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Can I create a responsive website as a good solution? The Duda (formerly DudaMobile) is a web design platform for companies providing web design services to small businesses. Duda allows you to have the best mobile websites thanks to the optimizations and subtleties that are not available in any other website builder.

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The Duda (formerly DudaMobile) is a web site for small business web designers that provide web site content to small business. 1 ][2][3] The site provides a website builder, collaborative workflow and customer relationship planning tool for web publishers to create native -looking web sites. The Duda website is optimised for Google PageSpeed and Search Engine Optmization by default.

4 ][5] The firm also has office in Denver, Colorado and London, UK and currently has more than 12 million sites on the Duda website. During 2011, the firm made its portable website solutions directly available to small and medium-sized businesses on its website, while continuing to work with other firms that have labelled the solutions and incorporated them into their services offerings.

4 ][13] A re-seller choice for web pros and agents was added to Duda's 2011 offerings. As part of its "GoMo" campaign, Google in April 2012 announces that it will host websites optimised for the portable web for one free year. Duda was Google's associate in this project and provided the GoMo website for the GoMo website.

Duda became the first web-based professional web development site in June 2016 to partnership with the Let's Encrypt Campaign to deliver free SSL Certificate protection to all web sites built on the site. Duda was accredited as an ethically sound company by the Local Search Association in July 2018. Past orale des affaires par VerticalResponse, Ehemaliger Vice President of Development.

At Duda, we offer a wide range of web professional and problem solver related web site building services for our customers. Duda's flag ship is a website builders that allows the user to build highly reactive sites using Duda's drag-and-drop webspace. Website builder has built-in website personalisation utilities, along with a blogsite, e-commerce application, customized Widget Builder and Application Programming Interface (API).

Developed for web pros, the Duda suite provides many collaborative and managerial features such as shared role and privileges, shared collaborative resources, extensive analysis and media capture form that imports a client's corporate information into Websitebuilder automatically. And Duda also provides a web designer web site that can be placed under the web pro's or agency's name.

Many of Duda's major online publishing and web solution companies include DexYP, Hibu, Italiaonline, 1&1, UOL, Sensis and Publicar.

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