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In September 2017, DreamsTime will have 18,000,000 members, more than 300,000 participating photo professionals and over 64,000,000,000 photographs, artwork, clipart and vector files. More than 11.000.000 visits per month make the company the 2. place in the category of public and picture licenses for Stock Photo world-wide. 500,000 members enrolled, 26,000 performers, 2,000,000 pictures on-line and 4,000,000 singular views).

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That' s my preference at Dreamstime. When you complete the probationary phase, the member contribution can be collected prematurely. However, because I was downloading a picture that I thought was the probationary credit when I wanted to reverse the new charge, I had trouble. Because I had already "used" the plan, they declined to pay back the $25.... but the prior credit was good, the new credit was added... and somehow they couldn't just take away the charge and the new credit and quit the testing time?

You couldn't take everything away and just let me go without my credentials either? to get a free one-month pass. Without informing me that the renewal would take place after a months, they took my funds from my bank account and said that if I download photographs in free time, they would have to burden me and would not be able to repay my funds.

They' re a lot of burglars who keep far away from their subscriptions. There is no notification when they are about to take your cash just to make sure you have forgotten and there is nothing you can do. Actually, I make my living from the dream time.... I' m living off Dreamstime, all right?

She' s got Dreamstime. The dream time has it. It is Dreamstime, and please buy the extended license if you want to resell it. Dreamstime has great plans to subscribe. My refusal to pay my hard-earned cash for a firm that's not full of good guys. The Dreamstime has the best in this area as well.

DREAMTIME: I ADORE DREAMTIME! Great customer service. Great customer service. We' ve been using dreamstime.com for several years and never had any problems. Dreamtime well done. com ! You have twice withdrawn funds from my bank without permission and are now refusing to repay it! Support Dreamstime cheating and thieving!

Dreamstime, always accessible, is the best in every respect when it comes to presenting users and customers! I' ve been sellin' my photos at Dreamstime for some years now and always recommending them. I' m miserable when I purchased my first painting, the prize was cut from 7 to 4 credit. I now look at new images and the prize skyrocketed to 14 credit, making the purchase of images there more costly than the same on Shutterstock (+40%).

Since I still have 11 credit points, which have become worthless for me, I am feeling betrayed. After sales services are not helping at all! Won't give you a full refund even if you didn't know you were billed for a season ticket and never used any of your images. Nice fraud dignified services, another firm that appreciates cash over its real customers.

Friendliest stick photograph services on-line. Helping customers. It' a great place for new shooters to get a job and make some cash on the go. If you are an accomplished professional and take good care of your work by uploading storable contents and correctly tagging your pictures with a catchword, you are likely to make a good living from this on-line experience for years to come.

There is no way I can keep track of my pictures and my name. Poorer experiance ever from the photographer's point of point of vie, I was only loud to erase like 3 photographs every 6 month so it took me 2. After 5 years to clear all my photographs and now the "Clear My Profile" icon does not appear because it appears to be viewable and can only be used on an account that meets the above requirements.

Sorry, I registered for a low priced test and forgotten to unsubscribe. Didn't realize that if you miss, after a cheep attempt to quit, you will be charged the full amount for the first monthly period.

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