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Topics and app for the Verizon Droid and Motorola Milestone. The Roboto theme contained dozens of beautiful symbols with uniform style for popular applications and breathtaking background images. Has anyone figured out how to change the topics on their droid? There'?s a red eye topic for the droid phone.


The Roboto Topic included tens of nice symbols with uniform styles for favorite applications and breathtaking background images. Featuring a huge library of themes and backgrounds in high definition, you can easily customize and customize a topic that's just yours! Topic collection: More than a dozen themes, 3-D, cartoon, fun, tech, business, basics, fashion, pet, dia, and more.

Characteristics: Topic collection: More than a dozen themes, 3-D, cartoon, fun, technical, business, fundamental, stylish, pets, die themes and much more. Ten thousand backgrounds of high definition are updated daily! Look new every single look you see! from other utilities that help you build a truly one-of-a-kind themes. Thanks to the theme's application: 1. downloading and installing the themes; 2. installing the most secure CM launcher; 3. starting CM Launcher and then applying the themes you just downloading.

Also, if you already have CM Launcher on your mobile you can go directly to "Beautify--Mine" to open the topic and start applying it to your mobile;

droid topics

Has anyone found out how to alter the topics on their droid? I' ve pulled a few from the store, but haven't found out how to convert the droid to them yet? Think you need to have the routine for which they were drafted, like ahome ect.......... yes, the themes are for the home substitution applications like something awome, something pandas and I think outdoorhome are the big three.

Thanks, I'll investigate it. Yes, the themes are for home substitution apps likes something awome, something pandas and I think the big three are out there. No, they gave me a problem with my screenshotshosting. Had to deinstall the themes applications. Thus, as indicated, they do not work w/2.0. Yes, I am hearing that the Pandas house one is due to be soonompatible.

Pandas just published her droid application. It is also possible to move symbols on your computer to another monitor. The Open Home allows 7 desktops. Apple's Organizer creates intelligent directories that save diskspace on my desktops. I used ixTop, it works great on my Droid. I have a feature list/review thing in the Apple's section of the forums if you want to know more.

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