Drupal 6 Responsive Theme

The Drupal 6 Fast Response Topic

Sadly, after searching online for hours it doesn't seem to be a good, appealing topic for Drupal 6. Topics for Drupal 6 have taken a long way from their previous cousins in Drupal 5 and 4.7.

Top Response Topic for Drupal 6[#1855478]

Drupal 6 does not have many appealing topics. For those of us who have no working update paths (private, projects, projects, issues ) or due to moduls that have never been updated to D7 (comment postload, picture, attachment), we are somehow bolted together because there is a lack of appealing topics.

The FBG is the most responsive topic I've used for Drupal 6. Adopting it for my website took a great deal of work, but the design is also very small and light, so the configuration is simple - I only had to change two style.css and page.tpl.php for it. Of course, this involved a number of changes to page.tpl.php and style.css, but it did allow me to make much more changes to the contents layouts.

Out of there I built a pile of double side bars with different classes/IDs in the page.tpl.php, so I could "move" the side bars with css ( with display:block and display:none they can be switched on and off). Doing so will break interoperability with @media not supported web browser (today only IE 6/7/8) (you will see double sidebars), but to hell with poor them.

Well, a good starting topic for overall Q6, but be ready to adapt it to your needs. Because of the simple nature of the designs, however, the adjustment is quite simple.

How can I get an appealing Drupal 6 theme?

We' ve been able to move the update of our website to an appealing look, but eventually it seems that we are getting more visitors from mobiles - especially the iPad - than anything else. Unfortunately, after looking search line for lessons it doesn't seem to be a good, appealing topic for Drupal 6.

You know where we can get a portable version of M6? If we don't, we fear that we will lose Google's searching engine (I think that web designing is now playing a part in the results it shows people).

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