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The E-Wallet is a feature designed exclusively for customers who have registered and created a My Account profile. A eWallet, sometimes referred to as a digital wallet, is a secure place that contains one or more wallets. Receiving payments, transfers from the e-Wallet and other functions. An e-wallet is a type of electronic card that is used for online transactions via a computer or smartphone.

Paid taxes, expenses, tuition and more online.

Which is e-wallet? The E-Wallet is a service designed solely for clients who have signed up and set up a MyAccount profile. The E-Wallet allows you to save a number of your online banking and debit cards numbers in a safe place, so you don't have to provide any information when making a purchase. As soon as you have signed up and set up e-wallet profiling, you can make your transactions quicker and with less guessing.

E-Wallet - How does it work? The E-Wallet provides the possibility to save more than one card, charge card and back accounting information for quicker payment. Up to ten seperate profile can be created for loan and charge card and up to ten seperate profile for current and saving bank balances. If required, you can process and remove these profile.

If you make a deposit after you log into MyAccount you save valuable amount of your personal information by filling in your loan or banking information form belowutomatically. And who can register for E-Wallet? Anybody can set up an e-wallet. In order to generate an E-Wallet subscription, just click on "E-Wallet" in the My Accounts Dashboard page.

Next, simply go through the easy procedure of entering your credentials and baking accounts to finalize the setup. Use e-wallet for what reason? The E-Wallet will save you a lot of valuable e-wallet processing times by eliminating the need to search for your debit or debit information every single day. Your billing information from your Primary Money Account is comfortably prefilled during the checkout and you can quickly choose another checkout if you have more than one checkout created.

Where do I setup an e-wallet pro? An e-wallet subscription can be created by selecting the e-wallet page in the My Dashboard MyAccount. Click on the "Add card" icon for a bank or debt or " Click on " Save account" for a current or saving bank balance. Next, a single window will appear to allow you to select any "nickname", such as "My Visa Card" or "Bob's Current Account", type in the name of the Visa or Bob's Current Bank Client, then click "Add".

We store your personal information in a safe place and it will be available the next time you pay. Are the information shown in the e-wallet safe? Yes, E-Wallet can only be used with your My Accounts username and username. The system hides information about your customer, vendor, credit cards, and the bank when you display the data. Nobody will ever see the full numbers of those accounts.

Under no circumstances will your credentials, debits or accounts be disclosed to any third party, even to the party that receives your payments. Is it possible to create a standard map or a banking area? E-Wallet allows you to specify a standard or "primary" type of cards and accounts to be completed in advance when making a transaction in the section entitled Paying Information.

Even though the main credit or debit is displayed first, you can modify this by choosing one of your other e-wallet credit or debit cards or debit accounts during the checkout proces. Is it possible to modify my credit or debit information? Yes, E-Wallet offers the possibility to modify your credit or debit information such as your balance number, expiry date, etc.

Just click on the "Edit" button on the line of the map or banking accounts you wish to edit and you will be given the opportunity to edit your personalisation. The e-wallet you have created for this credit or debit cards will be stored. Is it possible to cancel a credit or debit transfer?

Yes, E-Wallet offers the possibility to modify your credit or debit cards or your banking accounts profiles. By clicking on the "Delete" button on the line of the map or banking accounts you wish to cancel, you will receive a message informing you that you will do so. The e-wallet you have entered for this credit or debit cards will be canceled.

Which information is saved in the e-wallet? The E-Wallet saves all base information for the handling of credits cars, debits and checks. In the case of payment methods such as direct debits and direct debits, these are the payment method, the number of the customer and the expiry date. In the case of e-checks, these are the kind of cheque, the sort code of the banking institution and the cheque or deposit number.

Must I use e-wallet for a transaction? There is no need to set up an e-wallet subscription to make a transaction. Is it possible to save more than one single charge or debit key with E-Wallet? Yes, you can save up to 10 credit/debit cards and up to 10 banking accounts in e-wallet.

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