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Mobile Duda Reviews

Build your new mobile website in minutes with Dudamobile. CORRECTED - 17 Reviews - Web Design - 577 College Ave, Palo Alto, CA - Telephone number important do not use theproduct, please do not use! new how to use it fully and they had phone techies. enough cash; 2) I had to go to their site to get barley help.

Owner Amir Glatt & Itai Sadan, owner should be embarrassed. Here clients are asked that phone sales rep is available at all stages of purchasing!

Poor customer service means BAD Company, and not the songs, Bucco's!

Website Builders Duda Rating

Duda was introduced in 2010 and is a favorite website builders that allows the user to build quick, advanced and mobile sites. Take special care of this mobility-friendly feature. Contrary to some of the competitors this does not only mean that we have a few mobile templates" - Duda was developed from the beginning with full assistance for the creation of high value sites.

For example, there is no limit to the number of websites you can create, how many pages they can contain, or even any band width restrictions. Tools available includes multilingual website assistance, site backup, full analysis and reporting, and e-mail assistance when you need it. Business + Ecommerce expands the webshop to serve hundred or even thousand of items, provides easy entry to over 30 payments processors and provides reviews built into Facebook.

Create a mobile-only customized website for your current website (m.mysite.com) using a mobile-only schedule. Duda's website contains a lot of information about the services and helps you understanding the functions before you log in. Not only do you get a few thumbnail views of the template, for example.

Spectators can search everything the site has to provide and view any presentation in desktops, tablets or mobile view. When you are tried, select your favorite website theme (be aware you can't change your style later) and Duda will ask for your name, e-mail adress, your corporate website and number. You will not be asked to sit around while Duda "activates" your Duda accounts, or to check your e-mail or to login to your Duda web site and find out what to do next.

This page opens the selected templates in the text box and shows a brief and basic example with the basic principles. For example, if you click the Home button, you will be taken to the Duda Web Dashboard, where it will display your original website. It' a very useful function, even if you don't really have to administer several locations, because it makes experimenting and playing easier without affecting your primary work.

Duda Editors looks a bit sleek, but is also easy and light-weight, making even beginners who start creating websites quickly feels at home. There is a button bar on the far right that lets you insert text items, insert and organize pages, modify location-wide preferences (backgrounds, text style, contents that appear on all pages), insert a web shop, blogs, and more.

When you click the Widgets buttons, you'll see a surprise shortlist of items that you can attach to your page. Sometimes the packaged control elements are simple (the format widget only provides a contents form), there is very little interaction with third-party service providers and no Wix-like previewing to help you see what Duda offers.

Advanced learners can at least work around this to some extent by attaching user-defined HTML. This might be a practical function for professionals, but most other end users will wish they had more page items to use. As soon as you have found a Widget you need, it will be added to your page by Drag & Drop.

Reformatting is pretty rigorous - you can only move the widget to specific rows and columns by dragging and dropping it - but the Notepad gives clear visible feed-back when you move your pointer over the page and even offers to insert a new rows or columns when you move outside the area.

When you right-click a paragraph style element, you see a pull content pull options, such as importing text from a specific URI. A lot of items are also activated in the Notepad, so that you can change pages just by selecting the corresponding entry in your browser menue. Create fast-response Web sites by managing your project's own desktops, tablets, and mobile devices for automatic, automated management.

With one click, you can toggle the text editors between these different modes, either to take a short look or to spend most of your edit time in the main mode. When you right-click a page widget, you see an option to fade that element out on a specific machine to make sure your visitors see only the most important information.

Actions can be scheduled to run at certain hours of the year, show a user alert panel, maybe even include a Click to Call visitor in your area ( see the Duda website for more examples). Duda often provides this kind of service as a special bonus, but Duda makes it available to everyone - even free people.

Among the available features are the definition of the website address (something.dudaone.com in the free plan), the addition of customized HTML and JavaScript to the headings of all pages, the translation of the text of your website to assist multilingualism, the integration with Google Analytics and the setup of redirect URLs and a 404 customized page, low-level, but welcome extra that you won't always see with the competitors.

Maybe there were some third-party checks to be made to include extra features like videowalls or a spotify server, we asked ourselves? Might be a bit lonesome, but the picture Widget is intelligently crafted. When you' re not satisfied, a built-in Adobe Aviary editing tool allows you to crop, rotate or resize the picture, optimize lightness and contrast, apply special effect, repair your eyes reddish, remove unevenness, insert labels, text labels and more.

Beginners or those in a rush may like to take the visually driven approaches of builder like Wix and Weebly, where you can preview different galleries to help you find the best choices at a glance. Duda's videoplayer is also relatively small. YouTube' related videos are displayed by default, for example when your film ends, but you can disable them with a single click.

Upload and manage your pictures from a single place with a contents library. You can upload your contents to the library and re-use them on several pages - even on several Duda sites - without having to upload them again. When you design the website for (or with) someone else, the surprising high point of Duda's function could be "collect content".

By visiting a web page online, you can submit pictures and data as well as a variety of business-related information that you want to use on the site: e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, registered offices, search engines, and even essential text for the site ("About Us", "Overview", "Services"). Collectible is an uncommon function that can save your valuable resources and make it easy for others to deliver the information you need.

For example, you cannot insert a blogsidget or use the primary system Add Page to insert a blogs. Rather, you need to build and maintain your own blogs from a completely different view. You can use a welcome page to import your own blogs from an RSS reader, or you can allow the system to generate a few test articles for you.

They can be deleted at any time, but they are useful for quickly finding out how the blogs work. Blogs editors do not use the normal Duda page editors and offer far fewer functions. Allows you to include text, pictures, videos, and customized HTML, but there are no Widgets, i.e. no picture galeries, picture slider, cards, or other tools you want to use.

For example, you cannot plan an article to be booked sometime in the near term. A general log administration monitor allows you to set your log name, log titles and descriptions. Probably the best part is a back-up system that allows you to create more than one blogs as needed and restore any prior release at any time.

All this is pretty simple, but the blogs is a little brief on functions, and the separation between the blogs and the major editors can cause some problems. So for example, during the verification we chose to delete a test blogs. This was not an apparent possibility, so we thought that just removing the page would be enough.

Besides being an effective breaker of the system, when we pressed the Blogs icon again, it didn't recognise the blogs as having been removed - it still showed our test postings, but it didn't provide a way to recover the blogs page if we change our minds. "I' m going to remove the main part of the blogs from the page you' re going to remove.

Contents stay in the editors, but if you keep all your blogs unpublished, no one can get them. "None of this will make the least bit of a real practical difference in the eyes of most people, but it's a disturbing indication of what Duda is willing to embrace in its services designs, and it makes us wonder if there might be similar sensitive topics elsewhere.

Establishing a web shop can be tricky, especially for novices, but Duda does its best to help with a startup user guide to explaining the user experience, and a set-up assistant that guides you through the process of establishing an affiliate user profile, add product, define custom preferences (country, currencies, weights), set up mail order and payments suppliers.

You can create a catalog by entering your name, price and pictures. There was no saving of our projects on the alert screen, so we were compelled to'Stay on this page', then'Save' and then click on our initial shortcut again. When you are tried, but not sure if it is the system for you, log in to Duda and try it out.

No matter where you are in Duda, a help symbol in the always up-to-date symbol bar is available for immediate assistance. For example, when we typified videos, the top item was described as "All Videos - Sales Collateral - Resource Centre - Duda", item number five was "Manage Pages Non-Branded Video" (which at first sight makes no sense), while the contents most people want to see, "Add a Video from YouTube or Vimeo", fell into eighth place.

They are clearly arranged, with brief paragraphs and screen shots where necessary, but often they only describe what you can already see. As an example, the Videos dialogue has a field called " YouTube or Vimeo URL"; the supports page has a big picture with the field marked yellow declaring that you have to type the YouTube or Vimeo videos URL into the editor.

Video page suggested the addition of'? rel=o' at the end of your YouTube URL to stop the website showing related video, for example, without mentioning that the video dialogue now has a check box to include this for you. Duda provides e-mail assistance from Monday to Friday, 12:00 to 18:00 PST if you require further assistance.

It' s a little tight on functionality, but there are still a lot of pros here, plus it's easy to use and has more than enough powerful stuff to create high value, appealing web sites.

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