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Dragging: Lifetime subscription, simply create a beautiful bootstrap website by dragging and dropping. Many thanks for choosing Dragie, Drag and Drop Bootstrap Website Builder. Dragging Drag And Drop Bootstrap Website Builder First open the web app "Dragie" to launch a new project. You will then see a box where you can create your website by dragging and dropping without having to write a line of HTML to it. Use our 34 HTML tags, ready-made template files and 16 Boostrap topics to create your website without programming!

Expand your website. Go get the html cipher! Once you are done with the dragging & dropping. View your work in a previewer and convert it to HTML that can be harbored on your local host or web server. Dragee has integrated, ready-made HTML sections: header, content and footer lines. You don't have to encode, you can just pull using your mouse!

The Dragie Website Builder is built on the latest boatstrap frameworks, the world's most widely used frameworks for building fast response websites. Dragee has 16 nice, fully compliant and production-ready boatstrap topics. Dragie has over 30 items from plain text to sophisticated thumbnail items, plus progressions, sign-in templates, navigation bar, text/html, button, slider... everything you need to create a website.

Dragie is for everyone from the beginner to the experienced developer. Dragie's draft and fall functionalities, html/javascript/css editing, boatstrap frameworks make us an excellent partner for everyone. The Dragie contains a full-featured text editing tool that lets you make changes to your text. Apply text editing features, modify text, create tabs... Apply text with our text editing tool and create magical text.

Dragie can be used to create mobile-friendly Web sites. Well, your website's users will get the most out of your website with your help! Any changes you make to your Dragie projects are appliedutomatically. So you can view your changes as you work! Dragee is powered by the Material Design Palette from Google.

Just draw the colour you want and let it fall. Dragee is equipped with over 500+ Google Web Phonts that can be added to your website. Include your own customized code. Dragie code editing allows you to create your own html, bss and csv scripts. The Dragie Link Editor makes it easy to modify your website hyperlinks.

Dragee is development-friendly!

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