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E-Web was a highly repetitive Blaster from BlasTech Industries. What's new in the supplier registration system? To start the registration process, click the Register Now link.

Wookieepedia E-Web repetitive hard blunder.

When the 4T3 alternator was "cold," it could take nearly fifteen moments for the garrison to insert the gun, recalibrate the alternator, and reconfigure the target software. 1] Some Empire garrisons preloaded the alternator before use to charge it more quickly, making it susceptible to electrical shock. For example, the second member of the team had to adapt the force flux thoroughly to avoid overloading.

In this way, Imperial Snow Troopers on Hoth were able to create and fire an E-Web in a flash. An individual military man could use the E-Web, but with much lower sophistication. The shooter in such cases selected a default setting for the alternator, which strongly lowered the firing frequency, but allowed the E-Web and its alternator to function at secure temperatures[8]. 8] Its selling cost was 8,000 credit, a small amount to be paid from the Empire's endless cash registers.

Several E-Web updates have been made to the E-Web product range, among them the F-Web and the EWeb(15). F-Web added a small sign alternator strong enough to stop the fire of small side weapons such as blasters. It provided good shelter, but a third member of the garrison was needed to use it.

The automatic configuration adjustment of the alternator allowed the gun to be deployed in less than five seconds. Refrigeration has also been updated to the Gk7 cryocooler, which provides enhanced performance inside the gun without the danger of being overheated. Most EWeb (15) devices were fitted with a sign alternator. This E-Web gun was a wearable variant of the repetitive E-Web heavier weightlaster.

E-Web's first performance in Star Wars Kanon was in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. What's more, it's the first time the E-Web has played in Star Wars Kanon. E-Webs have been released in real-life versions of the game, as well as in The Video Game. While there are minor discrepancies in the reach of this rifle presented in the Star Wars role-playing Game Saga Edition Core Rulebook, they are different from the reach presented in The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology.

The Saga Edition states that the optimal reach is up to 75 metres and the maximal reach up to 750 metres.

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