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The Dudamobile - Responsive Web Design. Velocity index measures how fast the page content is visually filled / drawn and calculates a total score where lower numbers are better. DudaMobile allows you to get a mobile version of your website. The DudaMobile information page tells you more about converting your website into a mobile website. Click Register Now in the email or simply go to DudaMobile.

Build a mobile version of your website with DudaMobile.

The members get a detailed, personalised activity schedule to help them optimise their website and our staff is ready to help you along the way. The majority of web sites are designed to be viewed through a computer screen, so the site works well for their users. Unfortunately, with the enormous increase in smart phone usage, more and more folks are looking at the web through their cell phones.

Frequently, the ease of use of web sites for people on the move is limited. We introduce DudaMobile! The DudaMobile is an award-winning dynamic web site development tool. Currently, more than five million sites are built on its site, with more than 100,000 sites per user per year. You have two choices for your location service:

Base plan: Within this schedule you will receive a unique website (up to 10 pages and advertising included), a DudaMobile Domains and online communitiesupport. Premier plan: Ability to use boundless portable pages and technical assistance, ad-free setup and your own customized domains. Either you can $7.20 per months if you select an annuity or $9 per months if you opt for a free trial.

Begin with Dudamobile.com. Here you will be directed to Duda's website editors so you can work with a wide range of editors to make sure your site surpasses your expectations. You can now check the routing of your website for traffic. Happy birthday to your new portable website!

Pictures are much more attractive than text on portable computers. - For more information, visit Duda's support page. Optimise your online experience > Extend your online experience > M201: Mobile: Become Mobil!

Place your Widget on Duda Mobile - HealCode

When you create a Dude Mobil powered website, the following methods can be used to install the Dude Mobil powered websiteidgets. However, the only reservation with this approach is that we must deactivate the automatic synchronization of your regular website with your portable website. This may seem contraintuitive, but ensures that the Widget is loaded properly every single use.

In addition, your portable website should concentrate exclusively on the most important information of your company and not on a full reproduction of your regular website. Once you have signed in to your Dudaccount, look at the top right corner and click Settings, then click Location Settings. From the Site Settings page, search for "Always synchronize website with your native website" and make sure it is turned off, as shown below.

Now go back to where you edited your site and click the "Edit Navigation Menu" tab. In order to append a timetable (or any of the widgets you add), click the "Append new link" icon. Type a caption for the new hyperlink and then insert the iFrame URL from the Widget you are going to install.

In order to get the iFrame URL, you need to login to your HealCode user interface, click on the widget you want to insert, scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page and copying the iFrame URL. Once you have inserted the iFrame URL as shown below, make sure you click "Do not mobilise this link" and then click the "Done" icon.

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