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Note: This is the Connecticut version of EASy. Still no EASY account? or.

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Registration in SIS with ID-No. and SIS-Pin: If you are a first-time user or if you have lost your EasyLogin, you must log in to the SIS with your ID and your login ID in order to obtain your EasyLogin via the SIS Personal Information menu. In order to use the Windows 10 Interface Explorer to connect to the SIS, click on the three points at the top right of your computer display and choose Open with Windows Explorer.

EasyLogin user name and passwords are needed to be able to access the following on-line ressources. Get your EasyLogin user name and your EasyLogin user code by pressing the "New Users" icon above, login with your ID number and your login ID and select "Personal Data". We' re on canvas! Now all the classes are in Canvas. Click on the links below to register with Canvas.

Screen: Failure to see all your classes in the list may be due to your teacher not providing the class to your student or not using a screen. Canvas 24/7 help (NOT for login help): After logging in to the Canvas, click the Help icon at the bottom right of the Canvas page and choose the appropriate item from the drop-down list.

Training and resources on canvas: Firefox and Chrome are recommended for the best canvas viewing experiences.

Completely scalable

Identität < Geräte | Geräte | Service > Managment done right. We did that for MacOS IDM, and we will do that for Windows and all SAML-compliant clusterware. First of all we published the Mac frameworks and the servers as open source software. Over the next few months we will be working on Munki servers, SAML ID providers and even integrated MDM and DEP functions.

Once we have an MVP for Mac in place, we will share all the source codes and begin marketing the SaaS and Professional Services offerings.

Registration - EINFACH

The EASY can be browsed using a general free text query. Use both English and Flemish words for best results. Results show records that meet the selected criterias listed in the "Criteria" at the top of the results page. Refinement choices are available in most results listings (on the right).

You use these selections to perform filters within the results lists (for example, searching in the results list). In order to look for certain boxes (and/or any box), use the "Advanced Search" button. In order to get a complete listing of all records that have been released, please click on the Browse button. Kindly type one or more words into the form below. Every term appears in the text.

You will find datasets in which the words "health" and "care" appear side by side. Example: sh?p provides all data sets with the names "ship" or "shop"; ship???????? provides all data sets followed by "ship" by four characters (i.e. "shipping", "shipping"); ship???????? provides all data sets followed by five characters (i.e. "shipwreck", "shipments").

Keywords can be used in combination with 'AND', 'OR' and 'NOT'. AND': Both words should appear, but the order is not important. OR': One of the words or both should appear (e.g. with a synonym or words in different languages), the order is not important. NOT': The first word should appear and the second not.

Take for example Adolescence AND Child: Data sets contain both "Youth" and "Child". Adolescence OR Child: Recordings contain either "youth" or "child" or both. AND language: Data sets contain either "youth" or "child" or both, and also "language". Youths NOT language: Recordings contain "youth" and not "language" + juvenile delinquency: Recordings contain "youth" and no "crime."

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