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Mobile Editor

The DudaPro product is aimed at agencies, developers and resellers who want to offer their customers fully customized websites as a product. The new editor is very slow to load and must be reloaded constantly. Dudas Site Builder allows easy photo editing such as cropping, rotating and resizing. Templates are suitable for most designs and are easy to customize and adapt well to mobile & tablets.

Adapting designs in Duda is easier with the Design Editor.

Generate an action call button/image - Duda mobile

Build your own custom services menus on your website and allow your customers to plan, post or purchase a news item with one click of a single click. Either use the buttons objekt or sketch your own pictures and use them with the call to operation. Sample of Call to Action pictures that can be clicked.

Browse to Publishing > Links and Buttons. Duda Editor - Click the Duda Editor icon to add the Duda Editor to your button/image: Browse to Publishing > Links and Buttons. Then copy the HTML for the call you want and insert it into a memo pad so that you can simply copy the necessary information for the install.

Duda Editor - Use the HTML call to your button/Picture: quotes to do this. In the call for promotion, copy the HTML from your bankroll, find and copy the classname. To plan promotion calls, the name of the classification is live-scheduleBack in the pushbutton editor, browse to the More>HTML register card.

Insert the Call to Action class after the classic attributes into the tags as shown in the picture below.

The DudaMobile Review - Creating a mobile website

and then come back and check out this DudaMobile review if you choose to build a special mobile website. Certain sites are fast moving, which means they adapt to the display used by the user. Reactive web design's goal is to make sure a website is easily seen and navigated, especially on the small tablet and smartphone displays.

When your website doesn't respond, it probably doesn't look very good on smartphones and the next best thing is to build a special mobile website with a feature like DudaMobile. If someone is visiting your site on a smartphone, the web-browser will direct them to the mobile part of the site.

When I first used DudaMobile, I didn't expect much. Portable sites are usually very easy and clear so that they can be loaded quickly. Therefore I did not expect too much frills to the website editor. DudaMobile does a good job first of all to take over contents from your regular website. Creating pages and navigating your whole website.

This works so well that many will be able to use the automatic generated versions of their website without having to spend too much troubleshooting on it. The DudaMobile Editor is simple and even enjoyable for those who want to customise their mobile website. It uses a drag-and-drop user experience that is highly interactive and does not involve extensive skills in creating websites such as HTML or HTML for example (although the HTML is available to those who want to work with the code).

Available in the drag-and-drop user interfaces, the Widget provides everything most users need to build a full-featured mobile website, plus cards, click-to-call buttons, picture galeries, YouTube video and more. The only problem I had was that there were some problems using the editor, like a delay in the control or items that weren't completely easy to handle and just had to click around to find out.

Overall I am very much influenced by the overall qualitiy and capabilities of this editor. Although these are mobile webpages, it is more compelling than many web site creators who build regular, non-mobile webpages. It' s a piece of cake to at least try DudaMobile, because it is free to use. It' kinda fun to enter your DudaMobile homepage and create a mobile copy of your website in seconds.

Free base edition is restricted, but it will at least allow you to set up your mobile website and test some of the functions of it. These are some of the major motivations for upgrading to Premier after trying out the free version: When your website is useless on smartphones, you are probably better off having the free copy of udaMobile, even though it has advertisements and redirects traffic to the dudamobile.comomain.

It is very likely that these users will still be leaving your site if it is not mobile-ready. This way you are better off showing them your free DudaMobile website than completely loosing a user. With DudaMobile it is simple to enable your mobile website. When you have WordPress, simply download the DudaMobile WordPress plugin and do the following.

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