Eastern Time Zone Clock

East time zone clock

One clock tower in downtown Boston. And Massachusetts could jump an hour ahead of us. When Tom Emswiler left Washington, D.C., to move to Massachusetts six years ago, he saw something that rocked him to the core: Emswiler, a 37-year-old attorney for human rights, is today one of 11 members of a state committee investigating whether Massachusetts should abandon the eastern time zone and join the Atlantic time zone.

According to the proponents of the stratum, an additional hours of daylight could be a blessing for the business community and a blessing for people' healthcare in a climate of early darkness. According to a September paper, the European Union has "the potential to create a data-driven case for year-round migration to the Atlantic time zone".

Eileen Donoghue, a democracy state senator who presides over the council, said a second bill will be drawn up for a closing ballot on November 1, and the spending could then go to the legislature. When the state would connect Puerto Rico and the eastern provinces of Canada in the Atlantic time zone, it would run efficiently with year-round summer time.

Specifically, in its proposal for a Council opinion, the European Parliament and the Council discussed the possible advantages of changes, from an increase in consumers' expenditure to lower levels for certain categories of offences. Massachusetts should not act alone, the reports said, or it could interfere with "trade, inter-state transport, and radio " throughout the area. It also said that tee offs should be postponed for school, in part so that pupils do not have to travel in the darkness or begin classes when they are "not fully awake".

However, for Commissioners - among them Emswiler, who over the last three years, starting with a 2014 in Boston Globe, has taken responsibility for the topic - the "positive benefits" override the potential overhead. "Emswiler said there must be a better way."

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