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Easily upload pictures from your computer or various places on the web, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Facebook. View pictures in an eye-catching photogallery. Organize your pictures in a single slide control and select from amazing layouts. Using the Wallpaper slide bar, move the wallpaper to make a wallpaper that allows you to view more than one picture as a wallpaper.

Build a free mobile website with Dudamobile

With Dudamobile's easy draft and edit, you can turn your desktops site into a portable website in just a few moments. Below are the free Dudamobile features: How do I build a portable website with Dudamobile? Just go to the Dudamobile website, type in your website' url, choose a categorie and click the Mobilise icon to build your free portable website.

Your desktopsite may take a few moments to become a portable site. Converting your website to dudamobile site involves analysing your desktops, validating your site's portable features and adding your contents to the dudamobile site editor. Additionally, you can use the dudamobile site content manager to create your own website. Find out more about converting sites on the move. As soon as your website has been uploaded to a portable, friendlier website in dudamobile editorial, the whole procedure involves four easy stages.

The Dudamobile provides five kinds of layout with various colour matching possibilities. Immediately after each customisation, you can see the previews of your site in the same web browsing pane to see the look of your site in a true smartphone. This is the dudamobile page editing tool that allows you to manipulate any item on your site.

Plus, you can create a wallpaper, customise your navigational link, and activate an ability to synchronise with your desktops. Synchronization can be activated for a specific page or as an entire website to automatically synchronize with your Desktop site. Emphasize your favorite items to distinguish between free items.

In Dudamobile, Google Adsense is a premium function, but you can easily attach your current Google adsense codes to your website. As soon as you have finished your website edit, your portable website will be published on the web by pressing the "Go Live" button. Now you can see your web site address for the web, which can be immediately released over the network or sent to your voice mail.

Before redirecting your desktops site to your portable site, you can pre-view your site in your desktops web browsers for different smartphone types with rotate options. Finally, set up a redirection on your desktopsite to direct your wireless user to your dudamobile website. Insert the re-direct key into the header of your homepage.

The integration of Google Analysis is a easy move in dudamobile - just insert the Analysis ID in the preferences and your Statistics page will display all statistics for your exclusive portable website. Advanced Dudamobile features: The Dudamobile product line includes the following premier Dudamobile offerings from $9 per monthly. What is the best way to activate Google AdSense on the free Dudamobile website?

The Google AdSense item is a Dudamobile premier functionality, but you have two more choices to activate your current Dudamobile ad serving in your free Dudamobile site. Use drag and drop to drag the customized HTML item available in the Edit Site page to your portable site. Insert your AdSense ad key into the HTML user-defined item to activate advertisements on your portable website.

In Page Settings, include your AdSense and AdSense codes in the Enhanced section. In this way, the advertisements can be shown at the top of your portable website.

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