Dudamobile Problems

Problems with Dudamobile

If you have problems with the Dudamobile.com website today, check whether the DudaMobile server is up or down for everyone or just for you. Both Godaddy and Ipage were problems, but found their builders far too inflexible.

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In order to resolve this, perform the following procedure to choose the proper navigation: In the editor screen of the Navigate pane, go to the Settings page. Click under "Not in navigation?" on "Select from your website". Choose your Navigate Menus by click on it and click on the + and - buttons to increment and decrement the number.

Sometimes the contents are mistakenly marked as secondarily. Choose CSS& HTML. When you have on your desktopsite contents, items, or codes that have not been properly pasted, it means that we could not pass-in the source of that item. To get this type of item running on your portable website, it is suggested that you re-create the item with one of our various Widget options.


Starting April 21, 2015, Google will change its pages with the results of Google Mobility in order to rate mobile-friendly sites higher. Googles recognizes the user -friendliness of your device page by page. That means that all pages of your desktops website must be redirected to the appropriate portable page. Adding redirections only to the index or homepage will not make Google consider the site wireless and will have a detrimental effect on your ranking.

You have two ways to verify that your website redirects all your users to the appropriate mobile-friendly pages: Enter some page url of your web site on your cell device. Your should be directed to the same page on the site. You can use Google's test for friendliness here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly.

Type in a few different page urls from your desktopsite and make sure Google indicates that they are portable. As an example, the About page on your desktops site should be redirected to the About page on your portable website. When your "about" page is redirected to your "home" page, this is a Google issue.

Go to the inside pages of your desktopsite on your cell phones and see what happens. When you are forwarded from the Contacts page on your portable website to the Contacts page on your desktopsite, everything is fine. When you notice that you are being diverted to the home page or another page, there is a problem with the way you are performing the diversion.

To solve this problem, the simplest way is to use our standard re-direct scripts. Google may not look down on the 80-th line of HTML to see if you have a portable website. If your re-direct is right after the day, but your desktopsite is loading slow, Google may miss the re-direct completely and flag the site as not wireless.

And the only way to verify this problem is to look at the sources of your website and see if our scripts are immediately after the tags. Once the re-direct is included in the program you should go to Google's PageSpeed Insight test and type in your website.

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