and an array of items and functions.

The powerful product range and presentation options as well as the skillful management of demanding, hardware-based Image Parallax and Video Background Parallax effect in a smooth manner make it unique and well suitable for use as design for websites of creativity agencies. This theme gives you stunning foils or galeries from its Slider Revolution plug-in.

There are no programming requirements and you can use hundred of shortcuts to the game! The Avada WordPress theme could be your Swiss Army Knife in website design. It is a versatile topic and contains almost everything you need to create a website. Avada lets you easily and quickly get all the professional looking demonstrations of the theme in one click.

Offering limitless design possibilities, it is perfectly suited for any of your projects. Our basic concept is fast reacting and extremely versatile. There is an extended theme chooser pane, coupled with an astonishing page chooser that lets you create your own website without programming anything. It''s strong and versatile and is supported by the Fusion Core plug-in, which contains a host of stunning features including Fusion Builders, our easy-to-use graphical page builder, speed dialer, MegaMenu, Fusion Slider and more.

High-performance Fusion builder allows you to drag and drop items to create a unique web page that sets you apart from the rest. The Drag&Drop utility also contains a variety of builders, referred to as shortcuts, that give you stunning possibilities for customizing. Avada also provides a number of layouts for your headers, pages, blogs and portfolios, giving you greater website versatility.

The WooCommerce plug-in helps this theme to make it easy for you to present your product or service on-line. The topic is also compliant with our press and provides a distinctive look so you can easily set up a board. Finally, you don't have to bother about working on the website exposure in the browser as this topic is fully optimised for advanced analytics and is constructed with highly granular and well-structured coding to ensure a seamless site visit.

LeadingEngine is a thorough, versatile and highly reactive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. The topic allows people without programming skills to build high qualitiy web sites. is a versatile and cutting-edge WordPress theme that you can use for all kinds of Web sites. The design fully responds to different display size and is optimised for retinal display.

Its flexibility is very high and it has been developed with user-friendliness in view. The theme provides four unique stacks (Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos) contained in the themekit. It' a theme that' perfectly suited to your company, your company profile, your private blogs or your creativity work. Drag & Drop Page Builder allows the user to immediately build limitless and unique pages.

Cornerstone Page builder offers you a fantastic page build adventure. Page Builder allows you to view and edit your website in live mode. This topic is also full of the best functions and utilities you need to build your website. The theme comes with a Mega Menu to help your site users browse through your site.

WordPress Customizer gives you a real-time previewer of the changes you make to your company image, fonts, or layouts before you post them on your website. A stunning theme that contains tonnes of shortcuts to help you get the job done quicker. Furthermore, the topic also features the WooCommerce plug-in, which helps you to quickly setup your own webstore.

The other great functions that are contained in this topic are: More than 600 Google scripts, Contacts 7 and gravitational scripts for fast creation of scripts, including PSDs, Slider Revolution, custom sliders, custom CSR and more. One of the most popular and popular websites in the world, it'?s a nice and well-designed design with which you can create an eye-catching website in no more than a few minutes.

The theme provides various website templates designs, brillant client service and is fully optimised for performance. It' s fully reactive and works seamlessly on different kinds of portable gadgets, so all your targeted people can connect to your website no matter what kind of gadget they like. There are 18 ready-made skin options to select from, which you can directly modify in the theme'sdmin area.

It' s equipped with a cleverly designed back end that allows you to make extraordinary layout by simply drag and drop certain items of the theme to their place. The Enfold also contains fully featured and fully conversational theme functions such as slide shows, galeries, tabbed and toggle functions that can help you enhance your product or service. This theme provides enhanced typographic choices, stunning headers choices, support for various mail types, endless portfolios pages, Contacts Page Builders, Ajax Immediate Query and is fully WPML compliant.

It has been developed with the best practice in best practice in terms of best practice in the field of digital signage. New and experienced web designers alike have chosen this topic because of its comprehensive set of documents and commitment to supporting children themes. BeTheme is the ideal option if you are looking for a sophisticated and professionally looking WordPress theme for your website.

The design is well designed and yet very simple to set up and adapt to your needs. With this innovative design you can remove unnecessary backgrounds from inside pages. The BeTheme also features a gentle para-lax effect that you can use to make an impression on your audiences and make your website unforgettable.

BeTheme doesn't restrict you when you design your website, as it is built with an appealing and versatile webframe. Drag&Drop Muffin Builder is a great help for those who do not have programming skills. This theme has an amazing initial scrolling motion effect that gives the overall look of your website a special charm.

There is a service modes page that you can use if your website is not willing to browse the Internet, which is being redesigned. This topic also is supported by the WooCommerce-Plugin, with which you can quickly add an on-line shop to your website. This can be possible if you decide to design Salient WordPress.

This is a classy theme for the freelancer, photographer, illustrator and other creator who wants to present their work or assets on-line. Developers have developed this design to work well with retina-enabled equipment and designed it to give your targeted audiences an astonishing visual aura. Let your website look inviting and appealing by using the Parallax Home Slider theme, which allows you to show your presented contents on the home page of your website.

The striking WordPress theme offers comprehensive theme choices, WooCommerce capability, graphical short code generation, 6 mail formatting, sorting and more. WordPress TheFox is an easy-to-use WordPress theme that is fully embedded in the Drag&Drop feature and allows Web masters of different skills to create an engaging and professionally designed website that strengthens their Web site brands efficiently.

The theme comes from the 30+ site demo boxes that you can use with just one click. You can also personalise the pre-built page using Visual Composer's Drag&Drop function. Use the drag-and-drop function of this theme to adjust the font, headings, symbols and colours of your website.

In addition, it features over 250 customisable item styles to make your website look and feel great. In addition, there are unbelievable management choices on every page and every contribution category. There are no limits to the TheFox' possibilities for designing. User-defined theme module allows designers to escape the hassle of encoding from an empty whiteboard and immediately continue the theme's arrangement by dragging and dropping the theme.

Development engineers have also included a number of additional plug-ins in the theme pack. Another special feature that sets this topic apart from the rest is the first-class and attentive service provided to customers. Overall, TheFox WordPress theme is very versatile and intuitively, perfectly suited for all types of small business, from creativity agency to small business to tasty on-line magazine and many more.

Totally is a pioneering, best-selling and most sought-after WordPress theme on the web. The design is totally reactive, no matter how you want to create your website. Using WordPres theme, you are assured that your users will get an astounding user experiance every single times they come to your website.

Developers have combined this avant-garde theme with a simple drag and drop Visual Composer-based editing tool that makes website creation fast and simple. Virtually any area of this theme can be redesigned and personalized to meet your own specific marketing needs. The intelligent and simple to use theme pane helps you to change the fundamental element of your theme such as colours, width of containers, picture section size and much more!

In addition, this website submission also includes support for the WooCommerce plug-in, which allows you to present and resell your product on your website. Need a Pinterest-like topic for your next work? Select Stockholm WordPress Theme. The Stockholm WordPress theme is a true multi-concept theme that you can certainly use for all kinds of web sites.

Creators have created this design with a very smooth lay-out that seamlessly adapts to different kinds of screens. This theme also provides endless colour choices, tonnes of layouts and styles to help you differentiate your mark from the competition. In addition, the design contains a cleverly devised drag and drop page generator that makes page construction a simple task.

In addition, it contains a prallax image/video slide control that allows you to attract the eye of your destination people. In Stockholm, the user has endless head and cover page layouts to help you present your mark in a stylish way. It also has a user-defined drop-down list, support for several user-defined mail types, and an Enhanced Administrator pane where you can customize the specific theme items in your theme.

A groundbreaking theme, especially designed for digital marketing agencies, corporate SEOs and their customers, WP Theme is a forward-looking topic. Developers have combined this theme with the best functionality and plug-ins you'll need to set up a website. Not only is this topic fully reactive, it is also pliable and adaptable.

Even on equipment with retinal display, every facet of this theme is razor sharp and accurate to the nearest pixels. It is because the WP theme is retinal and comes with scalable vector graphics supported in data formats. The Live Composer included in this theme lets you create nice and original pages without having to touch a line of coding.

Plus, this amazing drag-and-drop capability allows you to create and manipulate customized pages with unlimited layouts right there in the front end of your website, with immediate visibility to every change you make. Comes with a stunning Megamenu plug-in that lets you create highly reactive drop-down lists that will certainly increase users' involvement with your site and increase the overall usability of your site.

This theme also features a portable off-screen meal, so website users using hand-held equipment could also have an excellent viewing experience. What's more, the website's users can also use a portable screen to view the content of the website. This theme also provides full width and a page layout with boxes and extended backgrounds. It also provides limitless headers, drag & drop different footing layout, endless colour choices, enhanced type style preferences, over 20 customized Widgets, limitless side bars and more.

The Scalia is a high-performance and multi-faceted WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for the creation of a corporate website. Its design offers an unbelievable number of layout options that you can use to build your website. It is also fully reactive and can easily be downscaled on different computer models and portable equipment. Moreover, the eclectic design is perfectly suited for any type of website and very effective in developing your trademark line.

With over 100 different template options for each of your pages, Scalia ensures that no two websites will ever look the same. You can quickly edit this topic thanks to Drag´n´drop Page Builder Powered by Visual Composer. The theme also features 40+ user-defined shortcuts, the ingenious Drag´n´drop homepage designer and several headers and widget-based rooters, gooey menu and sidebar designs, stunning item and page-level llazy load motion, built-in customisable mega-menus, para-lax and much more.

Scalia has also been combined with LayerSlider to provide fast response slider integration into your website. Thé7 is a versatile and progressive WordPress theme with an appealing lay-out designed based on the inspiration of Thé7. Bright colours of the theme and the shiny translucent styling make your homepage eye-catching and convincing. In addition, it provides strong customisation of designs using custom software that allows you to customise the look and handling of the designs according to your specific needs.

In addition, the developer has filled this topic with premier plug-ins such as Layer-Slider, Sender Revolutions, Visual Composer and Go Pricing Tables. Finally, it provides boundless blogs, portfolios, and gallery layouts, WooCommerce plug-in support, and other stylistic styling capabilities. The Oshine is a distinctive and brilliant multi-layout and multifaceted WordPress theme.

The theme reacts friendly to different monitor screens and works across multiple device types, from the desktop to the smartphone. Also this theme is a mixture of noble styling and function. In addition, every demonstration has been designed with balancing type and layout to help us create an intelligent website for our customers and designers. This comes with unmatched layout and a high-performance user-defined drag and drop page generator that helps you get your website up and running in no time.

Allows you to include paragraphs of your logo text and wallpaper in your theme to enhance the look and feel of your website. The Oshine also has an enhanced option pane that allows you to navigate each part of the design. You can customize the design to your needs with 500 Google typefaces, various layouts and colour choices.

The theme also includes limitless mixes, endless individual mixes, master sliders, over 50 short code module and 5 blogsayouts. The design is WooCommerce and WPML plug-in compliant.

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