Easiest way to Design your own website

The easiest way to create your own website.

A first step in creating an eCommerce website is to purchase a domain name. This is the easiest way to create and maintain a website or blog online. Provides basic tools and easy-to-use templates for getting started. A good place to find sample sites is Theme Forest. And the easiest way to do that is to actually scribble something.

Get your step-by-step guide to setting up your personal website in a single working day

Well, now that you've been reading about the advantages of a face-to-face website, I wager you can't wait to find one on the Internet - today! Take it easy: While yes, it is possible to create a website in one tag, do you really want your website - the thing that most fully reflects you on the web and the preference ladder will almost definitely look at - to be brought together very quickly?

Much better would be to devote a little more of your spare tire to perfecting every part of your website. In order to help you, we have set up a seven-day schedule to realize your own website. It guides you through all the necessary phases to create your own room on the Internet, from the earliest stage of design to the final design of the property.

They will not yet search for domains - they will begin to find out exactly what the key messages of your website will be. So what should your website say to the rest of the family? Specifically, here are three things you should ask yourself that will help you think through and understand what your website is all about:

This may not look like it, but this is actually the most important stage in setting up your website as it will lay the groundwork for everything you will be doing the remainder of this weeks. Influences how you place your copy. It will even affect the look of your design.

Well, take the plunge to really set it. Notice: Developing your own unique franchise is a big deal, especially if you've never thought about it before. When you' re fighting, consider a few additional working hours and take a look at this fantastic face-to-face badge book that will guide you through every step).

But if you were to build a home, you wouldn't just show up on the first morning with a gavel and hammers and nails and get going - you would make a thorough planning first. Do the same for your website, so you will design it today. Do you want your photograph and your letter to appear on two pages or on a "portfolio" page?

Do you want your organic to be on your homepage, under a large photograph showing what you are doing, or on a seperate "About" page? You should know exactly which text block you need from yesterday's practice, and today is the actual date to actually do it! As a general principle here, you want every text on your website to be clear, easily understandable, and show a little of your own personal professionalism - whether it's quiet, fun and collective, or brief and crisp.

When you are not sure how to adequately describe yourself, read Alexandra Franzens' tips on the topic or try one of her two guides to create your own personal biography. Those little bits of detail can get missed when you visit a website, but need to be rewritten from the ground up when you create it.

As soon as you have all the parts in place, it's your turn to get your hands on a real website! Squarespace makes it really simple to go from zero to the site in no quick fix (and without any programming skills!), so choose the tools you will be using, log in to an Account and start constructing your babies.

It can be really enticing to worry about originals, typefaces and designs right away, but don't be afraid to do it! Today you just want to get all the fundamentals of your website up and running so you have something to work on in the morning when you begin to make it look amazing.

It' now it' for the funniest part (in my opinion): Turn your website into a real work of art! When you' re not sure what your website should look like, search the Internet for inspirations. Visit sites you really like and see what colours and type faces they use (there's a chromatic expansion that helps you recognize the typefaces on websites!).

Have a look at other face-to-face sites to see what kind of logotypes and designs they have. Square Space has tonnes of example pages that you can search, or the private web pages of these six specialists who have used their on-line sites to find a vacancy. One good way to make your website look different is to use a custom badge.

When you don't have design chopps, Squarespace has a simple logos creation utility that anyone can use. Or you could hire a web site like Fiverr to design one for you. What if you need help searching for other visually rich items for your website? Take a look at this great set of free (and beautiful) pictures that you can use.

Engineers would never go live with a new website without thoroughly debugging it, and you should take the same line. You' ve really been in the trenches with your website, and you may not find any blatant errors or things you miss that could really help you gleam. Submit a hyperlink to your website to a few your friend or mentor and ask them to click around for 10 min and give you their feed back.

How do you feel about me from the side? It' simple to use? It looks professionally and it's fun to look at it? You' ve worked really hard on your side and I think you should take a rest! Plus, taking a back seat will help you come back with a clear mind for your last morning.

If you come to work on the seventh working day, reopen your website and try to think that you are your intended audiences - be it a recruiter, a meeting organiser or an employee. View your website with a particularly discerning look and ask yourself the same question you asked your buddies last night. Return to your key messages from the very first day:

Now is your opportunity to really perfection your website before you send it around the globe. Take down all your memos and then open your friends' e-mails and post their comments. You should devote the remainder of your attention to this type of feed-back. As soon as you have finished optimizing, take a last look at it (and a last prove for all your text!).

Ensure that you are satisfied with everything and then stroke your back - you have a website you can be proud of! Ensure your site goes out into the wide open by including it in your profile, twittering about it and submitting it to your recruitment material.

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