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Creating your mobile website with Dudamobile. Similar items Signing in to your bank is very simple. The creation of an accounting is simple! In case you have forgotten your username or your username, you can use our forgotten username and username function to gain login to your area. It is not possible to gain full use of your e-mail without having knowledge of your account's e-mail adress.

And if you had an existing user on another site, please read our technical articles about signing in and gaining control of your author.

Creating your own Dudamobile website (with pictures)

Setting up a portable website with Dudamobile can be simple and entertaining whether you have a desktopsite or start from zero. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to help you build a new portable website and get the most out of the Dudamobile experience. Once you have successfully set up an Dudamobile user interface, you will be redirected to your Dudamobile Dashboard.

To launch your new website, click the Make New Website link on the Dashboard page. In your webrowser a popup appears, choose the options "CREATE: Start with a Duda Template". You can use this if you don't have a website or if you want to make a different website from your own to your own website.

You will see a listing of templates catagories, choose the one that best suits your business needs for the site. After selecting your categorie, choose a style from the displayed choices. After you click the style sheet, the style sheet specification and attribute appear in a pop-up screen. Once you have picked the style sheet of your interest, type in the name of your website.

Choose "Create My Website" to start creating your website. The Dudamobile features a handy drag-and-drop SiteBuilder, which makes fitting easier. Click on the "Add page" icon on the leftside of the editor to add a page for your Dudamobile page. You' ve launched a new portable website, so choose the page you want to make from the templates page listing.

Once you have selected the page model, name the page and choose "Add Page". "This name will appear as the page heading in your browser menus and your page address. In order to modify the currently edited or other pages, choose the page header in the editor's navigational area.

In the Page Info section, you can choose the options labeled AEO, Page Links, and Page Icons. The right side of the editor page shows a pre-view of your website, the so-called Inline Editor. When you want to modify the look of your menus, learn how:

After you are taken to the page Layouts, choose one of the navigational types: If you choose one of these tabs, you can see a thumbnail of the Navigate window layouts before proceeding. Choose the navigational mode of your interest that you want to close. It is possible to choose the default colour schemes you want for your website.

Once you have chosen the colour scheme for your website, click Customise to customise the colours. You will see a pop-up named "Customize your colour palette", which you can use to customise the colours. Pick a colour to match and you have several choices to substitute the source colour.

Selecting the More colours at the bottom of this screen allows you to make a choice from a larger range of colours or enter the HEX or RGB code. After selecting the colour, click "Done" to finish it. When you want to include a wallpaper on the site, go back to the Style page in the design pane and click the "... " button under the Site History header.

In order to pick an icon from the web, please click on "By URL" and finally click on "Done". When you want to download an Image from your computer, go to the Downloaded page and click a JPG, PNG, or GIF that is smaller than 4 megabytes.

After uploading your photo, go to the Location page to set how your photo should appear on the screen. Choose "Done" when you are done. Now you can define a text headers or an images headers. In order to insert a user-defined photo, choose "Image Header" from the drop-down list and load a photo of your choosing.

Once the picture is highlighted, you can trim, change its size, or adjust its orientation. When you want to insert a text headers, choose "Text Header" from the drop-down list and type the text as you want it to appear. At any time you can view the previews of your website by choosing "Go Live" in the editor toolbar on the right.

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