Easiest way to Design a web page

The easiest way to design a website

Designing and creating a website (without any design knowledge!) When you try to make web sites for customers on a free-lance basis, or even just try to construct your own web site portfolios, you may have stumbled across this puzzle: How do you make a web site when you don't have web design capabilities? They could assign a web design engineer to design for you - but (good) design engineers are not inexpensive.

Fiverr or Upwork - but you know that it can be dangerous. Another way for you is to acquire some essential knowledge to design and create web sites and create your own frontend. Now you won't become an awesome design artist in the amount of elapsed timeframe you need to complete this review.

You may also need to work with a design specialist for your website. However, I believe you can find out how to design and build basic web sites that would work for most small companies. Understand the fundamentals of how to build Web sites visual, and research current Web design to get inspired and get your own idea.

Admittedly, it's a fairly basic design, nothing too outlandish. Sometimes everything you need is just what you need. As soon as you know the fundamentals of web design and layouts, you can create customized Web sites that you can use for your portfolios and freelancers. And of course, every website you create gives you exposure.

Eventually, you will be able to make increasingly sophisticated creations while continuing to practice your crafts. Every stage will be driven by research - looking at other sites to see what they are doing, and extracting the parts you want to re-use for your site. On the one hand, you won't get anything from a copy and paste project.) The basic concept here is to get inspired thoughts and creativity to do something similar.

We' re going to pick a fictitious cafe named Central Café for our purpose here. Cause everybody loves a cup of tea, right? A few pages in common would be the homepage, the page, the contacts page and pages specifically for the sector in which the company is located. View other existent sites for similar kinds of companies.

Have a look at 3-4 of these sites and see which pages they have. See how the website is laid out and take notes: A good place to find sample sites is Theme Forest. But if you keep to the most favourite topics, you know that they are generally good design samples.

This is an example of a café from a topic I found. Here are some sites I found from a "Coffee Store in Chicago" search: It'?s not immediately apparent it's a cafe. Simplicity of design is a full width photo mix between paragraphs with blank backgrounds and text.

Now that we've looked at several coffeeshop sites, we have a much better understanding of what functionality is used. As for Central Coffeee, I think we will stay with a basic one-page website, with the following sections: Well, now that we have found the website template, we will fill each page or section with the items we want to insert into each one.

At the end we will create the final design, which is also referred to as wireless frame. We do not exactly design anything in our wireless frame, i.e. no writings, colours or photographs yet. We' re just finding out what kind of stuff we want and where it will be on the site. Personally, I like the top navigational toolbar on the Seven Coffee demonstration page and the Caffe Streets website.

This is for the wallpaper release. We only have the standard Hamburg menus and logos in the headline for tablets and cell phones. As this is a one-page site, the "home page" will be what you first see on the monitor when you download the site. Seven Coffee has a little slogan under that name.

Here I think I'll have an picture in the back (like Build Coffee) with the text above it. It' gonna be the same on your desktops and cell phones. Every website has a brief about section, some with photographs. I' m going to add a section about the café and a few pictures of the inside of the store to encourage visitors.

Every website treats different types of menus: The Seven Coffee has a raster of price points, it has only a listing of price points, and Build and Sawada links to a PDF of the price points. Below are full wireless frames of the desk top and the portable versions of the website.

You have a free creation of a free of charge assignment, and you have payed for a plan if you want more than one assignment. I will use the Fall Collection from this Canva link for the Central Café website - it is a hot colour range using brown. I try to awaken this feeling of nostalgia and comfort associated with cafés.

When you return through the web sites, almost everyone uses a serifless typeface (i.e. characters that don't have the "serif" or end lines like typewritten text). I' d choose a plain typeface for most of your text, and then you can get a little more unusual with a heavy typeface for the title and headings.

In general, for a café you would want to go with welcoming imagery with smooth lighting, cosy or vintage feeling for indoor scenes, talk and relax in the café, and imagery of eating and drinking. There are some free on-line graphics design utilities for illustration and logo that come with photos that you can use on your website.

We also have our design credentials that help us control the front-end style. Because we don't have a designers who produce detail pages, we'll just begin creating the website from the wireless frames we just created. Creating and structuring your directories and data sets. Generate a HTML document for each of the templates.

Make the skeletal tree with the fundamental HTML items. Assemble the page items one after the other. Review how the page looks in the webbrowser while you are working and make further adjustments. Generally, while you are creating a website, it is a good suggestion to make sure that your style looks smooth on your desk, tray and phone.

Simply review the styles on your own computer with different web browser. You can use Chrome's development tool for your portable device, which simulates Web sites on different portable terminals. So, if you're trying your style, you'll want to test it on a genuine cell device when the site is on the web.

Here is a screenshots of the completed Central Coffee website: So you can see the actual page for yourself on my io page. This is how I created and constructed a website without having to employ a freelance webmaster.

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