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Hi, I found this license file in the theme purchased on Themeforest. There are two parts to this theme or plugin. Find the best Drupal topics on ThemeForest / Envato Markets.

By the end of 2015 you will find more than 300 Drupal topics on ThemeForest / Envato Markets. Therefore it is sometimes not so simple to find the right topic. Here are some hints on how to choose the best Drupal theme on ThemeForest / Envato Markets. Finding the right theme in terms of style and function is of course not universal.

So, we expect that you have already done this work and now have a range of topics to choose from. Naturally, it makes good business to keep the following criteria in view when conducting a search, as you will most likely be able to pick out many topics immediately by taking them into account.

Evaluating the Drupal theme is already quite a good hint, because it mirrors the past of those who have worked with it. We must certainly bear in mind that adverse events can also be the outcome of a poor Drupal understanding, which often results in disappointment and a poor credit score.

For a useful clue, there should be at least about 10 credit scores. When you have more than 50 reviews, you certainly have a very good hint. Drupal's top-rated topics reach scores over 4.75 with literally 100's of sold and a statistical reliability set of scores. A very good evaluation by the writer about all topics he produces is a very good indicator for the general goodness of his work and gives a very good sign for the respective topic.

Drupal's best theme creators on Themeforest have a 4th place score. Reviewing the commentary can not only give you a good idea of how well a topic is being delivered, but also give you invaluable information about how well it is being used. Being a Drupal professional, you can differentiate readily between issues due to a low level of expertise and those due to bad coding.

Good topics are not only styling and technological excellence, but also customization, management and on-line merchandising. An awesome theme is simple to customise and manage and was developed with all facets of on-line commerce in view. Therefore, it certainly makes good business sense to consider such a factor when buying a theme.

It' not an easily done job if you don't have the Drupal theme at your fingertips, but you will certainly find powerful indicator in the theme sheet and demos page. And last but not least, you can also take a look at our theme area, where we often include great topics from Themeforest and other vendors.

Even though Themeforest is a dominating resource of payed Drupal topics, there are many great Drupal devs out there who don't have their topics there (for example, more than topics).

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