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Is EasyMail able to open e-mail-leinks? With EasyMail you can open e-mail-references. Once you have found an e-mail you can easily begin compiling your e-mail by just click on it. And EasyMail does the remainder. What can I do to make EasyMail my standard mail attachment? In the Windows Preferences, you can define EasyMail as the standard mail client.

Go to the Windows "Start" drop-down list and click "Settings". From the Windows preferences, click "Apps" and then "Standard Apps". Under the " E-mail " section, click on the application and click " EasyMail ". When I turn on my computer, how can EasyMail be launched automatic? You can start EasyMail automaticly when you switch on your computer.

Proceed as follows to automatically launch EasyMail: Where can I put a layer of tiles on my Windows Startmenu? You can preview your incoming mail with EasyMail in your Windows Startmenu. You have to include the EasyMail LiveTile in your launcher for this.

You can do this most easily using the EasyMail application settings: Note: You can also staple bank accounts. Accounts are also LiveTiles, but only the voicemail of an individual user is displayed. To attach an Kontoziegel, simply click on "Attach Kontoziegel" intep 3. What can I do to make EasyMail part of my locking screens?

You can have EasyMail display the number of emails that have not been read on your blocking monitor. To do this, you must use your Windows preferences to set EasyMail to your locking screens. Is EasyMail able to launch directly in an email address or to a website like this? Browse directly to your own calendars, memos, etc. and your own bank details.

You can do this either via the jump list or by using secondaries. In order to open the jump list, right-click on the EasyMail symbol in the task bar or in the launch menue. You can also attach alternate tile types to your Windows Startmenu. Secundary tile are a kind of abbreviation directly to your service or account in EasyMail.

In order to attach a second panel, please complete these steps: Note: If you want to link to one of your mailboxes, click "Pin Accountclick " instead in the 3-position. In addition, LiveTile features allow your bank details to be previewed when you enter your bank details.

Up to 10 Windows units can be used for your shopping. Your licences, however, are tied to your Microsoftccount. That means that you must be signed in with the same Microsoft user name on each machine you want to use the licence on. No, your licences are tied to your Microsoftccount.

That means that EasyMail recognizes your licence after a new installation. You must, however, make sure that you are still signed in to Windows with the same Microsoft Windows user name. Hello is part of EasyMail Plus. Which is Windows Hello? Hello is a more intimate way to log in to your Windows 10 device with a single glance or tap.

The EasyMail Plus also support Windows Hello. So you can secure your email with your Windows PIN, a print senser, or facial recognition. EasyMail may have trouble activating the application in very few cases. If you are not signed in to Windows Store or your Windows Store memory is corrupt, this can occur.

Make sure you are registered in the Windows Shop. In this case, try resetting the Windows store memory box. Once you' ve done the restore, please start the EasyMail application again and click on the "Make Ad Free" icon below the ad. Can I unsubscribe from an EasyMail area?

In order to cancel an EasyMail user account, please click on your personal profile in the upper right hand side area. As a result, you will be logged out of all your EasyMail user accounts. EasyMail will not be able to access these user profiles. Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel only one of your user accounts. Please note that it is not possible to cancel your subscription. To keep in touch with some of our clients, please complete the unsubscribe process described above.

Once you have logged out, simply login again with the account(s) you wish to keep. What can I do to deactivate autocorrection or spelling check in EasyMail? Check spelling and auto-correct are Windows 10 functions. Deactivate this function in the Windows preferences. Check spelling and auto-correct are Windows 10 functions.

In order to modify the languages of these functions, you must manually set Windows to use a second one. You can now use the Input Indicator button on the right side of the Windows task bar to toggle between the languages you want to enter (or Windows Key + Space Bar to toggle the language).

The spell checking when you type EasyMail and other Windows Store applications takes place for the color you chose in the system tray. EasyMail currently does not directly support the printout of attachment files.

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