Easiest way to make your own website

The easiest way to create your own website.

The Sidengo Website Builder takes the term to the next level. First step in creating a website is selecting a website builder. - Retain them for future use. One way or another, it's really easy. What free Website Builder is the best for your portfolio?

Easiest way to create a free website (with a blog)

Here's a step-by-step tutorial (with pictures) to help you get started with the easiest way to create your own website! These guidelines will show you how to create your own website (with a blog) for absolute no bucks. Publish your first blogs and begin to upload your new website!

Build a free website with blogs! The web designing branch has changed a lot in the last years. SimpleSite is one of the most beloved website builder. SimpleSite, as its name implies, makes it very straightforward to setup a website or blogs. 15,000 users use SimpleSite to build a new website every two years!

You can make one too! This is how your free website with your own blogs could look! This is why individuals decide to create a website on SimpleSite instead of employing a web designer: And who can create a website with a blogs? These guidelines will show you how simple it is to create your own website with a blogs.

You' gonna be thrilled with your own abilities. You will soon find that web designing is not difficult if you have the right tools. Choose SimpleSite for My First Website/Blog? If you are creating a website or blogs for the first want, it is very important that the learn curve is not too sharp.

They will not want to waste hour, or even day or month establishing your website, and then you lose your mind before you even start. You can start your website and your blogs right away by selecting a basic website builder! EasySite also contains some really neat feature and functionality.

Visit www.SimpleSite.com and click on "Make a Free Website or Blog". Which is the aim of your website/blog? Say what kind of website you want to build. Select the "Personal / Blog" option and click Next when you are done continuing. Do you have any doubt about what kind of website you want to be?

By creating a blogs, you can always modify it into a website and back. Often misunderstanding is that a blogs and a website are two different things. Actually, a blogs is just a little bit of a thing that you can put on your website. So what do you want to do with your own website?

Choose your favourite colours and you will immediately see a thumbnail of how they will look on your website! Like in the last steps, you can always modify the colours later if you want to do so. Once you have finished the setup procedure, you can modify it for one of your own images as needed.

The name of your website or blogs. This is displayed at the top of every page and on every blogs posting on your site. It is your log-in name, but also your web adress. EasySite has many user so that your favorite user name can be used. You can then think of an alternate name or by adding a series of numbers to your user name.

Maybe you should consider buying your own private name. Your user name will only be displayed to you and your users will only see your user-definedomainname. It is possible to update to your own domainname at the end of the setup procedure. Make a secure and secure passcode that you can recall.

You' ve made your first website! Update and get your own custom domain for only $1! When you update to SimpleSite, you get the following features: User defined domain name! User-defined email address! Choose "Blog". You can click "Edit this page" to modify and adapt the page, create a new entry, or administer your current entries.

You' ll see some choices when you create a new entry. Text " is the most frequent kind of blogs posting. When you want your blogs to appear on the home page of your website, you can do so quite simple by just selecting "Preferences". Just pull up the blogs page and it will show what your users see first when they go to your site.

With your website and your blogs up and running, the only thing that remains to be done is to add some more blogs! An example of a blogs that has been built with the SimpleSite-Website-Builder: HERE YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN!

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