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To duplicate Wordpress

participation With this plug-in, editors can copy and paste any kind of contribution into new designs for further use. Only a few pennies from each individual would help me build the plug-in and enhance it. Under ''Edit posts'/'Edit pages'' you can click on the'Clone' button below the post/page title: This immediately creates a copy and returns you to the page name.

Under ''Edit Posts'/'Edit Pages' you can pick one or more elements and then in the ''Mass Actions' drop down list click the ''Clone'' command to copy them all at once. Under ''Edit articles'/'Edit pages'' you can click on the button''New draft'' below the article/page name. You can click "Cancel"/"Move to trash" on the postprocessing monitor or "Copy to new design" in the administration area.

You can click on "Copy to new design" in the administration toolbar while you view a contribution as a registered member. 3, 4 and 5 take you to the New Design editing page: modify what you want, click Publish and you're done. There' also a templating tags so you can insert it into your templating and cluster your posts/pages from the frontend.

If you click on the hyperlink, you will be taken to the editing page for the new design, just like the hyperlink to the administration area. The Duplicate Mail has many useful options to adjust its behaviour and limit its use to specific mail type or role. So if you are a plug-in programmer, I recommend that you consult the Developer's Guide to make sure your plugin(s) are compatible with mine.

Why doesn't the plug-in work? Please also make sure to update to the latest release of the plug-in! Please also note the Permissions page in the Settings: Make sure that the plug-in is activated for the required role and posts. It is not in my native tongue! Really like your plug-in, it's great.

Only a small fix please, because it will fill my debugging. log: It's because your state is continued with another type of checking with the variables $post->post_type, but on many pages in the WP administrator $post is not specified, e.g. contact form 7 list etc..... It' s better than other plugins because it allows you to copy as a design, it immediately forwards to the copy, and it has actions in many places, like in the administration area.

Anything can be configured, such as what kind of mail type it will use and what kind of button/link to use. "The Duplicate Post" is open code work. Following persons have added to this plug-in. There are two shortcuts on the posting list: Immediately klone or copy to a new design to work on.

Added a new feature so that you can select whether the clone from the posting lists should also copy the posting state ( Design, Posted, Pending).

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