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Information about the price schedule

The Responsive Website Builders, the Mobile Website Builders and the Pro Plan (also known as the "Reseller Program"). Every one of these items and service has different price schedules and varies according to whether you are under the Pro or not. Each plan is a subscription that renews itself periodically after either a month or yearly subscription period that you select when you upgrade.

He is a fast and reactive website creator who also has an SFL (Site for Life) map that you can learn more about here: This fast-reacting website creator has different agendas based on whether you have an e-commerce shop with more than 10+ items. There is only one annual $249 per subscriber available for the Per-Plan.

There will also be price changes for all other above mentioned items. Please be aware that the Pro-Plan does not have any free websites available. They can still create websites as professionals, but every website they publish must have a schedule that was bought for them. Below you can see the special prices for our per-user customers:

When you have a website for lifetime and want to build e-commerce, you can do so at lower repetitive costs.

The DudaOne - Features, Prices, Alternatives

The DudaOne is a website developer developed with portable and tablet computing in mind that ensures visitors can access a company's website smoothly no matter what they use. The DudaOne API makes it simple to create a modern and professionally maintained website for your company without the need for HTML or programming skills.

Web sites created with the Duda Publisher are updated to fit tablet and phone screen sizes so that important information and site functionality is not compromised during your work. DudaPro Website Reseller Program to use a Duda Pro Website Reseller Edition white-label edition that provides your own customized Duda Editors logos and colours, as well as the option to display web sites for your customers to see in previews.

Integrate with the Duda Drag-and-Drop page editing software to increase the effectiveness of your website creation and accelerate the website creation time. Dudaditor offers full HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility, yet remains simple to use for those without comprehensive backgrounds in these tongues. And with a constantly growing template collection and a variety of fonts and colour schemes that expand to other pages when you select, you can make sure your website is truly custom.

Using the functions for importing contents, you can take information from your current website and quickly move it to the Duda website. Web sites can be customized to look different for desktop, tablet, or portable device. The DudaOne user receives many free, high resolution floor pictures that can be used for any purposes on their website.

Integrated photo editing software allows for additional photo editing so the user can change the size, cropping, adding filter or text to any photo. All DudaOne customers can use this function as a 30-day free test version. Unrestricted Web Site Accessibility is granted to those who buy the Business+ Bundle or higher. in Site allows you to further customize your Web site with automatic contents that change depending on the date, a visitor's location, the frequency of visits to the Web site, or the hour of year.

It doesn't take long at all to generate Christmas sells, modify the website's seasonal wallpaper, or make available online contacts to anyone who visits the site outside office hours with automated replies. Although the function of iSite is fully configurable, there is a choice of pre-built iiSite option that can be used to setup promotional offers, custom vouchers and other functions.

Its user experience works smoothly with a wide range of Widgets, enabling the user to integrate the functionality of other Web sites and softwares with relatively little effort. Store owner can give their customer a step-by-step guide via Google Maps, while store owner franchisees can use the same functionality to view several sites on a unified mapping.

Others allow website users to call or e-mail your company. If you are using the Duda construction site, you have the full opportunity to customise your own pages and description. Create as needed to create category items, create voucher code for certain items or total orders, change control choices, and even place track and trace code to give you extra information about how effective an affilate or pay-per-click can be.

If you are trying to resell your digitally stored goods such as sound or videomaterial, you can still do so using the Duda Editors available to you. For example, your mailing costs for your billing methods, with smooth integration with PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net and more. DudaOne provides everything a storekeeper needs to get good results from online results from online and offline sources.

The user can navigate keyword metas and description for each page and DudaOne even optimises text and pictures to comply with Google's standard for portable kindness. For each website created on the Duda website a sitemap is created which makes it easy to guide searching machines to the right areas of the website.

Site Builder also includes the capability to redirect from prior sites without affecting your current site's overall site management effort, as well as the capability to check page title and URL for best results. The DudaOne is housed in the Amazon Cloud. Everyone who uses the DudaOne technology can make sure that their website remains functional without problems.

To further enhance safety, the site regularly backs up the site, making it simple to reset the site to an earlier state. Through a Global Content Delivery Network, the Duda site can hoster fixed assets such as pictures and docs, shortening website visitor loading time and enabling prospective clients to enjoy a faster and more enjoyable web site visit.

DudaOne platforms are for shopkeepers who want to create a web site that is professionally designed, especially one that works well on portable equipment and tables. DudaOne's emphasis on usability means that no education is needed to create a website, although HTML5 and CSS3 savvy visitors will continue to be able to make in-depth changes to their sites as they wish; DudaOne also provides a wide range of tutorials and technical assistance to make sure beginners get their answers.

Professionals web designers can use the various DudaPro functions for even easier web design. Overall, the Dudaditor enables shopkeepers and web designers to create more powerful Web sites with greater efficiencies and smooth optimisation of portable devices.

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